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How To Grow A Money Tree Plant Because Money Does Kind Of Grow On Trees

December 24, 2019 by

Remember when you were a kid and asked your parents for some new unnecessary things from the local mall and they told you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Even though it probably made you roll your eyes every time you heard it, they weren’t wrong. But, as it turns out, technically they weren’t completely right either. There is such a thing as a money tree plant, or a Pachira aquatica, which can, in a way, bring fortune to those who own one. But you’re going to want to know all of the ins and outs of how to grow a money tree plant before you embark on the adventure of growing a different kind of minimal plant that comes with all kinds of lore.

What Is A Money Tree Plant?

Unfortunately, a money tree plant doesn’t literally grow leaves made of dollar bills. Although the image you likely conjure up when considering that is probably pretty appealing. Instead, the money tree plant is a plant that originates from China and comes with lore that includes good luck and the tenements of Feng shui.

It is believed that the small tree was originally created by a Taiwanese man who braided the trunks of five different trees together in one pot. Thus, the money tree was born. In Feng shui, people believe that all of the important things in the universe are made up of five different things — water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. So because the money tree plant has five braided trunks in its own singular trunk, it is said to be good luck of sorts.

The main belief surrounding the money tree plant is that it can bring good luck and fortune to those who are around it. So if you place yours in a place where it can be around other things pertaining to money, the idea is that the tree will give out luck and fortune from there. In fact, it is often used as a practical business gift.

Where To Keep A Money Tree Plant

The beauty of the money tree plant is that it is a relatively small and easy to take care of option in your home. Of course you will need to take special care of it so it doesn’t dry out and isn’t overly hydrated. But you can keep a money tree plant anywhere where indirect bright sunlight will reach it.

Money tree plants can also survive in an area that has a decent amount of humidity. If your goal is to simply have an easy small plant in your home, the money tree plant can be a fine option for the bathroom. You shouldn’t allow your money tree plant to be in direct hot sunlight because it can dry out the leaves. And it also shouldn’t be placed near the vents in your home so as not to have any kind of air consistently blowing on it. A Money tree plant might seem like a high maintenance option, but really, these are all precautions so you can take care of it to the best of your abilities.

How To Grow A Money Tree Plant

As to be expected, growing a money tree plant isn’t  as easy as just planting it in a pot of soil and placing it on a shelf in your living room. Feng shui aside, you should still pay close attention to how you take care of your money tree plant and make sure you are doing everything in line with what this plant specifically needs.

Get a small pot and use peat moss based soil to successfully grow and take care of your money tree plant. Also make sure the pit has a decent drainage system so your soil doesn’t become over-saturated every time you water it. In fact, make sure the top couple of inches of soil dry out between each watering and always pour out any excess water that falls into the drainage dish.

The biggest issues owners face with money tree plants is watering it too much until the soil becomes much too moist at an almost constant rate and leaving it in the bright sun too much. These are problems you might face with other plants, so if you already have some experience as a plant caretaker, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with your money tree plant too. Make it a rule to keep your tree in shade in your home with a touch of indirect sunlight readily available.

To make sure the plant stays healthy, put it in a new pot with the same kind of soil every couple of years and follow the same pattern of caring for it throughout each week. A money tree plant won’t ensure that you become a millionaire overnight by any means, but if you believe in its lore and you want a lower maintenance house plant, it could be what you need.