Does Walmart Sell Alcohol?

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Walmart sells a host of products both in-store and online. However, does it stock and retail alcohol? Scroll below to find out.

Does Walmart sell alcohol?

Yes, Walmart sells alcohol in every every state. Not every Walmart in the US sells alcohol, but most do.

However, the variety of alcoholic beverages available differs greatly depending on which state you're in. For example, states such as Texas, Utah, and New Hampshire prohibit stores such a Walmart to obtain liquor licenses and only permit the sale of wine and beer in these stores. Other states can have Walmarts with everything from vodka, gin, tequila and spirits.

Walmarts that do sell alcohol are open daily from morning to closing time in the evening.

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Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol?

Walmart allows customers to order alcohol online on their website or on their mobile app in 29 states. Customers need to be present to receive their orders or pick them up personally in-store. Walmart also requires customers to be over the age of 21 and to present a government-issued ID while collecting their orders.

What brands of alcohol are sold at Walmart?

Walmart carries every major liquor brand. Unless you are shopping for a bottle of expensive vintage wine, or a high-end specialty liquor, you are likely to find any brands you’re looking for at Walmart.

Can you purchase alcohol via self-checkout kiosks at Walmart?

Customers can buy alcoholic beverages and complete their purchase using the self-checkout kiosks in most states However, before completing the purchase, customers are required to wait for a Walmart employee to come over and check their government-issued ID in order to ensure they meet the minimum age requirement.

Can you return alcohol to Walmart?

Yes, unopened bottles of alcoholic beverages can be returned to Walmart in-store. Even bottles purchased online can only be returned in person by visiting a local Walmart store. Customers need to provide a government-issued ID to complete their return.


Customers can purchase alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer in almost every Walmart store in the country. However, only certain states allow Walmart to retail liquor.

It is advisable to check your state’s policy to find out which alcoholic beverages are sold at your local Walmart and during what time of the day you can purchase them. You also need to ensure you have your government ID ready to be presented for proof while purchasing alcohol online or in-store at Walmart.

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