9 Hanging Plants Inspiration For Your Home

December 24, 2019 by

There is nothing like channeling your inner interior designer when decorating your home in order to create an interior green space to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Maybe your green thumb is a little lacking and that’s understandable. However, even plastic hanging plants can brighten up any room of your home. And these hanging plants inspiration for your home will make you want to create your own space right now.

It all comes down to your own personal style. Whether you prefer a more modern look to your home decor or something shabby chic, there are ideas to incorporate your personal style into the way you hang plants in your home. Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with having a vase of flowers in the house or a potted plant on a pedestal table so you can gaze at it every day. Those options just aren’t as satisfying as seeing your favorite plants hanging in their own space in your home. And if you have pets who don’t agree with your plants, it can be a challenge to have potted plants or vases somewhere they can easily access them.  

These hanging plants inspiration for your home will definitely help you make an aesthetically pleasing indoor plant garden without all of the upkeep that outdoor plants sometimes require.

1. Embroidery Hoop Planter

Embroidery hoops are designed for cross stitch projects, but you can also take a ceramic bowl, some E6000 glue, and a rope to hang from the actual hoop with this embroidery hoop planter. You can choose flowers, a simple plant, or even herbs, but it offers a unique way to hang any kind of plants indoors.

2. Fish Bowl Planter

If terrariums are more your style, this fish bowl planter is the perfect option for hanging plants in your home. All you need is a clean fish bowl, drill, S hooks, and a few other odds and ends to make it easy and safe to hang any number of these from your ceiling.

3. Metal Bowl Hanging Planter 

If you are handy with a drill, you can use it to drill simple holes into your favorite metal bowl to create this metal bowl hanging planter. Then, thread rope or use a thin chain in the holes to hang it from the ceiling.

4. Tiered Planter

For some, you can never have too many house plants. Obviously, the same goes for hanging house plants and this one makes it possible to hang them all together from floor to ceiling in a tiered planter if you want.

5. Knotted Rope Planter

Mason jars can be used for almost any DIY craft, so naturally, they can also be used for this knotted string planter. All you need is some strong rope to fashion around a mason jar to then hang from the ceiling anywhere in your home.

6. Mason Jar Planter

This is another option with mason jars, but with this mason jar planter, you attach it to a block of wood and essentially hang it from there. Still, it offers a planter idea for your home that doesn’t leave it out on a table for your cat to attack any chance it gets.

7. Hanging Plant Shelf

Technically, you can use this DIY hanging plant shelf for other things than just plants, but it works so well for plants, you will probably want to make and hang more than one throughout your home.

8. DIY Bottle Planter

With this DIY bottle planter, you can kill two birds with one DIY project. Upcycle some lotion bottles instead of tossing them in the trash and use them for hanging planters for your home. If you take your time with the project, no one will ever know your stylish hanging planter was once a bottle of body lotion.

9. Indoor Plant Trellis

This indoor plant trellis isn’t quite the same thing as a hanging potted plant that hangs from your ceiling. But it does offer a unique and modern way to hang as many plants as you can manage to make a total green space in your home.

No matter your tastes, there are a plethora of ideas as far as hanging indoor plants go. You can suction some plant containers to the windows or install ceiling hooks to hang different plants near each other. You can even invest in some stylish macrame plant cover holders to really spruce things up with your plants. There aren’t many other decorative items that can make you feel as happy looking at them in your home than plants and these ideas can easily help you bring some beauty of the outdoors inside.