Best Women’s Waterproof Snow Boots Under $200

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Best Women's Waterproof Snow Boots Under $200

Winter is an amazing season.

There’s the coziness of curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book while the snow is falling outside.

And then there also all the winter outdoor activities from hiking in the forest to skiing to snowboarding.

But if you don’t want all that outdoors fun to end with a fever, a runny nose, and a persistent cough, you need to make sure that your feet stay warm and dry at all times.

Today we are going to look at the best women’s waterproof snow boots that will help you do just that.

And the best thing? They are all under $200.

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy winter!

1. Columbia Ice Maiden Ii Women’s Snow Boot

Columbia Ice Maiden Ii Women’s Snow Boot

These are the #1 best-selling women’s snowboots in the entire Amazon store. They are rated 4.7 out of 5 with an astonishing 12,700+ global ratings. So what makes them so special? They have an Omnni-GRIP advanced traction rubber soles that will help you move confidently on icy surfaces. They also have a TECHLITE lightweight midsole which provides superior cushioning and ensures lasting comfort. These boots are 100% leather and textile, with 200g of insulation that will keep your feet warm and dry even in the harshest winter. They can get you through -25F/-32C weather! The leather is waterproof which is essential for any winter outdoor activities. Despite all these features, these boots are lightweight, which is important if you intend to stay on your feet all day.

They come in ten colors:

  • Black/Columbia Grey.
  • Black/Ti Grey Steel.
  • Cordovan/Siberia.
  • Elk/Black.
  • Graphite/Plum Purple.
  • Oxford Tan/Ancient Fossil.
  • Shale/Dark Raspberry.
  • Black/Oxygen.
  • Elk/Red Velvet.
  • Marsala Red/Silver Sage.

These boots have a feminine design, so if you want something that looks stylish and feels luxurious, you should definitely consider them.

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2. Columbia Ice Maiden Shorty Women’s Snow Boot

Columbia Ice Maiden Shorty Women’s Snow Boot

This is another great pair of Columbia snow boots. They are also made of 100% textile and leather, have 200g of insulation, a TECHLITE lightweight midsole, and an Omni-GRIP rubber sole that protects you from slipping. However, Ice Maiden Shorty snow boots are shorter and therefore more casual than Ice Maiden Ii ones. Still, they are also suitable for -25F/-32C winter days, you just need to be mindful of the snow depth.

They come in three colors:

  • Black/Columbia Grey.
  • Cordovan/Columbia Grey.
  • Elk/Black.

These boots are not only functional, but also look great, so if you are looking for something for a casual winter hike in the woods, be sure to check them out.

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3. Sorel Explorer Joan Women’s Snow Boot

Sorel Explorer Joan Women’s Snow Boot

These suede boots are durable and warm. Outsole grade EVA with molded rubber pads provides stability and protects you from slips. Meanwhile, the removable molded EVA footbed that has a microfleece cover ensures comfort. Talking about microfleece, it also helps to keep your feet dry, as does the waterproof full-grain leather.

These shoes come in 10 colors:

  • Blackened Brown.
  • Feltcamel Brown.
  • Feltkhaki Ii.
  • Camel Brown.
  • Quarry/Black.
  • Black/Dark Stone.
  • Ash Brown.
  • Felt/Redwood.
  • Coal.
  • Rich Wine.

These boots also look less like typical winter boots and more like sneakers, so if you love a sporty look and don’t want to stray too far from your usual style, they may be a great fit.

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4. ALEADER Women’s Mid-Calf Snow Boots

ALEADER Women’s Mid-Calf Snow Boots

These ALEADER mid-calf snow boots feature a lightweight midsole that provides superior cushioning, durable leather uppers with synthetic overlays, and an adjustable lace closure with D-ring eyelets and toggle.

They come in five colors:

  • Black.
  • Black 1.
  • Black/Brown.
  • Grey.
  • Grey/Camel.

These waterproof boots have a feminine design that is bold and is sure to draw attention. Want snow boots with a character? These may be the ones for you.

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5. ALEADER Women’s Fashion Snow Boots

ALEADER Women’s Fashion Snow Boots

These ALEADER snowboots also feature a lightweight midsole, durable leather uppers with synthetic overlays, and an adjustable lace closure with D-ring eyelets and toggle. Their waterproof seam-sealed construction will keep your feet dry when walking in the snow. The double outsole provides excellent traction and helps you keep your balance on icy and snowy surfaces.

These boots come in three colors:

  • Black.
  • Black/Grey.
  • Black/Camel.

Their knitted collar not only provides a little bit of extra warmth but also adds a touch of style. These boots are not only functional but also feminine, even a bit girly, so they will fit well with an overall girly style.

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6. ArcticShield Women’s Anna Boots

ArcticShield Women’s Anna Boots

These ArcticShield snow boots feature memory foam insoles that provide extra comfort and rugged, all-terrain outsoles that are made of durable rubber and have slip-resistant patches. They are not only waterproof but also insulated with the ArcticShield Retain technology. This insulation prevents the body heat from escaping. In fact, it captures and returns up to 90% of the body’s warmth.

They come in two colors:

  • Black.
  • Snow White.

Interestingly, these boots offer not one, but two looks. You can wear them with the fur collar up or you can fold it over instead. That allows you to add extra versatility to your outdoors style without having to buy another pair!

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7. Harence Women’s Snow Boots

Harence Women’s Snow Boots

Now, if you want boots that don’t look like snow boots, but still serve that function, this pair from Harence may interest you. Their soft sole is wear-resistant so they should serve you for a long time. The insides of these boots are lined with warm fluffy wool that keeps your feet toasty. They come in two separate models, ankle-height and above-the-ankle.

You can choose both models from four different colors:

  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Red.
  • Coffee.

Obviously, the height of these boots means that they are not suitable for wading through a ton of snow, so they may not be the best option for winter outdoor activities. However, if you want to stay warm while you are going about your day, but would rather not look like a polar explorer when walking your dog, these boots may be just what you need.

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8. CIOR Women’s Ankle Snow Boots

CIOR Women’s Ankle Snow Boots

These CIOR ankle boots don’t look like snow boots at all but don’t be fooled by appearances. They can do the job in an urban environment. They feature a 3.5mm grooved rubber outsole that provides excellent grip but is also soft and flexible. They are lined with faux fur from top to toe, which not only insulates them well but also makes them extra comfortable. They come in a wide variety of colors. 31 of them, to be exact. So no matter what your winter style is, you will be able to find a color that suits it. Of course, just like with the previous pair, the height of these boots means that they are not suitable for serious winter outdoor activities, but they will definitely keep you warm as you go about your day.

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9. POLAR Women’s Tall Snow Boots

POLAR Women’s Tall Snow Boots

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pair of snow boots that look great in an urban environment, but can also handle some serious winter hiking in the forest? These Polar boots are just that. They feature a durable sole with an anti-slip design and are fully lined with premium-grade faux fur from top to toe. They also feature a side zipper that makes them easy to put on and take off. These snow boots are available in a variety of colors as well as a variety of upper materials (cardy, shearling, faux fur, and more).

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10. POLAR Women’s Short Snow Boots

POLAR Women’s Short Snow Boots

Like the previous pair of boots, but want something shorter? Well, POLAR has that as well! These snow boots feature a sturdy sole with an anti-slip design, a high-density triple-layer memory foam insole, and a durable upper. They are fully lined with premium-quality faux fur which also acts as insulation.

These boots come in 12 colors:

  • Black Suede.
  • Black Leather.
  • Black/Beige Shearling.
  • Gray/Gray Shearling
  • Tan/Beige Shearling.
  • Black Cardy Mono.
  • Black Leather Mono.
  • Black Leather/Beige Shearling.
  • Gray Suede.
  • Tan Suede.
  • Gray Leather.
  • Gray Textile.

With such a wide variety of colors to choose from you will surely find a pair that matches your style. By the way, these boots have one unique feature: an outside pocket secured with a zipper in which you can keep small things such as keys, cash, etc.

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Winter outdoor activities are fun, but there’s also a risk of getting ill.

It’s all fun and games until you catch a cold and spend the next three days in bed coughing and sneezing.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your shoes and clothes are appropriate for the weather.

Proper snow boots are essential because you need to keep your feet warm and dry at all times.

Here are two questions that you should ask yourself before buying a pair:

  1. In what context will I be wearing them? Casual boots may be enough for going to work, but if you intend to engage in serious outdoor activities, you need serious snow boots.
  2. What type of boots would go best with my overall style? Obviously, you may need to make some fashion compromises here, since function comes before appearance. Still, you can probably find something that suits your style, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

Good luck with finding that perfect pair of snow boots!

Stay warm and enjoy the winter!

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