14 Garden Fence Ideas To Make Your Garden The Envy Of Your Neighbors

December 24, 2019 by

Whether you have a small garden in a corner of your backyard or a fancier rose garden that needs it’s own fence and gate, gardens in general can really dress up a backyard. And if you have one that you need to keep separate from the rest of your yard, you’re going to need to know about these garden fence ideas to fancy up your backyard.

First, let’s make one thing clear. Despite garden fences sometimes being on the swankier side, they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. And if you are already handy with home DIY projects, chances are, you will be able to build a more intricate garden fence with relative ease.

But the beauty of a garden fence is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, sometimes, a more rundown looking fence around your garden is preferred, if only because it is bound to get trampled on or bend at some point. Really, you can’t go wrong with whatever garden fence idea you go with for your own backyard. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get what you want and these ideas prove that. 

1. The Pallet Fence

These days, there are DIY projects with pallets that enable you to make pretty much anything. If it’s not a backyard swing, it’s a table or a bed. Or, in this case, a pallet fence that can be used to separate your garden from the rest of your yard in a rustic way.

2. The Classic Picket Fence

Randy Fath/Unsplash

Picket fences aren’t just for the front yard. In fact, the low height of a simple white picket fence can really add class to your backyard when it’s used to section off your vegetable or flower garden. 

3. Chicken Wire Fence

A chicken wire fence framed by wood is almost standard when it comes to garden fencing. The wire allows you to see into the space with the fence all around it, while the wooden border adds the finishing touch it needs. You can paint or stain the wood, but it still leaves a lasting impression as sealed uncolored wood.

4. Lattice Fence

A white lattice fence is also commonly found as the preferred garden fence option. It’s not as easy to install as some other more simple fences, but it’s durable and just looks aesthetically pleasing. 

5. Branch Fencing

This is definitely on the rustic side, but you can’t really say no to a fence made of branches when it comes to your garden. You’ll be using reclaimed parts of nature that would otherwise go unused, so really, you’re doing the outdoors a service by making this unique garden fence.

6. Screen Door Fence

Sometimes, less is more. Other times, more is more. And if you want a top notch garden fence that feels like something out of an early 19th century novel, then building one with a screen door is probably a good idea. It offers you a way to go in and out of the garden, but will make the garden itself feel like an outdoor closed off oasis once you’re in it.

7. Colorful Garden Fence

This fence might seem more like a permanent front yard fence, but if you decide to go with it for your garden, don’t feel like you have to stick with a natural wood or white finish. In fact, making it a colorful garden fence can add a big pop of color to go with your harden’s own colorful allure.

8. Basic Wire And Wood Fence

This basic wire and wood dance is similar to a chicken wire fence, but a little more simple. Ot also looks less I evolved and can be an easier option for bigger yards or on farms.

9. Nautical Rope Fence

This nautical rope fence is a shorter option for marking off your garden. That being said, it won’t keep out animals, but it can separate your garden from the rest of the yard and can be easily removed if you need to change the perimeters of your garden.

10. Upcycled Bike Wheel Fence

You might not have a bunch of old bikes lying around, and you probably aren’t alone there. If you happen to have access to some old bike tires, however this fence offers a different kind of aesthetic and a one of a kind garden fence to your yard.

11. Wood And Wire Fence

This particular wood and wire fence is different from others in that it can totally be done in one afternoon. All you need is a roll of wire fencing and a few rolls of wooden fence spokes. Then you can set up your garden with ease and it’s a backyard DIY project most newbies can even tackle.

12. Farm-Style Wooden Fence

This kind of garden fence can be one of the easiest to maintain. That’s because it needs little to no upkeep and the beauty of the fence itself is that the more worn it gets, the more earthy it looks.

13. White Picket Aluminum Fence

Another picket fence option for your garden is this white picket aluminum fence. It’s a little easier to install, even on your own, and it gives off the same aesthetic. Plus, aluminum fencing is a little easier to replace than wood and can last longer.

14. Wrought Iron Fencing

Maybe wrought iron garden fencing is a little on the swanky side. Compared to some other options here, it can be more pricey. That cost, however, brings with it a certain amount of quality and longevity you can’t ignore.

Maybe your reason for wanting a garden fence is so you can keep out small animals, like rabbits and squirrels, which tend to be drawn to root vegetables. Or, you just want a way to separate your flower or vegetable garden from the rest of your yard in a stylish but inexpensive way. These garden fence hacks are made to accommodate almost any need and taste, whatever your reason is for installing a garden fence.