12 Porch Swing Ideas That Will Help You Get The Kids Outside

December 24, 2019 by

Getting kids to play outside can be a chore. Even on the sunniest most temperate day, most kids would rather stay holed up inside with Netflix or video games. In a way, you can’t really blame them, but these porch swing ideas are sure to at least spark interest in getting the kids outside. You know, in the actual fresh air.

The best part about these porch swings is that they are completely DIY and although Pinterest fails are a very real thing, with enough attention to detail and patience, you should be able to successfully recreate at least one of these swings. It’s also a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to bulky swing sets that kids might lose interest in weeks after you spent days putting it together. And, in most cases, you can take these porch swings down when the weather gets too cold so you can preserve them inside.

Some of these porch swing ideas are geared toward younger children and others can be enjoyed by the whole family. They also vary by difficulty, which is typical of do-it-yourself projects online. But overall, you are bound to fall in love with at least one swing to turn your porch into a comfortable outdoor hangout.

  1. 2 x 4 Porch Swing

This one is a little more standard, but it might be what some families are looking for in a porch swing. Grab some 2 x 4 pieces of wood, sturdy chains, and you’re set. Sort of. Luckily, you can find instructions at VirginiaSweetPea.com.

  1. Hammock Chair

This hanging hammock chair features on the A Beautiful Mess blog is sturdy enough to hold up to 200 pounds at once if built and installed correctly. It can also be used as either an outdoor or indoor hanging chair. So split the difference and make two if you’re feeling extra crafty.

  1. Pallet Swing

The idea of the pallet swing is pretty self-explanatory. And while the one featured on BintiHomeBlog.com is hanging from a tree, there’s no reason why you can’t alter it to suit your needs as a genuine porch swing. The most important aspects of this one are going to be pillows and cushions. So get a few top notch ones and you’re golden.

  1. Headboard Swing

Do you happen to have an old headboard lying around that is just dying to be redesigned into the back part of a porch swing? If so, head over to Rustic Pig Designs to find out how to make a headboard porch swing of your very own. It would definitely be the most unique porch swing on the block.

  1. A Professional Looking Porch Swing

The blog A Beautiful Mess has the instructions for another porch swing, but this one is designed to look like you bought it for a long more than it costs to make it yourself. For some, that might be more preferable to a pallet or door porch swing.

  1. Farmhouse Porch Swing

This $40 porch swing from Shanty 2 Chic is designed with clean straight lines and chains to hang it from the ceiling of your porch. It’s a fairly standard porch swing, but there are step by step instructions on the blog to help you every step of the way.

  1. Another Pallet Swing

Unlike the other pallet swing on this list, this one from The Sorry Girls is made to be more of a bench than a platform like the other pallet swing. It is hung with sturdy rope and on the blog, it hangs from a tree, but you can likely alter it to be able to safely hang it from your front porch.

  1. Farm Rope Porch Swing

With the right cushions and  pillows, this roped porch swing from HowDoesShe.com could make your front porch the oasis you never knew you needed. The blog features instructions to help you get everything just right, but the ropes used to hang the swing really make it as special as it is.

  1. Child Porch Swing

Instead of buying a bulky plastic baby swing to hang from your porch or a tree in your yard, make this one from Woodwork City. It looks a lot more complicated than it is, which just means that it will be the envy of all the other parents on your block.

  1. Rope Swing

Another porch rope swing option comes from My Borrowed Heaven. It uses ropes to hang rather than chains, but the back and sides make it look almost like a rocking chair at first glance. That’s likely the whole point, especially since it gives off a farmhouse aesthetic.

  1. Door Swing

The HGTV blog has instructions for how to make this totally one-of-a-kind porch swing. It’s made out of a door, rope, and some extra wood. You could use a brand new unfinished door or refurbish an extra one you already have lying around your garage or basement.

  1. Two-Seater Swing

Most porch swings are designed for more than one person, but this one from Wilkerdos.com is legitimately designed for two people to cuddle on together. It even has two built-in cup holders, one on each arm. Because of its little details, this one might take a little more elbow grease, but at the end of the day, it’s sort of worth it.

It’s hard to deny how adorable some of these porch swings are. And although they aren’t as thrilling as the swings your kids might find at the local park, they offer a different way to enjoy the outdoors that even the most reluctant kids will be able to embrace.