20 December Global Holidays – What Is Celebrated Worldwide

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Holiday seasons are the best times to show the love and care you have for your loved ones. The season is not only a time to show appreciation but also a time to remember some of your loved ones and their values. There are many holidays that are celebrated worldwide in December, some of them are Christmas and New Year. The other holidays that are celebrated during December are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

These holidays are different from each other, as they have their own meaning. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday and Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday that is celebrated throughout the year in December. Those other holidays that are celebrated worldwide in december are listed below:


The most popular holiday of the world, the Christmas holidays are celebrated worldwide in december. It is a time when people get together with their family and friends, for a good time and for some fun activities.

World Aids Day

World Aids Day is celebrated on December 1st, each year. It is a day when we all join together to remember the people who have died from AIDS. The theme of this day is “HIV and AIDS are not a crime”. In order to spread the message, there are different events that are held in different parts of the world.

King Bhumibol’s Birthday

King Bhumibol’s Birthday is celebrated on December 5th, each year. It is a Thai national holiday and a time when the country celebrates its king. During this time, there are many activities that are organized by the government and by different schools. These activities include competitions and festivals.

St. Nicholas Days

St. Nicholas Days is celebrated on December 6th, each year. It is a German holiday and a time when the country celebrates its patron saint. This day is also known as “St. Nicholas Day” and “Children’s Day” in some countries. On this day, children receive presents from their parents, as they know that St. Nicholas is the one who brings gifts to them on this day.

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is celebrated on December 8th, each year. It is a Buddhist holiday and a time when the country celebrates its religion. During this day, Buddhists pay their respects to the bodhi tree, where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. There are several activities that are organized in order to show appreciation for this holiday.


This holiday is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated in December. The Hanukkah holiday is observed for eight days, starting from the first night of Hanukkah. During the eight days of Hanukkah, many people participate in candle lighting and dancing, which represents their battle against darkness and good versus evil.


The Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday that takes place in December and it’s celebrated throughout the year in december. It’s celebrated by African-Americans to celebrate their heritage, culture and heritage, as well as to focus on community service and unity. The celebration starts on December 26th which means that Kwanzaa celebrates seven days before Christmas, as well as 7 days after Christmas Day.

Immaculate Conception

This holiday is celebrated by Catholics, who believe that Mary was conceived without sin. The celebration of this holiday can be done in many different ways, such as praying, making a gift for the child, having family gatherings and more. The most common gift given to children during this time is a star.

Human Rights Day

This is a day that is observed on December 10th, in order to remember the atrocities of slavery and segregation. This day is usually observed by many people, who participate in the march that is organized by different organizations such as the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Saint Lucia’s Day

This is a Catholic holiday that is celebrated on December 13th, in order to remember Saint Lucia. The saint was the daughter of Saint Luke and the wife of Saint Cosmas. She was very close to her parents and loved them very much and was very good at sewing, embroidering and making flowers.

Las Posadas

This is a Hispanic tradition that is celebrated on December 17th. The name of this tradition comes from the Spanish word, “posada” which means a place where people stay overnight. The celebration of this holiday usually involves the entire family and friends coming together to tell the story of the Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

20 December Global Holidays

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice The winter solstice is a holiday that is celebrated by people around the world. It’s celebrated in December and it’s a celebration of the longest day of the year. The winter solstice can be celebrated in many ways, but there are many celebrations that you can do with your family.


This is a holiday that was created by an American television writer named Dan O’Keefe. It’s celebrated in December and it is meant to be a fun holiday, which will make you laugh. The holiday lasts for three days, starting from the first night of Christmas and ending with the second night of Christmas.

Boxing Day

This holiday is a special one, because it is celebrated on the same day as Christmas. Boxing Day is a day of giving and receiving gifts. This holiday is often associated with getting together with friends and family members to exchange gifts, go shopping or get something nice to eat. It’s also important to remember that this is not the same as the Christmas holidays.


Yule is a winter solstice festival, which was celebrated by ancient people of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Yule was celebrated in a special way. People would take a journey to the home of the “Old Man”, which is represented by an old man sitting in his house. During this time, people would bring gifts to the Old Man, who would give them gifts in return.

Christmas Eve

This is the day when all the gifts are being opened. The night before Christmas Eve is called Christmas Eve. This night is full of traditions, such as playing games, watching Christmas movies and eating some delicious food. Christmas day is usually celebrated with family and friends, and many people will go to church on this day.

International Human Solidarity Day

This is a day that was established to commemorate the people that were killed during the second world war. There are different ways to celebrate this day, such as giving flowers, gifts and cards to the military. The most common way to celebrate this day is through giving blood, which represents blood donation.

St. Stephen Day

St. Stephen’s Day is the day after Christmas, which is also called Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This is a Christian holiday that was originally celebrated in Roman times. It’s named after Saint Stephen, who was the first Christian martyr. During this holiday, people would stay home from school and would eat and drink with their family members.


Omisoka is a Japanese holiday that is celebrated in the months of December and January. This holiday celebrates the time when Shintoism and Buddhism were brought to Japan by Emperor Jimmu, who is also known as Emperor Ojin. During this holiday, people would have their children pray for good health, prosperity, and peace for the year to come. They would also pray for their ancestors.

New Year’s Eve

In many countries, people celebrate the start of the new year on New Year’s Eve. In some countries, this is the time to ring in the New Year by lighting fireworks and/or ringing bells. People also exchange gifts or money, or give food and drink to each other. In some countries, people also eat a special food called mistel.

These holidays are a great opportunity to show the love and care that you have for your loved ones. This is a time to express the gratitude that you have for them and to show that you care about them. If you want to spend your holiday season with your loved ones, then it’s important to make sure that you are able to plan a budget and save money for these special occasions.

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