10 Ways To Make Your Kids Love Reading As Much As You Do

December 24, 2019 by

Kids are funny creatures. They might discover a love for books, but then immediately reject the idea of reading as soon as it becomes a school requirement. It’s like as soon as they realize it’s not entirely about fun, they don’t want to deal with it anymore. That’s understandable to an extent. But there are some ways to make your kids love reading, even if reading books is sometimes school-mandated.

One thing you can do yourself is to start reading to your child from the time they are a baby. Maybe the words and su eject matter won’t totally resonate with them right away, but the practice of reading books all times of the day and not just at bedtime introduces books to them early on. As they grow older, they will start to understand the stories and look forward to being read to rather than staring at a TV or tablet screen all day.

You can also designate a comfortable reading corner in your toddler’s bedroom. As he or she starts to learn sight words, you can snuggle up in their reading nook with them and read together. It’s a good practice to start as soon as possible and can ignite an interest in reading early on.

Of course it gets a little harder to entice your child with reading as they get older, but these tips to make your kid like reading are sure to help you both along the way.

1. Choose A Select Few Books To Read To Your Toddler

By reading the same book over and over to your toddler, they can start to develop their pre-reading skills, believe it or not. By seeing the same words in the same story, they can start to learn those words, slowly but surely.

2. Read To Them Often


Regardless of which books you choose to read to your child before they can read themselves, make a habit out of reading to them. It’s a way to engage them early on without the use of television.

3. Ask Engaging Questions

After you have read a book to or with your child, ask him or her questions about what you just read. Ask them which character in the story was the most happy, sad, or angry. Ask them what they would change about the book if they could. Asking questions after reading is another way to make them think about what they just read and start to care about it too.

4. Make A Reading Nook In Your House

Nothing says curl up with a good book like the ability to do just that in a comfortable and cozy corner of the house. Your kids can snuggle up in their nook with a book and look forward to free time during the day when they can escape the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house and curl up in their reading nook.

5. Choose Different Books

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As your kids get older, they might need new reading material to stay interested in reading. So pick out different books from different genres to figure out what interests them the most. If they find an author or genre they really like, they are more likely to want to read more frequently.

6. Choose Something Funny

Everyone loves a good funny movie or book. And if there is one way to engage kids in reading, it’s through humor. Find a book that will make them laugh and they could look forward to reading, if only because of the potential humor.

7. Give Books As Gifts

While you shouldn’t pressure or push books on reluctant kids, giving your kids books in addition to other holiday gifts is never a bad idea. This way, books are constantly in the house and sooner or later, your kid is bound to want to pick up at least one of them and take a look.

8. Take Frequent Trips To The Library

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All kids should know the value in a library and the endless supply of reading material it offers. Take frequent trips to your local library to give your kid a taste of how much their imagination can grow thanks to the many books they will find in a library.

9. Take Turns Reading

As your kids learn to read, take turns reading a sentence on and off with them or even every other page. This continues your routine in reading together, but also takes the pressure off of them to read the entire book aloud to you.

10. Consider Comic Books

Some kids will take more coaxing than others to get them to read. If this is the case with your kid, turn to comic books to start them off. The colorful pages will entice them and help them remain interested in the story. Then, slowly incorporate actual books into the mix.

One of the key things you can do to maintain your child’s interest in reading is not to push them too hard. Constantly urging your child to read or try out a new book can make it seem like a chore. It’s all about gently pushing them in the right direction and instilling the importance of reading as early as possible. If you can do that and find that at least one of these tips work for your family, then you’re golden.