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1-800 Contacts Online Exam – Our Full Review

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What Is 1-800 Contacts Express Exam?

The 1-888 Contacts Exam by ophthalmologists in your state allows you to get a fast and convenient eye exam from a doctor who practices in your state. If you take the 1-800 Contacts Express Exam online, you’ll be able to get a new prescription for contact lenses online in about 10 minutes.

But it’s a quick online eye exam you can do at home that’s not as detailed as getting an eye exam at an eye doctor. It’s not ideal for prescription glasses because you won’t be able to get one. You wear less of your contacts when you notice that your prescription has already run out. Because many people have very hectic schedules, finding time to go to an eye doctor can be a challenge.

Some people are just too busy to go to an eye doctor, so an internet store like 1-800 Contacts can help you. They provide convenient, virtual eye exams you can complete at home. They also offer you a way to do a quick, easy eye exam you can do from the comfort of your home. This will allow you to quickly restore your contacts without having to leave your house.

1-800 Contact offers a free eye exam called the Express Exam, which consists of a series of small tests that allow people to quickly detect any problem areas. People are able to get an eye exam virtually anywhere by going to their website and selecting Express Exam on their company website. It can be done at any time and at any location. 1-800 Contact offers people the chance to have their eyes checked for free for 10 minutes.

1,800 Contacts claims this service costs $130 less than going to a doctor’s office for an eye exam. People who are having difficulty paying for in-person eye exams because of their financial circumstances, time constraints, or being away from their homes may find this online service more convenient. It is obviously not advisable for people who have had cataract surgery or have previously been to an eye doctor for a complete eye exam.

The 1-888 Contacts service is a convenient way for people who have an old prescription to have their lenses checked. It may be difficult to get a new prescription to use the 1-800 Contacts service if you don’t have one. 1,800 contacts is not appropriate for people who only use eyeglasses or who suffer from eye conditions or who are recovering from laser eye surgery.

Below is my review of who is eligible to take a 1-800 Contacts Express Exam, what it entails, and how it compares to in-person exams and other alternative exams.

1-800 Contacts Online Exam

How It Works

When a patient wants to have their eyes checked at 1-800 Contact, a trained optometrist will examine his or her sight. However, 1-800 Contacts is a relatively basic service that assesses a person’s ability to see clearly, but it is nothing like having a full eye exam performed by a qualified eye doctor.

Taking this test involves several small steps that people need to take before they can go ahead and take the exam. You must understand the test requirements so that you can prepare everything that is needed for the exam. If you are eligible, you should take the test.

  • Check with the company to see if they are eligible for the test, and if so, whether it is the appropriate exam for that person.
  • Get ready to take the exam. Understanding the requirements. Have everything ready to take the exam. Receiving the test results. Contact prescriptions.
  • Taking the tests. Getting the results and any prescription that you may need.
  • The firm claims that the whole process should take no more than 10 minutes.


If you wear contact lenses, you need to be comfortable and have the right equipment.

  • Using a notebook or a smartphone or a smartphone, users can take an online test using a laptop or a smartphone.
  • It will require a driver’s license (or a credit card) to calibrate the display of your computer or smartphone.
  • Your previous prescription


Before going through with the testing, people are asked several health-based questions that help them decide if they are going to require an eye exam. If 1-888 Contacts decides a person is not eligible for the service, the customer should seek the help of a doctor who conducts a thorough eye exam.

If you can get a free eye exam through 1-800 Contacts, you will need to show a photo of both eyes. The doctor will look for any changes in the doctor’s vision. The doctor may use the images to find signs that may cause the doctor to be concerned.

The Test

The vision test is essentially a computerized eye exam that requires patients to stand 10 feet away from a device that displays letters that they have to read aloud. Doctors take note of people’s responses and brief them on the results.

Result & Prescription

The last step is to enter the client’s current prescription information. The information is from the prescription that the person originally got for the contact lenses they used for the eye exam. The company claims that it is possible to make new prescriptions in 24 hours

Pros and cons


  • Quick test, taking just a few minutes.
  • Can easily be done at home.
  • No need to make an appointment.
  • Doctors provide prescriptions for a variety of lenses that are offered by various manufacturers.
  • Prices range from $10 to $20.
  • Lens refund policy allows you to return and exchange products for any reason.


  • Service is only for prescription renewal, not a full exam of eye health.
  • Only works if you have a computer or a phone with a microphone and a camera.
  • There is no option to obtain a prescription for a pair of glasses.
  • This service is only a substitute for a visit to the doctor’s office in person.


People who want to renew their prescriptions online may also be interested in other offerings by similar companies. These are some of the tests that people can do online to check their vision, but remember it’s not like a full eye exam.

  • Lensabl: The company uses Visible to test people’s eyesight and then renew their prescriptions within 24 hours.
  • CVS: This is another website that offers a prescription renewal service which allows people to easily renew or change their prescriptions.
  • ContactsDirect: Provides a service that looks just like 1-800 Contacts. But only residents of particular states are qualified for the service.

Final Thoughts

1-800 Contact is an internet-based service that allows people to renew their glasses prescription using a computerized vision test. The appointment takes just 10 minutes and includes a prescription for contacts that will be sent to you within 24 hours. When individuals have received their current prescriptions, they can buy new contacts.

Even though this is a good service offered by 1-800 Contacts, people should not use this to replace a full eye exam. This test will not determine if someone is suffering from any eye problems or if he/she has any other eye disease.

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