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9 Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

December 24, 2019 by

When it comes to decorating your bathrooms, your options can be limited. You don’t Want to include framed photographs of loved ones, because who wants Grandma staring back at them when they are doing their business? And you can’t exactly leave any heirlooms out that might get wet during or after showers and baths. Instead, you can actually adorn your bathroom with plants, but it’s important to know the bathroom plants that absorb moisture. Because believe it or not, there are some plants that are perfect for the bathroom because the way they absorb moisture. Most of the time, they happen to be plants which can handle high humidity.

There are some to steer clear of, however, when it comes to plants for your bathroom. Succulents, for example, don’t do so well in humidity and won’t fare well as bathroom plants. And evergreen plants can grow a powdery mildew when they are in humidity and getting so much moisture every day. There is a fine line between plants that are good for bathrooms and those which will suffer under such conditions. And these are some of the best bathroom plants that absorb moisture.

1. Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants can grow wide and tall, but if your bathroom has space for a bamboo plant, it’s an easy one to take a lucky bamboo, which is typically much smaller, to care of in there. It requires very little sunlight and can easily absorb the moisture in the air while flourishing.

2. Aloe Vera

Stephanie Harvey/Unsplash

Although the aloe plant is technically a succulent, a bathroom is actually a good place for it. It needs little sunlight and, in fact, too much sunlight is bad for it. Keeping it in a room where it will get moisture and won’t be overexposed to sunlight filtering in can be good for it. Plus, the inside of the plant has soothing healing properties. 

3. Orchids

The Creative Exchange/Unsplash

Orchids need a decent amount of moisture as it is, so keeping them in your bathroom makes sense. Make sure the soil has a place to drain well and keep it in indirect sunlight. But your orchid will need to be close to the window in your bathroom. 

4. Peace Lily

These will do best in your bathroom where there is ample sunlight, but near your shower. You will want to water it thoroughly each time, but allow the soil to dry out in between each watering. The easy thing about the peace lily is that you will know it needs to be watered when the leaves start to droop. Then, you water it again and watch it rise back to life.

5. Spider Plant

If you’re looking for a hanging plant for your bathroom, the spider plant is a good option. It requires minimal upkeep and don’t need much sunlight. They do, however, thrive in humidity, which is key with bathroom plants.

6. Tillandsia

This one is probably good for anyone who doesn’t happen to have a green thumb. Tillandsia plants don’t even need to be planted in soil. With a little sunlight and not much else, they can survive just fine. And, as to be expected, its best environment is the bathroom.

7. Bromeliad

Because bromeliad is a tropical.plant, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it absorbs moisture well. All it really needs is a bit of filtered light and moisture and most bathrooms can provide this. Plus, they can add a pop of natural color to your bathroom, which is just an added bonus.

8. Eternity Plant

The eternity plant might actually be the easiest plant to take care of, regardless of whether or not you keep it in your bathroom. But since bathroom plants are best left as those that require little attention, this one is perfect for yours. Even with minimal sunlight and very little water, it can totally thrive.

9. Dragon Plant

One of the houseplants which are perfect for the moisture bathrooms provide is the dragon plant. Because it doesn’t do well with arid houses, it works well in a high humidity room like the bathroom. It needs hardly any light and can filter out acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde in the air.

You can love houseplants all you want, but if you get some that are hard to take care of, nothing can really help you. The best thing about moisture absorbing plants for the bathroom is that they need hardly any upkeep. So if you want to liven up and brighten up your bathroom and you aren’t one for caring for plants, the bathroom is your answer to in-home greenery.