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The Best Gifts For Knitters

December 2, 2020 by
gifts for knitters

Knitting may seem like an old-fashioned hobby, but it’s surprisingly popular among people of all ages. When you think about it, it does make sense. We humans have evolved to create things with our hands. And knitting gives people that opportunity. Want to encourage the knitter in your life to continue improving in their craft? You can do that with a thoughtful present.

Here are the 15 best gifts for knitters.

1. “Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book”

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

“Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book” lives up to its title. It was first published in 1989 and immediately became the go-to resource for knitters worldwide. Its second edition was released in 2002 and served to strengthen its reputation as the ultimate knitting book. The third edition hit the shelves in 2018. It provides a comprehensives overview of knitting techniques, including the numerous advancements made in the last 15 years. It features hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations as well as 1,600+ photos. There’s also an easy-to-use index that makes navigating this encyclopedic book a breeze. “Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book” is a must-have for any knitter, from a complete novice to a master of the craft.

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2. “Vogue Knitting: The Learn-to-Knit Book”

Vogue Knitting: The Learn-to-Knit Book

Talking about novices, if the knitter in your life is just starting out, they will appreciate “Vogue Knitting: The Learn-to-Knit Book”. This guide covers knitting basics: yarns, needles, patterns, the two basic stitches of knitting and purling, and more. There are also patterns for 20+ accessible knitting projects that range from simple ones like scarves and hats to more challenging ones like sweaters. It’s also worth noting that Vogue provides links to instructional videos that can help the reader master the techniques discussed in the book.

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3. “60 Quick Knits for Beginners”

60 Quick Knits for Beginners

Novice knitters sometimes struggle with picking a project that is challenging enough to allow them to improve their skills but not so challenging that it might overwhelm them. That’s when “60 Quick Knits for Beginners” may come in handy. As the title suggests, it features a variety of knitting projects that are perfect for a novice knitter. They include socks, scarves, hats, and more. This book will surely keep any beginner knitter busy for quite a while!

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4. “60 Quick Knitted Toys”

60 Quick Knitted Toys

This is another great book from the same publisher. There’s something special about being able to knit adorable toys for kids. Does the knitter in your life have children? Then they will love this book that features a variety of patterns ranging from stuffed animals to a medieval set of characters to games like tic-tac-toe and penguin bowling. Imagine how happy the little ones will be!

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5. “Knitted Animal Friends” by Louise Crowther

“Knitted Animal Friends” by Louise Crowther

Now, if the knitter in your life both has children and is skilled in their craft, you should consider getting them “Knitted Animal Friends”. This book features patterns for 12 knitted animals that each have their own unique personality. It’s worth noting that these patterns also include clothes for the animals which can then be mixed-and-matched. Kids will surely adore these new friends!

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6. Knit Picks Knitting Needle Set

Knit Picks Knitting Needle Set

What is the most important tool for any knitter? You’ve guessed it, it’s knitting needles! An experienced knitter probably already has a beloved needle set, but a novice that got into the craft recently may be in need of some high-quality needles. This Knit Picks needle set features nine pairs of colorful needles made of wood:

  • US 4.
  • US 5.
  • US 6.
  • US 7.
  • US 8.
  • US 9.
  • US 10.
  • US 10.5.
  • US 11.

These needles are strong and durable and were made to last. They come with a flexible 10’’ x 11’’ vinyl case with a snap-shut closure.

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7. IMIKEYA Wooden Yarn Bowl

IMIKEYA Wooden Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are a knitting accessory that helps you create a more organized knitting environment. Moreover, they also serve as a home decor piece that reminds you about the knitting projects you are working on. This handmade wooden yarn bowl is both beautiful and practical. It measures 5.5’’- 6.2’’ inches and is large enough to accommodate several yarn balls. The smooth finish ensures that the yarn will pull smoothly without catching and remain clean and tangle-free. It will be appreciated by novices and masters alike, especially given that knitters tend to appreciate craftsmanship in all things.

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8. Handmade Sheep Stich Markers

Handmade Sheep Stich Markers

Knitting patterns often require the use of stich markers. The most popular stitch markers are the bright-colored plastic ones. And sure, they get the job done, but they feel cheap. As I have just mentioned, knitters tend to appreciate craftsmanship in all things, so it’s probably safe to say that the knitter in your life will be happy to leave mass-produced plastic stitch markers behind and start using these handmade silver ones instead. Plus, these sheep are adorable!

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9. 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn

100% Baby Alpaca Yarn

Alpacas are animals native to South America that play an important role in the native cultures of the peoples of Ecuador, Peru, Northern Bolivia and Northern Chilean Andes. Their wool is considered to be superior to sheep wool because it’s softer, warmer, and more water-resistant. It’s no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly popular among knitters worldwide. So why not give the knitter in your life some high-quality alpaca yarn? This 100% baby alpaca yarn comes in 35+ colors, is completely scratch-free, and feels snugly-soft. This pure natural fiber is excellent for knitting!

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10. Handmade Alpaca Stich Markers

Handmade Alpaca Stich Markers

Does the knitter in your life have a soft spot for alpaca wool? Surprise them with these cute handmade silver stitch markers!

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11. Label Weavers Personalized Sewing Labels

Label Weavers Personalized Sewing Labels

Craftspeople take great pride in their work. That’s why they feel the need to sign it. But how can you sign a hat, a scarf, or a sweater? Simple: with personalized sewing labels! Label Weavers offer 100% woven labels that you can customize by choosing from a wide variety of colors, lettering styles, and motifs as well as by adding your own text. You can order them in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or even 1,000.

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12. “Yarn Boss” Knitting Bag

“Yarn Boss” Knitting Bag

As you can imagine, keeping all your knitting equipment and your knitting projects organized can be quite a challenge, which is why a knitting bag is a practical gift that will make any knitter’s life easier. This stylish “Yarn Boss” bag is made from durable canvas that will keep its contents clean, dry, and safe. It has three large pockets, additional pencil pockets, and a double-zipper top. It can store several projects. It’s also worth noting that oversized grommets prevent snags. It’s important to keep the yarn tangle-free!

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13. Knitting Wrist Bag

Knitting Wrist Bag

This is a more casual knitting bag that you can hold on your wrist while working on a project. It’s a great gift for a knitter who likes to knit at cafes, parks, or even in public transport. With a wrist bag like that they will be able to knit wherever they are!

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14. “A Ball of Yarn, a Cup of Tea…” Mug

“A Ball of Yarn, a Cup of Tea…” Mug

Knitters love coziness. And what can be cozier than relaxing in a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea and a knitting project? This mug will show the knitter in your life that although you may not be into knitting yourself, you nevertheless get it.

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15. “The Knitter’s Life List” by Gwen W. Steege

“The Knitter’s Life List” by Gwen W. Steege

This book is about the knitting experiences you should have before you die. Yes, it’s a bucket list! It encourages knitters to explore different yarns, techniques, projects, and even venture into spinning, weaving, and dying. Whether the knitter in your life is a novice or a master, they will certainly find something in this book that will inspire them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Talking about novices, it’s an especially great gift for beginning knitters because it will show them what’s possible.

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Knitting is a wholesome hobby that helps people relax, equips them with a practical skill, and is a great source of pride.

That’s why you should encourage the knitter in your life to pursue mastery in this traditional craft.

You can do that by giving them a present that belongs to one of these three categories:

  • Knitting guides.
  • Knitting equipment.
  • Knitting accessories.

Good luck with finding that perfect gift!