10 Dollar Store Hacks That Make Bargain Hunting Worth Your Time

December 24, 2019 by

Just like thrift stores, a dollar store can be an unexpected treasure trove. It doesn’t matter if you prefer dollar stores where everything costs a dollar, like Dollar Tree, or tend to shop at other ones, like Dollar General. There are typically a lot of different trinkets you will find to either use in your home or give as gifts. But there are also some dollar store hacks to make your life easier on a budget. And the beauty of them is that, in most cases, you won’t even be able to tell that you started off with dollar store supplies.

When figuring out the best dollar store hacks for yourself, the name of the game is making something you will actually use. Anyone can take a few dollar store purchases and make something fun and different out of them when combined together. But the trick is to make something you will actually use that you might have spent more money on elsewhere. Most of the time, dollar stores will help you out if you are living on a tight budget. And if you have a crafty side, you can stretch that dollar even further for yourself.

1. Baby Pool Cooler

Depending on where you live, your local dollar store might not have inflatable baby pools all year round. But if you are planning a backyard pool party and would rather not drop a load of cash on actual coolers, invest in a half dozen small inflatable baby pools to act as coolers for you. The best part? When all the drinks are gone, you can cool off in the melted ice. Win win.

2. Toy Figurine Bookends

This one requires some other supplies, like small piece of wood and spray paint. But some dollar stores even have a small supply of spray paint and if you can also find a couple of adorable elephant or other animal toys, you can spray them and the wood and attach the toys to the wood to act as homemade dollar store bookends. Plus, they won’t even look like they came from the dollar store.

3. Pebble Bath Mat

Although the comfort level of a pebble bath mat is questionable, you can feel like your home bathroom is more like a spa. All you need for this one is a ton of garden pebbles, some 5-Minute Epoxy, and a simple thin floor mat.

4. Picture Frame Key Holder

If you’re into the shabby chic thing, dress up your home entrance with this handmade key holder that requires just two items from your local dollar store. All you need is a picture frame with the glass and backing taken off and some simple hooks to twist into the wood to hold your keys.

5. Interior Door Upgrade 

Although it’s hard to believe that a dollar store of all places would have what you need to renovate your home in any capacity, this interior door upgrade hack is legitimate. All you need is a few rolls of unique washi tape. Then, you can stick it across any interior door in a design of your choice. And if you end up hating it, the tape is easy to remove and set again in a different spot.

6. Freezer Organizer

Dollar stores are known for having inexpensive bins and baskets above almost all else. You are essentially guaranteed to find a bin for anything. And in this case, you can use a few perfectly sized plastic bins to organize your deep floor freezer.

7. DIY Dino Planters


You will have to be handy with a hole saw to get this one done, but if you can pull it off, it will be worth it. Take a dinosaur toy and drill a hole in the top. Then, spray paint the dinosaur whatever color you want your planter to be and pick your small plants or herbs to have their new home in your dollar store dino planter.

8. Stylish Storage Bins 

This another prime example of how dollar stores can provide you with some adorable and practical bins for so many different needs in your home. In this case, all you need are the bins of your choice and some neutral stylish paint.

9. Upgraded Dinner Table Chargers

One way to dress up a dinner table is to add a large charger underneath each plate as a sort of makeshift place mat. Instead of shelling out the cash for actual chargers, however, you can spray paint a large plastic tray and use that. Because chargers aren’t meant to have food served directly on them anyway, it makes total sense.

10. Road Trip Car Caddy

If you need to take meals on the go or need somewhere to keep your snacks during a family road trip, use a shower caddy from the dollar store. It’s easy and can prevent most messes in the backseat.

Even if you aren’t on a tight budget or looking to save a little cash, dollar stores can surprise you. Go up and down the aisles and figure out what supplies the store has that you could use for something else and you are almost guaranteed to be able to do it. These projects might require a little patience and creativity, but in the end, saving a few bucks is totally worth it.