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Film props help influencers to give their content the real-life feel and are anything from props such as costumes or food to set designs designed to look and act as if there are actually people in the content.

Filming props are anything that help a filmmaker or influencer to set up certain scenes in their content. They can be anything from prop money, to furniture, to plants, to vehicles, or even bird cages for filming movies outdoors. Props help film more realistically because they help put colors and textures in the frames of other scenes/movies.

Most films use props that are arranged on the set to add interest and drama to the scene while filming. Many films use computer graphics or other similar technology to create scenes that will be edited after the fact. It means props may be taken away from the scene and put in another one.

It is important to place props in their content to make it look nice. Sometimes props help influencers to create and enhance their scenes, such as to disguise an object or provide some other interesting effect.

Some ways in which props help to accomplish this are by giving information about something, showing what’s happening inside someone’s mind, and by slowly allowing people to understand what’s happening. So, how can this fake money be a source of worthy cash for influencers? Let’s take a look!

Realistic Fake Money

Realistic fake money looks very good on a fine-looking piece of paper. It’s very easy to create these fake money bills and they will work really well for any of the cash needs you may have. A genuine bill containing real money looks just like the real thing when it is filmed because every little detail that goes on each bill is camera-ready. This will help with the production of any movie or content.

Realistic fake money is made very similar to the original model. This realistic looking counterfeit is made with two sides and a design similar to the real money. The paper used to make this money also adapts to the original type of banknote or is made similar to the original banknote. The size used to make realistic counterfeit money is also adjusted to the original shape. The effects of these realistic banknotes are almost indistinguishable from real money.

Printed Fake Money

Our Favorite Pick
Full Print Prop Money Made To Look Cinematically Ultra-Realistic

The Official Industry Standard Prop Money. Non-glossy and color correct, perfect for your money scene or shot. Double sided, bills come new, aged or custom designed.

When attempting to print a $20 bill, the printer does not recognize the bill. It is very accurate to scan money, but that does not mean that your printer can reproduce the details that are captured. In fact, printing it out is not possible with normal inkjet or laser printers. If that bill is printed on a regular inkjet or laser printer, it looks completely wrong to the unaided eye. The colors are all wrong and the images are muddy. They are off, and the images are terribly pixelated.

You will see clearly why the printed money on the counterfeit bill is all off by putting it under a microscope to see how it actually is. There are four hexagon patterns that look very similar on an official bill. They are light green and perfectly outlined. Because inkjet printing machines cannot reproduce those fine lines, the printed bill will look much bright red.

So trying to use an inkjet printer on a normal bill is not as easy as trying to print one from a scan. If someone tried to give you a $20 bill, it would be clear to see it is fake. You could even use a magnifier to check if it is fake. But even if it doesn’t look very convincing, a good printer can create a fake bill that looks very similar to what you are buying.

Repeat scanning the paper to get a better look at the counterfeit money. Change the color of the bill several times in order to get it to look right. You will have a difficult time getting the bill to look good because you will have trouble scanning the back of the bill and trying to align the sides of the bill so that it looks like it appears to be two different bills.

If your scans are accurate and your printer is good, you will get a bill that, while not perfectly accurate, looks decent to the naked eye. It will not have that fancy ink that can cause the bills to change color in order that they look good, and some details will not appear very clear, but as long as the counterfeit bill is given to someone who wants to spend the money, the money will appear good and work as intended.

Prop Cash

Sometimes you will see real money exchange in movies, but most of the time, it will be just a few pieces of paper or cardboard that someone has cut into pieces. Prop currency has always been used in the movie industry since movies have been made. Prop money is usually used to show money that looks real on the screen to make it seem real to the viewer. Props like money are used to make it look like something is real, but it isn’t. It makes things easier for actors and directors to work collaboratively on film projects.

Props have been used since 1910, when Charlie Chaplin tipped a $100 bill into the air while he was filming “A Burlesque On Carmen”. Carl Miller invented prop money to make it easy for actors and directors to decide how much to spend on their props. They had difficulty deciding how much to spend on each of their sets.

If you plan to film in London, you want to charge the same price as Americans, but if you wanted to shoot in an exotic location, you would have to charge a lot more. Props are an important part of film production, and the production budgets can easily reach millions of dollars or even billions of dollars.

Prop money is basically paper money that’s been used as props in films. Prop money has no value and can purchase items in the movie industry. It can temporarily exchange money for other props. Prop Cash is often used in films as a temporary effect since acting with the money in a movie is much easier than doing things with real money.

Fake Money That Looks Real

Types of Prop Money

There is a wide variety of prop currency available for use, like paper, rubber bands, or other materials like plastic film or cloth that have a strong backing to grip it for a prolonged period, it depends on how large the prop needs to be and what features need to be added.

Different money creates different effects when the lights are shining on them and cause them to look different. Props can be bought in money that varies in price from $100 to $500 and are even as valuable as prop coins. Fabric that has a protective coating on it such as rubber will last longer than ordinary fabrics and be able to withstand the stresses of filming.

What Is Prop Money Made Off?

Prop currency is made from various types of currency and looks like banknotes. Sometimes prop money is used to represent real money in a movie instead of life-like objects that need to be made and put on the camera in order to look realistic. Prop Money will help filmmakers who need to make a lot of money to make big movies. 

They will work perfectly if they have a large budget to make the movie, since prop money looks real but works just as well as real money!  Props & Accessories deals in all aspects of props that are required for film productions, such as commercials, TV shows and commercials.

Our Favorite Pick
Full Print Prop Money Made To Look Cinematically Ultra-Realistic

The Official Industry Standard Prop Money. Non-glossy and color correct, perfect for your money scene or shot. Double sided, bills come new, aged or custom designed.

Is Prop Money Legal?

Yes, the Supreme Court ruled it was legally acceptable to pay with money got in filming a movie. Prop money is legal to produce in the United States after California v. Baxley was decided in 1982, so long a real money bill is used to make the money and not to make any other bills that look exactly like real money.

In movies and other creative productions, it may not create prop money that looks exactly like real money, except if the size of the money used looks exactly like the real thing or is over 150% of the real thing.

Prop money is illegal in many states, mainly because states know nothing about what a property is worth. However, because of the general lack of federal laws prohibiting the use of prop money (a.k.a. fake currency), it’s possible to use prop money for a variety of purposes, such as to pay someone in full for something that they want to defraud or to defraud another person.

Prop currency violates federal law if it’s intended to defraud someone else or to deceive someone into thinking that they are worth more than they actually are. This includes currency that could be redeemed for money by simply using it to buy a piece of paper (which is not legal for Americans), but it is illegal for anyone to defraud someone or to falsely claim that the money is something that is worth more than it is.

It’s unlawful to defraud people by using fake money to buy things you think will cost more than they actually do. This means that even things that are only used to buy things like fake paper dollars are not valid.

Sites To Buy Prop US Money

Fake Money That Looks Real

Prop cash is a much more popular option now that we have high-tech tools that make filming extremely simple. Anyone who has high-tech equipment and wants to get money from movies can now buy motion picture money by just clicking on the mouse.

Now that prop money is becoming very popular, there are many companies promising to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. We put together this shortlist of the top 10 companies that offer the most high-quality products at the cheapest price. 

It is not always safe to trust what a seller tells you, so here is a list of companies that offered the best fake money to buy for filming props. 

1. provides realistic US counterfeit money making services. This money is specifically for photo & motion picture use. While it may appear that the money is actually paper money, they are not real money. Several reasons that is legal are:

  • Prints well on good quality paper and NOT on cheap linen/cotton paper.
  • Using high-end, pigment-based ink and NOT color changing ink.
  • It states The United States Of America on the back of the money.
  • Do not say Federal Reserve Note.
  • The president’s faces on bills are completely opposite to those on real currency.
  • They all match the number on each bill. It is NOT as though bills have the same number on them.
  • The colors, words, and feel of bills are not like actual currency.
  • Names of bills and signatures are also not in actual currency.
  • Artistry is a currency that looks like art and not real currency.
  • Dates differ from the value of real money.


BUZZPROPS LLC provides high-quality prop bills that look amazing and are foolproof. BuzzProps is a well-established company producing legitimate money for the film industry. They have worked with many film companies on many projects. BuzzProps bills are trusted by companies such as Showtime, HBO, and Universal Studios. Their customers are incredibly satisfied with their services and product quality.

They offer the top quality money that looks amazing and is made from high-quality paper. They provide quality inks and paper that are well made. You can use the money to film any scene you want to film, and no one will know it is fake. They offer a great selection of props of all different shapes and sizes to fit any movie.

BuzzProps offers the perfect prop movie money that looks great but doesn’t cause a big dent in your budget. They are reasonably priced, enabling you to use your money in more places.

BuzzProps also offers amazing support in many ways. They provide a well-organized website that allows you to easily search for the props you want to order and order them online within minutes.

BuzzProps is a great company if you need some props urgently because they ship from warehouses in many states and it is easy to find the nearest warehouse to your location for delivery. 

Our Favorite Pick
Full Print Prop Money Made To Look Cinematically Ultra-Realistic

The Official Industry Standard Prop Money. Non-glossy and color correct, perfect for your money scene or shot. Double sided, bills come new, aged or custom designed.

3. RJR Props

Products of this company have appeared in movies, music videos, and in many good television shows. If you choose the basic currency option, the bill looks like it looks like real money if you really move it closer to the camera. 

You could also choose to buy one of their very expensive bills that look as though it is as if it is a real bill. To make sure they are considered to be legitimate, they only print one side of the prop bill.

If you need a prop to go with your film or video, RJR Props also has many different props that will make it easier for you to place many different films or videos in one place. From props that look like jails, cash registers and ATM machines to props that look like aircraft carriers, churches and cemeteries, RJR props have just the things that you will require to really set the scene and highlight some important subjects in a photo shoot.

4. The Money Production creates motion picture money using high-tech products and well-trained professionals. Produce money with great looking notes that look great on a movie screen but that also conform to the guidelines set forth by the government to keep replica currency from infiltrating local economies.

You can count on the money production company to give you an excellent product at a cheap price and to deliver the product in time for your next filming shoot.

5. makes the best quality personalized and specialized, designed fake money available on the market today. If all you want is some nice, hard to find bills to use in a bank robbery or some old-fashioned fake money to put in a duffle bag when you are digging up the contents of a bank, this is the place to buy them.

If you are not satisfied with the money you received, you can simply request a refund or an exchange if you are not satisfied with the money you received. Prop Movie Money also guarantees the quality of their products and their promise to provide exceptional customer service. They offer refunds and exchanges if necessary.

You probably haven’t ever considered putting your business or personal name on some of the fake money that you receive, but we can help. Do you have plans to add your company logo or even your face to your personalized cash? You may need to add your logo to your fake money. We have the equipment to do this. You can trust us to help you find the right amount of cash to meet your needs.

6. Prop Money Store

Money for movie props, money for movie fillers, old money for movie props, has it all. PropMoneyStore has a great selection of highly decorated and custom-made prop money. You can find what you want at the price you can afford. is the place to buy movie money for any budget. They offer a variety of creatively designed, well-constructed props for film and television projects. Whether you need to make money for upcoming projects or you just want to fill a certain area of a room with cash, PropMoneyStore will help you quickly and easily put together a great stack that will fill the entire room.

Best of all, orders placed on the United States ship for absolutely nothing! They ship to all states in the continental United States.

7. Moe Money Shop

At, you can have it happen to you on any budget. You can buy fake money for film props such as your own TikTok video or your 100th music video.

Moe Money is a substantial source of cheap fake money props. They also have a lot of dazzling stuff! You could show off your expensive clothes and jewelry or just plain wear a pair of jeans and a watch. You could even wear real money wherever you go.

Moe Money will soon roll out a set of money that will allow filmmakers to make great videos. They will help you with the set design, and they will provide the money. We help you get the models, the money and the room to make the most outstanding videos.

8. Play Movie Money

Find out where to buy the cheapest fake currency by going to This means that you can shoot films that depict shots that are in other countries.

You can choose from a vast variety of currencies to use in your film, and you can even design your own bills and add some fun graphics. You could be everyone’s favorite person by putting a picture of you and someone else on a 100-dollar bill.

Play Money monitors their security all the time to make sure you are protected. Checking all the time for potential viruses and other security breaches in their computer systems, so that anyone who has a database that contains your information can get access to it.

9. New Rule FX is much more than a replica money shop. If your budget is limited, this is the place to be. They offer everything from prop food to breakable bottles. They are selling fake money, fake food, and fake bottles that are impossible to break.

It is really easy to use their money, because it is like having a fake money box, and people cannot tell that it is not real. This will help them protect themselves and you from potential scammers. For you to know if it is fake, you notice that the pictures on the bills differ from the ones on the real bills, and there are different fictitiously written numbers on each of the bills.

New Rule FX can make your money look great any way you want it to look. You can even have your business name printed on the currency. These are very popular and very inexpensive.

Our Favorite Pick
Full Print Prop Money Made To Look Cinematically Ultra-Realistic

The Official Industry Standard Prop Money. Non-glossy and color correct, perfect for your money scene or shot. Double sided, bills come new, aged or custom designed.

10. Prop Money Bank

It is also one of the most popular sellers of counterfeit money online. They sell a large variety of counterfeit money, including a variety of money bills and coins. They look just like the actual money that you would pay with real money, but don’t get too close to the guidelines that make it illegal to fake money.

They have a huge inventory of money bills that are very similar to the real thing. But that is not the only thing that they offer. Want a way to make people laugh by having the lead character smoke a cigar or a cigarette? They have that. PropMoneyBank sells a wide variety of fake money bills and money divisions. They sell it at a very affordable price so that it is affordable to everyone.

If you are on a budget, no problem. PropMoneyBank sells cheaply priced fake money to help people save money. Prop money bank sells fake money at very low prices to make it easily available to everyone.

Prop Money for Influencers

Influencers who like to create interesting content certainly need supporting properties that are able to support the atmosphere when making films. One property that can be used is money. Money becomes an interesting thing for the audience who watches it. Things that attract attention certainly need to be considered carefully. Although money can be replicated, some things that can be done with counterfeit money are as follows.

  1. If there are more coins or cash on the content or movie, it will cause a memorable impression. Filmmakers often use money as a prop to show how characters in a movie or scene have an abundance of wealth, even though it is hard to represent realistically how much wealth they have.
  2. Props like to look like money and are convenient for setting up scenes because they help ground the action on-set, and because people can see that the money really is real. Filmmakers will sometimes add a little money to the menus at restaurants where actors are eating. This helps create the illusion that people are actually purchasing something with the money they are holding.
  3. Prop money can be used as a substitute for real currency when actors or extras are forced to hold up fake bills or coins. It is easier to work with fake money when filming a movie than to worry that one of them will destroy some of the original currency that the filmmakers are carrying (or not) to purchase because they can’t afford to buy some new currency. It can’t fit in a person’s pocket like cash, so prop money is best stored in prop bags or bags that people carry around with them.
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