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Does Sam’s Club Take EBT?

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Sam’s Club will accept SNAP, also called EBT cards, at all of their stores starting in 2022. However, EBT cards cannot be used for purchases made through the Sam’s Club website. This includes orders that are picked up on the day you want them delivered. EBT cards can only be used by Sam’s Club members. They cannot be used for any purchases made online. Moreover, you must have a Sam’s Club membership in order to use your EBT card.

EBT Cards Can Be Used in Two Ways at Sam’s Club

EBT cards can be used in two different ways at Sam’s Club.

EBT cards can be used to make purchases at cashiers or at self-checkout machines. To use an EBT card for these purchases, just scan your card the same way you would use a credit card or debit card. When you are prompted for a PIN, enter the number associated with your card.

What If Your EBT Card Doesn’t Have Enough Funds?

If you do not have enough money in your SNAP account, or if the total amount in your shopping cart exceeds the amount in your account, your transaction will be denied.

When your order total exceeds the amount in your SNAP account, but you still want to use the remainder of your SNAP benefits to pay for some of your grocery items, you will need to tell the cashier exactly how much you have left on your card.

Does Sam’s Club Take EBT?

EBT cardholders can find out their balance by calling the number listed on the back of their cards or checking the bottom of any receipt that shows that you paid with your card for a purchase.

Use the Sam Club’s Scan & Go App with Your EBT Card

EBT cards can be used to make in-store purchases by scanning them with the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app. Sam’s Club recently made it possible for shoppers to use EBT cards to make purchases on their Scan & Go app. Sam’s Club is the first retailer to allow customers to pay with their EBT cards by using their mobile app.

We understand that the Sam’s Club app is only currently accepting EBT payments. This means that only a few select locations can accept EBT payments.

EBT cards cannot be used to pay for purchases made through Sam’s Club’s website, such as in-store and curbside pickup orders.

EBT cards can be used to make purchases at any Sam’s Club store, anywhere in the United States.

Eligible and Non-Eligible Items for EBT in Sam’s Club

You can purchase the following items with your SNAP card: Fresh produce, canned foods, boxed food such as cereal, pasta, crackers, etc., milk and dairy products, and any other grocery food item that is not considered hot food.

EBT cards cannot be used for purchasing other items that are not eligible for EBT benefits, including but not limited to: Alcohol, tobacco, vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications; laundry detergent or toothpaste; and other non-food items that are not considered to be grocery food items.

EBT shopping at Sam’s Club has never been easier! Simply show the cashier your SNAP card and the total amount that you want to pay. EBT cardholders will now be able to use their SNAP cards at the Sam’s Club locations by simply using the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app.

The Benefits of Becoming a Sam’s Club Member

Becoming a member of Sam’s Club means you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits the store has to offer, including:

Saving money: a Sam’s Club membership allows you to save money on food, household items, and more. What a great way to stretch your dollar! All items are sold at a discount to Sam’s Club members. That means it’s never been easier to stay on budget, especially when consider the prices at traditional grocery stores and retailers.

Earn Sam’s Cash: members also have the benefit of earning Sam’s Cash through bonus offers. Each time you spend money at participating retailers, you earn Sam’s Cash. All you have to do is link a debit or credit card through Sam’s Club mobile app and activate the offers to earn rewards. Sam’s Cash can be redeemed for cash back toward in-store purchases, online purchases, and membership costs.

Gas discount: as a Sam’s member, you’ll also get a discount each time you fill up your gas tank at Sam’s. This is a great bonus, especially with the price of gas going up everywhere!

Share your membership: it’s also possible to share your membership with a household member for free. It doesn’t cost you or your household member extra, and they’ll get their own membership card so they can shop when it’s convenient. That way, you can share the savings you enjoy at Sam’s Club!

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