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10 Wall Decor Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedrooms

December 24, 2019 by

Nurseries give parents the chance to put their decorating skills to the test. As babies grow into toddlers and, eventually, small children, the fun continues. Because as your kids get older, they might want different bedroom decor, including wall decor designed for kids’ bedrooms specifically. There are a lot of options you can make yourself or buy to decorate your kids’ bedroom walls to go with a new theme or brighten up their spaces.

Kids love to be surrounded by things that interest them and make them happy just as much as we do as adults. Naturally, they might want to do a complete overhaul of their bedroom at some point, including the wall decor. Or, they just need a few pieces to replace the frayed posters or shelves which still hold nick-knacks from the toddler years. Either way, you will need to figure out the best wall decor ideas for your kids’ bedrooms at some point and these are some of them.

1. A Wooden Block Letter

A simple large wooden block letter with your child’s initial can make a dull room suddenly so much more personal. You can even take it a step further by spelling out their entire name and hanging the letters over their bed or across a bare wall somewhere in the room. All you need to do is visit your local craft store and pick up the letters, paint them yourself, and hang them up.

2. School Art

You might already have your fair share of your kids’ artwork on the refrigerator, but your kids are likely proud of their work too. Give them the chance to show it off and get some inexpensive wall art in the process. All you have to do is showcase their school art on their bedroom walls with a few well-placed clipboards.

3. String And Nail Art

Another way to display your child’s name across their bedroom wall is through nail and string art. It’s a craft that takes some practice and a lot of patience, but the end result can be one of a kind art that your child won’t see anywhere else. The standard way to do this project is on a small piece of wood which you can then hang on the wall. However, you can also hammer the nails directly onto the wall and make art that way.

4. Toy Cars On Display

If your kid is a Hot Wheels fanatic and has more than enough cars to spare, then you might want to go put some of them on display in his or her bedroom. But instead of simply placing them on a shelf neatly, you can attach them to a picture frame with the glass taken out. All you need to do is use some hot glue to get the cars to stay firmly in place.

5. Faux Taxidermy

It might seem like a somewhat morbid piece of art to hang on your kids’ bedroom walls, but faux taxidermy can bring something special to any bedroom. You can buy pre-made heads of fantasy creatures or beloved animals. Or, you can make your own out of stuffed animal beads and oval pieces of wood painted to match them. 

6. Embroidery Hoops And Fabric

If your kid is a little older, you can decorate his or her walls with something a little more age appropriate. In this case, all you need are embroidery hoops and fabric of your child’s choosing. It’s wall art that can stay up for years and won’t ever really feel too immature. But just in case your kids changes their mind, you can always switch out the fabric later on.

7. Button Art

There’s almost nothing you can’t make with buttons and a little imagination. Depending on what your kid is into, you can likely find something that appeals to them and matches their bedroom decor. And of the button project you choose isn’t too complicated, they might even be able to help you with it.

8. Superhero Wall Decor

For some kids, superheroes are ageless. Or, at the very least, they will be into superheroes for years before they grow tired of the different variations of caped crusaders out there. If you’re extra handy with woodcutting, you can likely accomplish these superhero wall decor designs. But even if you aren’t, they might inspire you to do something similar for your child’s bedroom.

9. DIY Minecraft Characters

Kids of varying ages also tend to feel a pull to the general culture of Minecraft. Because Minecraft characters are designed in an 8-bit way, it can be a little easier to piece them together and draw them yourself. So if your kids happen to be all about Minecraft, you can create replicas of their favorite characters’ faces.

10. Over-sized Wooden Buttons

To be fair, this particular button wall art can be hung almost anywhere in your home and offer something special to the room the pieces are hung in. But older kids can appreciate these pieces of art in their bedrooms if the walls are lacking something extra and you don’t want to see more tacky posters hung up. All you need are some pieces of wood already cut into circles, a drill to make holes in the wood, and paint of your choice.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple modern wooden letter to hang above your kid’s bed and let him or her feel special to have their space literally marked as theirs. Other times, you might want to take things a step further and invest in wall decor that goes with a specific theme your kids will love. No matter the reason behind it, decorating your kids’ bedrooms can be a lot of fun.