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Gasoline is one of the most important sources of energy for your daily needs. You need to fill up your car with petrol every now and then to keep your car running. This process is quite tedious and time consuming.

In this way, you need to spend some time as well as money on filling the petrol in your car. There are a number of apps that can help you to save money as you fill the tank.

Credit Card App

Before you install any new app, first check what is stored on the credit card in your wallet. Check your card and see if you can earn cash-back on gas purchases. You may want to reward yourself with gas rewards, as this card from Bank of America offers you 3% cash-back on your favorite purchases, up to $5.

Even with high prices for gas, you may receive better rewards than you expected. If an average person shops for gas once a week, the reward for spending that much money is $15 a year. When you run out of gas, you will earn $15 a month. That adds up to $180.

Unfortunately, It is possible that the reward that you get from using your credit cards is not enough to purchase gas.


You get cash rewards when you use the Upside app to purchase gas or groceries and dine out. Many gas and restaurant outlets partner up with this app, enabling you to get more cash-back rewards with each transaction, according to the Upside website.

When you make a claim on an Upside app, first tell the store what you are offering to buy that item for cash back. Then pay with a credit or debit card and save your receipt. You can get cash rewards by claiming the money back on Upside, and later receiving the money in a direct transfer to a bank account, or on a gift card.

Upside claims to have paid millions of dollars in bonuses to its 10 million users. But if you want to be credited for purchases you make, you’re going to need to take a picture of the receipts you receive and upload them to the app.


Speedway is located in a lot of different places. There are approximately 3,900 Speedways in the United States and you may find one near you. Start by downloading the Speedways mobile app, and registering to earn points just by filling up your tank.

Even though you won’t receive any cash, you can use your reward points to buy merchandise or to buy fuel gift cards. But, it often takes a long time to get the reward level you are looking for. For a $10 Speedy Cash gift card, users have to earn 10,450 points.

Cash Back Apps For Gas

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 lets users earn money by using a check to pay for gas and groceries. Users can save money by using the coupons that Checkout 51 offers at more than 5,000 gas stations around the country.

There are many kinds of offers available and they can change week-to-week. You will know what will be offered starting at midnight on Thursday morning in your time zone. They are good for a week and in order to keep it confidential, you should take a photo of your receipt when you get a cash-back offer


You can get cashback on almost every item you buy. You get cashback on gas, restaurant meals and groceries. When you get the receipt, you should sit down and take a picture of it. Then, you can put it on the TruNow app.

You will receive cash if you earn points, and you use the money to pay for gas or eat out at a restaurant or shop in the area, but it will require you to take photos of the sales receipts.


If you use a useful app such as GasBuddy to find cheap gas in your neighborhood, you’ve saved hundreds of dollars even if it wasn’t a cash-back app. This app offers a card that will enable you to save up to 25 cents per gallon, plus you’ve got many benefits.

GasBuddy has its own credit/debit card, so you don’t need to be approved for it to buy gas. You pay using your credit card, but once you’ve spent that, the money is transferred to a bank account. It claims that the card is fully accepted at 95% of gas stations in the United States.


Beblue has top rankings and many people have rated it highly. You will get cashback from over 200,000 gas stations, restaurants and shops in Brazil. It’s very simple to use.

Just show your ID at a store or restaurant and it will give you cashback. When you shop and pay for products or services on your bank card, you get a credit automatically credited to your Beblue account. If that happens, the credit will appear in your Beblue account within a few minutes.

Credit is valid for as long as you want it to, and it works at all of the businesses in the Beblue network.

FuelGenie App

FuelGenie is a great free location-based app that enables you to find the best fuel prices in your area. Find out where the closest petrol stations are by letting the app use your location services.

When you first download the app, you’ll need to grant permission for the map-based app to know where you are. If you grant permission, it will show you the closest gas stations that are near you.


Find out where the best fuel prices are and how to pay less if you use the Clever-Tanken app. Comparing prices between petrol stations that sell premium superplus (super) petrol and other fuels and enjoying low price guarantees is easy – you even pay with your smartphone!

If you are planning to drive a green car, it will be useful to search for charging points for your car. It also allows you to quickly locate charging points for your cars. It lets you know the charging stations that are currently available, and the charging capacity of each station.

You also have the ability to control the charging process in the app. Very clever indeed. Very smart!

Gas App

We have found an interesting app that is primarily aimed towards gas engineers (and not drivers). We thought it was worth highlighting.

The multi-awarded app enables gas industry professionals to save money and time by enabling them to use a personalized quoting system, thousands of free manuals, and many more features.

You may think that all you really need right now is a couple more apps, but when you start to struggle with high gas prices, having more money in your pocket is as useful as putting money in your pocket.

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