RX, BIN, Grp, PCN Number Insurance Card Meaning

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Insurance cards are those cards which are used for the identification of a person. These cards are given to people to show their identification, status and to avoid their fraudulent activities.

These cards can be issued in different ways and can be used for different purposes. It is very important to identify them properly. It helps in saving time and makes the life easier for people in various situations like making payments and getting the help they need. But in order to use them correctly, we need to understand them.

Understanding Insurance Card Numbers

You may think that reading your health insurance card is a nightmare. There are numerous abbreviations and confusing information on the cards. There are numerous terms that are used to describe various aspects of what your health insurance provider might provide you with. If you get one of these numbers wrong, you might not be able to get the coverage you need.

Here are the terms you will find on your health insurance cards. They will help you understand what your plans are and what your coverage is. This is where we begin to explain what Rx, BIN, PCN, GRP mean.

These numbers allow your pharmacy or doctor to process claims the right way. If you have the right numbers, your care will be covered. These codes tell you what kind of coverage you are eligible for, as well as where you need to submit your claim.

If you get these numbers wrong, you could lose your medical coverage. If you get these numbers wrong, you could be forced to pay out-of-pocket or denied coverage. By knowing what they mean, you can maximize your health benefits, protect yourself, and better understand what your medications are.

What Does RX Mean?

The Rx symbol on your health insurance card means that your insurance company will pay some or all of the costs for your prescription. This means that your insurance company will pay for some or all of your prescription drugs. Sometimes, insurance cards also show a sum next to the Rx that shows how much the insurance company will pay.

It’s usually in the prescription itself, which is a written order from a doctor to a pharmacist who orders that the drug be dispensed. Having a red Rx symbol on your insurance card means that your insurance company will cover part or all of the costs associated with your prescription. Insurance cards show the Rx symbol in the form of a dollar or a percentage of a dollar amount to let you know how much your insurance will pay for your prescription drugs.

RX, BIN, Grp, PCN Number Insurance Card Meaning

What Does BIN Mean?

Rx BIN is short for a prescription bank identification number. It’s vital that you know the right BIN number to use when you fill prescriptions for several different insurance companies.

Rx BIN, or prescription bank identification number, has nothing to do with banks. It’s an informational number that allows insurers to identify specific plans and determine how to process a reimbursement claim. It’s a six-digit coding system that identifies which insurance companies will pay you for your prescription drugs.

It can help pharmacists identify what insurance companies will pay for your prescription. They can find out what your insurance company has said in the medical records of the pharmacy you visit. Pharmacists use this information to determine what insurance company they need to contact to get a reimbursement for your prescription.

With this information, the healthcare provider can also send the claim to your insurance company for reimbursement of medical services and expenses.

The “BIN” can take different formats; however, they all mean the same thing in regard to your healthcare provider and insurance company. You may see “BIN” written in these formats or abbreviations:

  • RX BIN
  • RxBIN
  • Rx BIN
  • Bank identification number

What Does Grp Mean?

The GRP, in short, is the group number given by insurance companies to identify a member’s group health plan. It identifies what type of insurance plan you have, what drugs you are covered by, and what deductibles you will pay.

It tells pharmacies what type of insurance plan you have, and allows them to look up which drugs are covered and which copays and deductibles are covered.

Every plan has a list of approved medications that will be reimbursed if you have health insurance. If a medication isn’t covered under your plan, it will not be covered. If you aren’t sure what your Rx Grp is, contact the company that issues your insurance card for a customer service number.

Your RxGRP number is usually found next to the BIN and PCN numbers. In addition to determining which medication is covered under your policy, the number can also be used in these cases:

  • Filing a reimbursement claim
  • Using an out-of-network provider
  • Scheduling an appointment or procedure with a healthcare provider
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Visits to the emergency room

GRP numbers can be written in different formats. Each of these means the same thing to your insurance provider:

  • Group number
  • Rx GRP
  • Group ID
  • Rx Grp
  • RX GRP

What Does PCN Mean?

PCN stands for Processor Control Number. It is an 8-character number that tells your insurance company which company will pay the claim on your behalf.

PCN is part of your prescription drug plan and your insurance plan. Essentially, it’s a way to inform the pharmacy whether you are covered for a prescription drug by your drug plan, and if so, how much you will get paid for it.

When you go to a doctor or a pharmacy, you won’t need to show your insurance company the part number, because the staff will know exactly which plan you are in and will be able to get the number automatically from your group ID.

Your PCN number is also used when visiting a doctor out of network, transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to another, using mail-order pharmacies, or if you use private insurance.

Like the other numbers on your insurance card, the PCN number can be written in different ways, including the following:

  • Processor control number
  • Rx PCN
  • RX PCN
  • RxPCN


How do you use the BIN number on your insurance card?

Your BIN number is used to identify your health insurance provider. It’s used by doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to process claims.

What is the RX Group number?

The RX Group number on your insurance card identifies your group. If your health insurance is provided through your employer, the RX Group number on your card indicates this.

What does RXPCN mean?

The RXPCN number on your card is the health insurance processor control number. This number identifies your coverage and how your claims should be processed.

Using Your Insurance Card the Right Way

You should make sure that the information on your insurance card is correct. If it is not, you should have it changed immediately. If the information on your medical ID card is incorrect, have it changed right away and request a new card. Have your insurance card ready at every doctor’s appointment and every time you receive health care. If you need to know more about your insurance company or if you have trouble finding the information that you need, contact your health insurance company.

Your insurance card will help you save money when you go to the doctor or when you get healthcare services. You can also save money when you go to the pharmacy.

This is a confusing acronym that can be used to confuse people who receive insurance cards. In this article, we explain what the PIN is on your insurance card and when you may need to use it. We also defined some other abbreviations that you may find on your insurance card. Knowing the details that your insurance provider gives you, such as the Rx BIN, Rx Grp and Rx PCN, will help you to make sure that your insurance will pay for the services that you need.

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