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Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

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Does Walmart accept car battery returns?

Walmart offers a 90 day return and refund policy for batteries purchased new. You must own the battery for at least 90 consecutive days to receive a replacement. car batteries are covered under a one-year warranty from the battery manufacturer. You are not entitled to a replacement battery if it is faulty or defective; you only have 90 days to return it to Walmart.

Walmart enforces a very stringent 90-day return policy in order to protect our customers. Walmart’s rules say that managers and supervisors are not permitted to sign off on returns that have been submitted too tardy.

What is Walmart’s car battery return policy?

Return Policy stipulates that if a product is defective or is not as described, you will receive a refund for the product (with the exception of the shipping costs).

You must return the item to the retailer within 90 days of purchasing it. If you do not have a receipt, the Superstore can look up the purchase using the information in the account that you created.

If the retailer does not give you a receipt, the store may be unable to verify the authenticity of the item. But if they are unable to verify, they will give you store credit. Generally, if the store is able to look up your purchase on their system, they can look it up on your credit card. If that is not possible, they may issue you a store credit.

If your battery is faulty, you can always resell it to someone else and get a store credit for the amount of money that you paid. Walmart batteries come with two different warranty periods, depending on which battery type is being sold.

When can I return the car battery to Walmart?

If your battery malfunctioned or stopped completely functioning after you purchased it, you may be eligible to have it returned to Walmart. If that happens, the battery will be replaced.

Walmart will not take back batteries that may be defective or if they are defective because of misuse. Customers can bring in a dead or dying car battery to any store or Walmart Auto Care Center for a full refund.

You should bring the returned item, including any batteries, to the store where you purchased the goods in order for them to accept it.

Even if Walmart does not have a receipt, they may be unable to search it online, and instead only issue a store credit to the store where you purchased the item. If it is impossible for them to do that, you might be able to receive store credit.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

How to return a car battery to Walmart?

If Walmart asks you to bring back a dead battery from an automobile, you will need an address to show them where you will be able to find it. Walmart will not allow you to return a battery to Walmart by mail.

You will need the battery, its packaging, and your purchase receipt (if you do not remember where you bought the battery, go to your local Walmart, and let them know that you want to return it).

Stop by a nearby Walmart Auto Care Center store to let the employees at the counters that you’ll be returning your battery to arrange for it to be shipped back to us.

They will assist you in returning your battery to us in an expedited manner. An office employee helps you with the rest of the returns process.

How to return a car battery without receipt to Walmart?

Returns of car batteries to Walmart are allowed, but you’ll need to have a receipt for the battery before you bring it in.

Walmart asks customers to show that they have a current, government-issue ID before they can accept a return request for an item that they bought online. Walmart has the tools to allow you to return things to Walmart even if you don’t have the receipt to return the item.

Although Walmart is capable of accepting returns for any reason, the store manager has the right to refuse any return request at any time. It is not certain that you’ll get a refund for that.

What if my battery came from

If you ordered a car battery on, you can return it. But to do so, it’s necessary to return it in person at your nearest Walmart store. You can take the battery to the Walmart Auto Care Center or the automotive section of your store to make the return.

It’s important to ensure you have your order number with you. The order number is used as proof of purchase. A Walmart employee will test the batter to ensure it’s not working. If not, you can choose to get a refund or exchange the battery for another car battery.

How to claim a car battery warranty at Walmart?

One of the quickest ways to make a warranty claim at Walmart is to go to any Walmart shop or to any Walmart Care Center and let the employees at the store or at the Walmart store that you would simply want to make a warranty claim.

Please have the receipt for the merchandise you purchased and a working car battery with you, because the store cannot see the warranty details unless you provide the information Walmart requests.

If you prefer to file a claim with Walmart by doing it yourself, you can use the services of a company called DoNotPay, who can assist you in doing that.

How much does a new car battery cost at Walmart?

The price of bringing in a fresh battery depends on what kind of battery pack type and how old the battery is, and also on the make and model of the vehicle.

You may want to use a tool like the one on Walmart’s website to find out the price of a new car battery if you are unsure whether it is worth it to change the battery.

You must also choose the year, make, and model of the car that you are replacing a battery in. If your car battery is bad, you can always have it tested and they will tell you what kind of batteries are suitable and how much they will cost you.

If it looks like the car’s battery may be bad, you should bring it to an auto parts store or a shop for repairs. They will be able to tell you if the battery needs to be replaced. They are able to let you know for certain whether the battery should be changed.

How to tell if your car battery is dead or defective

There are several ways you can determine whether your car battery is bad or defective, including:

  • Your car is slow to start.
  • The car clanks or clicks but doesn’t start.
  • The car’s dash light turns on, but the car won’t start.

Car batteries do wear out over time; however, if you recently purchased a battery at Walmart and it’s not working, be sure to return it for a new one.

What causes a new car battery to fail?

Car batteries usually die over time, but there are things that can cause a new battery to be defective:

Lights left on: if your car’s headlights, dome light, glovebox light, or trunk lights are on, these can drain a battery overnight.

Parasitic draw: car batteries drain over time from stereo components, phone chargers, or other devices that are left plugged into the power outlets. These continue to draw power from the batter even after the car’s turned off. Other power drains can be caused by interior or exterior LED lights.

Loose/corroded connections: a loose connection can cause damage to a new battery or drain it. So, make sure that your car’s battery cables are free of corrosion and that the battery is connected tightly.

Excessive heat/cold: these are issues that can also cause damage to a new battery. To avoid this problem, it’s best to park your car in a garage or under a shelter on cold nights or hot summer days.

Alternator problems: if your car’s alternator is going bad, this can cause a new battery to go bad.

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