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Reddit is a place where many people go to get good advice. It is home to a wide variety of different subreddits. Each subreddit has its own specific focus. In this article, the specific subreddit of focus is investing. The Reddit subreddits that are listed below are like a message board for those who want to share financial advice with others or offer tips on how to get the most out of your investments.

What is a Subreddit?

Reddit was launched in 2005, and it quickly became a massive hub for people to discuss seemingly endless topics. Reddit is built on the subreddit community, which is the underlying reason why Reddit is called what it is. Sub- means under, and subreddits are communities that fall under them.

Subreddits are identified by their usernames: r/subreddit name. You sign up for a Reddit account on the website and get a feed from the subreddits that are active on that site. Each subreddit functions as its own specialized forum for users. Beginning in 2008, people could create their own subreddits on the website.

If you want to start a new subreddit, you just click on the reddit homepage that says Create your own subreddit to begin creating a new community. You need to be an active Reddit user to create a subreddit. Reddit members aren’t able to simply delete subreddits they created, but they are closed by the administrators.

Best Reddit Investing

Best Investing Subreddit


r/investing, once one of the smaller communities on Reddit, now has around 2 million members. r/investing is an investment subreddit that covers everything from investing in specific companies to deciding whether to invest $100k in an index fund. You’ll find a good mix of people who are both new and experienced, so there will be many good answers to your questions.


r/wallstreetbets (WSB) is the largest investing communities on Reddit. Members nickname themselves “degenerates” to represent the diversity of the community. WSB’s key features are its vulgarity and its love of memes. This subreddit has evolved significantly over the years, creating a distinctive lingo that distinguishes it from other forums. Specifically, it has developed the term stonks and tendies that have become popular. Its vibrant atmosphere is matched with a truly free spirit when it comes to investing. It lives up to its name by not being averse to making mistakes.


r/stocks, which has 2.8 million members, is a more moderately-minded place to learn about investing. It is a place where people share their thoughts about the market, which is similar to that of WSB. Memes are also largely absent, but people are also very thoughtful. Users tend to post analysis of specific companies and ask questions about their dividends and the wider economy. The r/stocks community provides a very different experience than the much more popular WSB, making it appealing to another type of investor.


r/cryptocurrency was created in 2013 to provide the most extensive community for crypto news, discussion, and analysis. It has 4.2 million members and provides the broadest selection of cryptocurrency information. The r/cryptocurrency community has 4.2 million members, and it tries to cover everything a newbie needs to know about crypto. So that members can decide which cryptocurrency is the best for them and their financial situation and goals without feeling influenced by others.


r/pennystock’s “astronauts” seek to gain money by investing in smaller companies. They hope that by doing that, they’ll get to the moon. Amazon and Apple are mostly absent from r/pennystocks, but American Battery Metals Corp. (ABML) is considered to be the next Amazon or Apple. Stocks are small, community is large – there are 1.6 million members, and counting. Most subreddit investing discussion forums focus on company and stocks news, but r/pennystocks places more emphasis on other things, such as ABML.


It’s just a great place to go to talk about investing. There are plenty of quality posts from high-quality contributors who share useful information that new and old investors can use. There are even a few memes posted here on the weekend that help people relax and unwind. Harsh comments, spam and other nonsense are banned from this subreddit, which helps you filter out the noise if you want to learn something useful. It seems that most people who use this forum will eventually become members of it, too; with 1.9 million members, that number is probably higher than you think.


When younger investors start to think about investing, they often misunderstand what dividends are. Several young investors tend to look for stocks that pay a higher dividend than their competition, because it makes sense intuitively: that company pays me more so I invest in that one. People on this subreddit don’t necessarily try to get high yields, but they do try to get good quality yields. You’ll find the best explanations of REITs and MLP’s, as well as a section called Dividend Aristocrats, that you can find on the internet. If passive income is your interest, it’s worth following.


The r/robinhood forum is where users can talk about everything related to Robinhood, the brokerage firm. It has around 820,000 investor members as they claim. Topics on r/robinhood are centered around troubleshooting problems with Robinhood, and the community is known for its usefulness in helping its members to find what they want to do. Memes and jokes about Robinhood and investing in general are common, but the forum’s ability to help others is what makes it an essential tool for anyone who uses the Robinhood app.


Investing Discussion is one of the smaller subreddits on Reddit, with 46,316 members. It allows people to share their experience and advice on investing with other members of the same community, without having to be afraid of being flamed. This is a safe place to talk about trading and investing ideas, as well as to post commentary stuff that other people have written.

Reddit is a valuable source of information for anyone interested in financial topics, primarily investing. The various subreddits provide a wide range of investment information, including stock tips, business news, investing strategies, and even cryptocurrency. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a subreddit for you on Reddit.

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