13 Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Make You Eager To Meet Your Little One

December 24, 2019 by

Once upon a time, baby showers were enough for expectant parents to celebrate their soon-to-be bundles of joy. Now, however, gender reveal parties offer another way for parents to get excited about their new baby before he or she is even born. Some opt to have a gender reveal party in place of a shower, but others have both. Either way, these gender reveal ideas are sure to get you excited to meet your own little one when he or she comes.

Really, gender reveal parties are an excuse to get your favorite people together to celebrate the new addition to your family before they arrive. And once you know your pregnancy is progressing smoothly, the next thing you learn is what sex your baby is. Naturally, you may want to share that news with your loved ones and find out what you are having along with them.

Regardless of whether or not you opt for a bi gender reveal party or go with something more lowkey, these ideas can help you in the planning process while getting you even more excited for your new baby’s arrival.

1. Scratch Off Tickets

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You can either order scratch off tickets or make them your own, but they are a unique way of revealing your baby’s gender. Whether it’s for you and your partner to find out together or one for your party guests to scratch, they can be a lot of fun.

2. Smoke Bombs

If you are into pink standing for girls and blue symbolizing boys, you can buy smoke bombs designed for gender reveals. The outside of the smoke “bombs” won’t give away what the color of the smoke will be and no one will find out until one is lit and the smoke fills whatever outdoor area you are in.

3. Paint Balloons

If you opt for a full blown gender reveal party, then you and your partner (and even your gender reveal party guests) can throw darts at a board of balloons. Only two are filled with the colors of paint you designate for a boy or girl.

4. Pink Or Blue Filled Eggs

Pink or blue filled eggs actually make for a fun gender reveal photo shoot. You and your partner can pop a tiny hole in eggs to drain and rinse them out. Then, someone you trust fills them with the color you have assigned to the gender of your baby. With this trusted persona s the only one with the knowledge, you can have a photographer handy as you and your partner throw the eggs and find out what you’re having.

5. Balloons In A Box

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A popular and easy way to reveal your baby’s gender is to task someone with filling a plain cardboard box with pink or blue helium balloons. You and your partner can open the box and watch as the balloons float out.

6. Confetti Popper

Confetti poppers like this one found on Etsy include everyone in your gender reveal. Your gender reveal party guests all get a plain popper and, at the same time, they pop them so confetti will fly over you and your partner as you find out if you are having a boy or a girl based on the confetti color.

7. Bath Bombs

Whether you dissolve these bath bombs in front of friends and family or do it on your own, it makes for a fun and easy way to find out your baby’s gender. Plus, you won’t have a ton of confetti to clean up afterwards.

8. Gender Reveal Cake

The trick with this cake is getting someone to make one with white frosting on the outside and pink or blue hidden on the inside. As long as they can keep the blue or pink from escaping before you cut the cake, this is an adorable (and delicious) way to find out the gender of your baby.

9. Silly String

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Colored silly string to symbolize boy or girl is another fun way to incorporate your guests in the reveal of your unborn baby’s gender. Your party guests are given cans of silly string that they will all spray up in the air over you and your partner so you can all find out together what the gender of your baby is.

10. A Piñata

You can get a piñata to either hit with a bat or one with a pull string. Either way, it’s a fun and big way to reveal your baby’s gender in front of your friends and family. Just make sure you have someone nearby with a camera to catch the quick moment when the contents of the piñata go flying.

11. Pink Or Blue Baseball Powder

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If you or your partner are big on baseball, you can opt to buy a pink or blue powder filled baseball. You can then gather your friends in your backyard or at a local baseball diamond to hit it and watch the powder fly.

12. Candy-Filled Cake

Similar to the pink or blue frosting inside of the other gender reveal cake, this one has the big reveal inside. So once you cut into it, you will know if you are having a boy or a girl. But with this one, you fill the inside with pink or blue candies instead of frosting to give away the reveal.

13. A Gender Reveal Volcano

A fun way to reveal your baby’s gender or to even bring your other kids in on the fun is to make this volcano. Once you get to the part where you pour in the vinegar for an eruption, the “explosion” will be either pink or blue.

Gender reveal parties can be a lot of fun. There’s no pressure from guests to bring gifts and it’s hard to not find the fun in guessing if you are having a boy or a girl. It might be an excuse to be with friends and family while eating and celebrating your baby’s gender, but there isn’t much to do in the several months between finding out the gender and having your baby. What better way to fill a smidge of that time than to use these gender reveal ideas to find out something so important a out your baby while surrounded by loved ones?