13 DIY Gift Basket Ideas To Make Giving Presents A Lot Easier

December 24, 2019 by

Gift baskets might seem a little more intimidating than simply heading to your favorite department store and picking up a scented candle or other standard gift for someone. But in reality, gift baskets can be a lot easier and a lot more fun than stressing over one gift. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your best friend or a co-worker you barely know, learning about the best DIY gift baskets can make a world of difference in your gift giving experience.

These kinds of gifts can serve as a road map to your gift, in a way. You can pick something the giftee is interested in, like wine, or sports, and go from there. This leaves the door open for truly thoughtful gifts rather than a stock present you might otherwise choose. Sure, you can still go that route, but giving gifts should be as much fun as getting them. OK, that might be a stretch, but you get the picture.

1. Wine Gift Basket

Even if you don’t know much about wine, it’s not too hard to think of wine-related gifts to add to this gift basket. You could find some adorable corks and wine glasses as well as a couple of bottles of red and white wines. You could even add a gift card for a local winery to take the gift up a few notches.

2. Chocolate Basket


There are few people who can’t appreciate a good chocolate gift basket, If you know someone who loves chocolate, then consider making them a chocolate-themed gift basket for their next birthday. You can add all of their favorites as well as some unique or more costly chocolates they might not have tried otherwise.

3. Movie Theater Basket

Making a movie theater gift basket is perfect for almost anyone, but the fact that you put it together yourself will still earn you brownie points with the recipient. You can add a gift card for a local movie theater and fill the basket with small boxes of movie candy they might be able to smuggle in the theater with them. Or, alternatively, you can make a movie night basket with movies they can watch at home and tons of snacks and popcorn for a movie night in.

4. Sports-Themed DIY Basket

For the sports fanatic in your life, you can’t really go wrong with a sports- themed gift basket, regardless of the holiday or occasion. Fill it with apparel, trinkets, and maybe even game tickets specific to the giftee’s favorite sports team.

5. Baby Supply Starter Kit 

If you know someone who is about to become a parent for the first time, you can skip their baby shower registry and make then a gift basket full of everything they will need as a new mom or dad. Add diapers, wipes, and small necessities like pacifiers, bibs, and swaddles blankets. Then, you can even top it off with a gift card to their favorite baby store.

6. House Warming Basket

A house warming gift basket is the perfect way to help a new homeowner or even someone who moved into a new apartment get settled. You can opt to include cleaning products and toiletries, along with toilet paper and paper towels. Or, you can fill it with a few adorable home decor items and some wine.

7. Date Night Gift Basket

If you are looking for the perfect engagement gift or something for a couple you are friends with, then making a date night gift basket could be what you need. Make a date for the couple, complete with gourmet pasta and sauces, along with french bread and wine. Or, fill it will all of the trappings for a perfect date picnic.

8. Beach Day Kit

This DIY gift basket might be better suited for kids, but it’s still a fun idea if you’re stumped and want to find something that is a little more unique than another doll or block set. Use whatever sand toys you want to fill the basket and you can even use an over-sized sand bucket as the basket.

9. Gardening Self-Contained Gift Basket

Some gift baskets are a lot easier to make than others, but this is one of the others. That’s because you will need to wind a garden hose into the shape of a basket, into which you will add all of the gardening supplies. It’s more complicated than other gift baskets, but it’s also a bit fancier.

10. Baking Gift Basket

If you have a junior Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart in your life, then you might consider making them a baking gift basket. You can find adorable and useful basking sheets, along with cookbooks and even an oven mitt and apron set, and you’re pretty much set. You might even get lucky and get freshly baked goodies in return as a ‘thank you.’

11. Camping Supplies Basket

For a camping supplies gift basket, you can use any basket that fits everything. Or, you can use a bucket filled with some camping must-haves. Another option is a small cooler propped open and filled with things like a boxed air mattress, grilling rods, a lantern, and big spray.

12. S’More Kit

Another adorable gift idea for kids is a s’more kit. It’s going to be a lot smaller than other gift baskets you might want to make, so it’s already a lot easier. And most kids love at least one of the three components of a s’more, do you really can’t go wrong.

13. Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

Teachers have a tough, but important, job. They are asked with keeping your children safe, happy, and educated for the majority of the week. What better way to show your appreciation at some point throughout the school year than to give them a gift basket full of relaxation goods to help them unwind after a long week of overseeing a couple dozen children at once?

The beauty of giving a homemade gift basket is that you can spend as little or as much money as you prefer and still manage to come up with something unique and thoughtful for your giftee. The difference between going this route and getting one present that may or may not work for them is that by making a DIY gift basket, you are putting so much more thought into the gift. And usually, they see that.