8 Unique Ways to Style the Rings You Already Own

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Do you have a few rings that you never wear? Maybe they were gifts, or maybe you just don’t think they suit your style. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to keep rings you don’t wear in a box somewhere collecting dust. With a little imagination, you can style them in new ways that breathe new life into old pieces.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling rings. You can stack them, layer them, wear them on different fingers, or even turn them into pendants. The options are limited only by your creativity.

Not sure how to get started? Here are some unique ways to style the rings you already own:

1. Stack Them Up

One of the most popular ways to wear rings is to stack them up on one finger. This creates a bold and eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads. To pull off this look, start with a few thin rings with different colors or metals. Then, add in a few larger statement pieces. Be careful not to go overboard, though. Too many rings can look gaudy and cluttered.

2. Layer Them

If you want a more subtle way to wear multiple rings, try layering them instead of stacking them. This involves wearing two or more rings on the same finger, with the smaller ones nestled underneath, the larger ones. This technique is perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too overwhelming. For example, a birthstone mother ring can be worn with promise rings for a personal and unique touch.

3. Wear Them on Different Fingers

Another way to style multiple rings is to wear them on different fingers. This allows you to mix and match different styles, colors, and metals for a fun and eclectic look. You can also use this technique to create symmetry by wearing similar rings on each hand. Use a fidget ring on one hand and a cocktail ring on the other, for example.

4. Go Monochromatic

One easy way to style rings is to choose pieces that are all the same color or metal. This creates a cohesive and polished look that is perfect for those who prefer a more classic aesthetic. To pull off this look, mix and match different shapes and styles of rings. For example, you could pair a gold band with a solitaire diamond ring.

5. Create Contrast

For a more dramatic look, try pairing contrasting colors or metals together. This can be done by choosing two complementary colors, such as black and white, or by pairing contrasting metals, such as silver and gold. You can also create contrast by pairing a matte ring with a shiny one, or by choosing a thick band with a delicate piece.

6. Mix and Match Styles

Another way to add interest to your look is to mix and match different styles of rings. For example, you could pair a vintage-inspired ring with a more modern piece. Or, you could mix a formal ring with a casual one. This technique is perfect for those who want an eclectic and unique look.

7. Play with Proportions

An easy way to add interest to your look is to play with the proportions of your rings. For example, you could wear a large statement ring on one hand and a delicate stack of rings on the other. Or, you could wear multiple small rings on one finger and a single large ring on another. This technique is perfect for those who want to experiment with different looks.

8. Turn Them into Pendants

One unique way to style rings is to turn them into pendants. This can be done by simply threading a chain through the ring or by attaching a bail to the ring. This technique is perfect for those who want to wear their rings in a more unconventional way. You can also wear them with an evil eye bracelet or evil eye necklace for a beautiful look.

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