10 Airport Hacks All Travellers Should Know About

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Even though vacations help us relax and rejuvenate, the leisure only starts once we make it to our destination. Traveling on the other hand, especially airport travel can be incredibly hectic, and cause more stress than relaxation.

Whether you’re worried about your luggage being overweight, expensive airport snacks, or unpleasant security checks, we have 10 airport hacks for you that are sure to make your travel experience easier and less stressful. With just some preplanning and preparation, you can travel in style and become a total airport pro using these groundbreaking tips and tricks.

1. Save Money on Bottled Water

It’s no secret that you cannot pass security with a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Instead, you have to purchase expensive bottles of water at airport restaurants or vending machines.

In order to save some extra bucks, you can simply carry an empty bottle of water through security and fill it up once you finish your security check. This allows you to stay hydrated through your time at the airport, as well as on the plane, without splurging on bottled water.

2. Become Digitally Savvy

You can save a ton of time and paper by downloading your boarding pass on your phone. Not only will this save you time during your airport check-in, but you also won’t have to worry about constantly hanging on to a piece of paper during your time at the airport.

You can also download an airport map on your phone. Many airports offer apps that allow you to easily navigate your way around the terminal, saving you tons of time when you’re looking for a particular restaurant, duty-free shops, or your boarding gate.

3. Tie a Ribbon on Your Checked-in Luggage

With a plethora of black and silver suitcases coming down the baggage claim belt, it can be hard to instantly recognize your own suitcase. By adding a simple bright colored ribbon to one of the handles on your suitcase, you can easily identify your luggage and save yourself time at baggage claim, as well as stop yourself from picking up someone else’s luggage.

4. Ask for a Free Upgrade

Getting a free upgrade might not work as a hack a 100% of the time, but there is no harm in simply asking for one at the check-in counter. If you inform the airport staff of any special occasions, such as a honeymoon, it is possible to upgrade your cabin class for free and travel in style. Just be polite and hope for the best, you have nothing to lose even if the hack doesn’t work.

5. Pack all Essentials in One Pouch

When you take your seat on the plane, you have to store your carry-on bag in the overhead bins. Therefore, carrying all your in-flight essentials such as your headphones, e-reader, snacks, and charger in one pouch will help you easily store everything you need in your seatback pocket. You won’t have to wait for the seatbelt lights to go off and bring your bag down every time you need something, allowing you to enjoy your flight comfortably.

6. Find Empty Gates During Layovers

When you have an extended layover or a delayed flight, look for an empty gate to rest and relax. Empty gates will offer lots of free seating, be quieter than the busier parts of the airport, and allow you to sit and wait comfortably till it’s time for your flight. You are even likelier to find unused power outlets at an empty gate and can use free airport Wi-Fi to pass your time.

7. Carry Wet Wipes and Sanitizer

Whether we’re in the middle of a contagious pandemic or not, it is recommended to carry wet wipes and sanitizers during airport travel. Airplane seats and tables can be incredibly dirty as they are only lightly cleaned in between flights. Wipe down your seat before you sit down, and your table before you eat, to ensure you don’t catch any unwanted infections. You can also take Zinc and Vitamin C, or any other immunity booster to ensure you enjoy good health on your holiday.

8. Dress for Comfort

While stylish airport looks have become a recent trend amongst celebrities and influencers, it’s better to concentrate on comfort than style when you’re traveling. Not only do you have to navigate a huge airport and stand in long queues, but also sit on a relatively uncomfortable seat for hours. Pick sensible shoes such as sneakers and a comfortable outfit such as sweats or a tracksuit. Also ensure to carry a sweater or scarf, as airplanes can get quite chilly, and not all airlines offer blankets.

9. Research Your Airline’s Baggage Policy

Depending on which airline you’re traveling on, you will have to adhere to specific baggage weight and size limits for both your checked-in luggage and your carry-on bags. If you forget to check your airline baggage policy and weigh your bags at home, you are likely to be heavily charged for overweight baggage during check-in. Make sure to weigh all your bags at home and ensure your carry-on doesn’t exceed the accepted size by your airline to ensure easy and hassle-free travel.

10. Pick the Left Security Line

If you’re always late to the airport and find yourself rushing through lines, this hack is for you. Studies have shown that since most people are right-handed, they tend to steer towards the right-side security lines. So, if you’re looking to pass through security quickly, pick the furthest left line to enjoy shorter queues and waiting time.

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