When Is The Best Time To Buy A New TV?

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade or make your first TV purchase, time-prepping would sufficiently fetch you the right deal.

The striking roll-out of streaming software like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, is intensely taking an edge over cable TV.

New TV models also seem to pace up with firmware updates and specifications that are suitably designed for the spiraling consumer market.

Saving up for a TV or swelling your credit card debt with high-interest fees, could sometimes be such a painful experience.

This guide keeps you up to speed with special dates when you can buy a TV at a slashed price.

And it’s no secret that the best time to buy a TV is during a sale. But not every season has pleasing offers for TVs. So when exactly should you make a purchase?

Black Friday

So when exactly is Black Friday? It’s usually in November, the day after Thanksgiving.

In 2019 alone, over 165 million consumers were expected to shop between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, according to the National Retail Federation.

We’ll talk more about the Cyber Monday event in a moment…

Before Black Friday checks in, you want to look out for matching ads to know the exact time when close-by stores open for the Black Friday sale.

This is the best holiday season to get the best deal, without hurting your bank account since big e-commerce retailers such as Amazon tend to discount prices for electronics including TVs.

And Amazon isn’t the only marketplace that plays Santa during this season.

There are a few other online retail stores (think Walmart) where buyers can compare prices on Black Friday. You can make the best use of online bargains to fetch the best price for your preferred TV brand.

During Black Fridays, the year-end sales are so low-priced, so much so that you can purchase a TV for as low as $50. That’s a dirt-cheap deal, right?

On average, however, you’ll get TVs with price tags that fall anywhere between $200- $600, depending on the size and specifications of the model you want to purchase.

While searching for the best sale from a retail store, it’s essential to look at user-generated reviews, to have a hands-on overview of the model’s performance and technical features.

You’ll also notice that there are manufacturers who make spin-off models specifically for seasons such as Black Friday.

Such TV models come with massive discounts but lack user-reviews, which tend to offer credibility to potential buyers and boost the overall consumer confidence.

Amazon Prime Day

If you’re a bargain junkie, you don’t want to miss out on this date. In the usual course of things, Amazon runs its Prime Day every Mid-July.

Following a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the retail giant is set to hold the annual Prime Day in September– nearly three months after the official “Summer Sale” event.

Amazon’s Spokesperson stated that this adjustment would help the company to come out strong from the pandemic.

So what’s up for grabs? Prime members get exclusive deals for various TV brands, including premium shipping options. Although prices for non-members aren’t hugely slashed, this is is still a perfect time to shop for a TV.

For Prime members, the marketplace offers free shipping, so you don’t need to spend extra bucks in delivery fees.

Super Bowl Season

If you want to watch the next Super Bowl action in 4K Ultra HD and feel like you’re in the stadium, then this season is probably the most ideal time to get yourself a cheap deal.

The Super Bowl tournament is usually held every January and February. It’s, by far, one of the biggest and most-streamed football events, which ultimately attracts huge TV discounts.
Shipping during this season can get a little sluggish, but you’ll still get your ideal TV model at a good price. TV deals aren’t only limited to the slow-moving inventory. You can purchase a 65-inch Samsung OLED TV at 20% off, which seems like such a bargain.

Unlike a typical sale season, the Super Bowl event is a bit longer, so you have time to save up and weigh options before making the final purchase.

Consumer Reports recorded a jump in TV purchases this year, precisely during the Super Bowl season.

With a wide range of TV models(between 49- 65 inches) and flexible pricing options, potential buyers have the edge to bag deep discounts throughout the Super Bowl championship game.

TV Press Releases

Most manufacturers launch new TV models around spring, so that would be anytime between winter and summer, which lasts from March to June.

When a newer TV model hits the market, prices for the previous version drop significantly.

So if you aren’t much of a specs nerd, then this would be the best possible time to buy a TV brand of your choice at a cut-rate price.

More importantly, it’s appropriate to put your financial well-being in check by making a purchase that’s within your means.

The only catch is you need to keep up to speed with updates on release dates for various TV models in the market. That would help to know exactly when prices for older models are marked-down.

Final Tips

While making a decision to make a new TV purchase, it’s essential to strike a balance between price and performance.

And if you want to be a little frugal with your hard-earned money, there’s no suitable time to buy a TV than a sale season.
Big electronic retailers like Best Buy, use mainstream social media platforms to update potential shoppers on upcoming flash sale events. So you might need to push the notification button and wait for the heads-up.

You also want to window-shop and compare prices from nearby storefronts, especially if you can’t manage to time the next sale season.

In fact, not all deals come with a timeframe. Depending on the market dynamics, manufacturers can shift release dates, which also tends to affect the purchase price.

Lastly, it’s quite rewarding to make the most of loyalty programs from reputable electronic retail companies. This is such a money-saving strategy if you have substantial points to redeem.

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