Guaranteed Approval Store Credit Cards Review

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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider getting a guaranteed approval store credit card. Between the ability to pay down purchases over time and building credit, users can find a little bit of financial relief by getting the right credit product for their everyday needs.

However, not all guaranteed approval store credit cards are the same. Some say they will accept anyone, regardless of their employment or credit history. Others have high interest rates, or enroll users into costly benefit programs. We looked into the more popular cards, and reviewed the best options for those with no credit or bad credit.

Montgomery-Ward Credit Card

Montgomery-Ward Credit Card

One of the oldest names in American retail, Montgomery-Ward now operates as a completely online operation. Through their website, they offer a number of name-brand, household goods including clothes, electronics, jewelry, gifts, toys, and much more.

Their guaranteed approval store credit card program is funded and operated in house, not involving any banks or outside financers. As a result, they claim that many people can qualify for credit, including those with thin credit files or are rebuilding their credit.

Is it a good deal? The annual percentage rate and late fees depend on where you are from. The lowest interest rate is available to residents of Arkansas (5.75 percent), while the highest interest rates are paid by those from Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, and Ohio. While their prices skew to the high side compared to national competitors, this credit card reports to the major credit bureaus. While it’s not the perfect option, it could work for individuals who want to make regular payments on big purchases.

Fingerhut Credit Card


Possibly the best known of all the guaranteed approval store credit cards, the Fingerhut catalog contains top name brands in many different categories, including beauty and health, personal electronics, activewear, toys, and much more. With a wide and diverse catalog, there’s something for everyone.

The WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account gives users a line of credit available to buy from their website. The credit comes in two forms: A credit card only valid for their store, or a WebBank/Fingerhut FreshStart installment loan. The credit card comes with a 29.99 percent interest rate, but advertises no hidden or monthly fees.

Is it a good deal? Even for individuals who don’t qualify for traditional credit products, or want a way to pay off their purchases over time, the Fingerhut Credit Card the best overall deal great deal. Like Montgomery-Ward, the Fingerhut catalog prices items higher than other outlets, and capitalizes on purchase interest with a high annual percentage rate. If you have no other options, the Fingerhut Credit Card offers a path of least resistance to getting name-brand home products with clearly spelled out payment plans.

The Freedom Gold Card

The Freedom Gold Card

There’s no limit of online shopping malls advertising low prices with access to credit. The Freedom Gold Card is another choice in this category, offering access to the Horizon Outlet Mall.

Like other online shopping malls, the Horizon Outlet offers off-brand names at prices similar to the competition. However, the Freedom Gold Card is an anomaly for its zero-percent interest rate for purchases, and numerous hidden fees. The card charges $5.50 in additional fees per purchase, a $5 card issuance and account validation fees, and a $24.95 “monthly membership benefit plan,” which includes some benefits that are free through other means.

Is it a good deal? Despite the zero-interest rate, the hidden fees make this card a dealbreaker. Even if you don’t owe anything or don’t make any purchases, you will still pay $24.95 per month for their “benefit plan.” Smart shoppers should look elsewhere.

The Unique Platinum

Unique Platinum card

The Unique Platinum card, good for shopping at the “My Unique Outlet Shopping Club” website, lures users in with a guaranteed $1,000 minimum credit line with no credit check and “no interest charges.” Their website offers a very small product line, with prices that are inflated from national competitors.

As far as the credit card goes, the devil is in the details. Although there is a zero percent interest rate, cardholders pay a $29.95 activation fee, and a monthly membership fee of $19.95. In one year alone, cardholders will pay over $200 in monthly fees.

Is it a good deal? No. This card attempts to take advantage of those with bad credit, with a deal that doesn’t make any sense. Instead of looking at this card, consider a secure credit card that will give you more purchasing power at a larger range of stores.

Other Store Credit Cards to Consider

If you have at least okay credit, there are a number of other store credit cards you may qualify for which offer better benefits. Before looking seriously at the above options, consider the following:

  • Amazon Prime Store Card: Get five percent back on Amazon purchases, which can be used towards statement credits or future Amazon purchases.
  • Kohl’s Charge: Get 35 percent off your first purchase with the Kohl’s charge card, and bigger discount when you combine Kohl’s Cash with your charge card.
  • Target RedCard: Save five percent on purchases at Target stores or Target website, including Starbucks locations inside Target. Plus, cardholders qualify for exclusive partner deals.

While there are a lot of different guaranteed approval store card promotions, they may not be best for your wallet. By understanding and reviewing all your options, you can find the best credit cards for your lifestyle.