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Getting Yours Ears Pierced at Target Through Rowan

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Does Target do ear piercings?

Target offers customers the option to get their ears pierced. At present, 50 Target stores provide this service. The company partnered with Rowan Jewelry to perform ear piercings at 50 Target stores.

Nurses provide ear piercings at Target. Anyone can get an ear pierce at Target. Rowan also teamed up with Target to help them get ear piercings for their customers. Nurses give clients their ears pierced at Target stores in Rowan, Rhode Island.

To locate Rowan, go to Rowan’s website and click on the “Store Finder” button for a store that is closest to you. Rowan will show you all the information that a store needs, including the store’s hours of operation. If you’re looking for a Rowan in your area, this is the place to look. It has the address, phone number and operating hours.

How to get ear piercings at Target (through Rowan)?

You will need to make a reservation in order to purchase a pair of earrings. Once that is booked, it is time to go to Target.

When arriving at Target, go by the Guest Services desk and tell them where you want to go. They will then direct you to Rowan Ear Piercing. They’ll show you the Rowan Ear Piercing.

At Rowan, a trained piercer is waiting to check if you are prepared to have your ears pierced. He or she may also ask you a series of questions to make sure you are completely prepared.

After they know that all that is necessary is to be cleaned thoroughly, they will use a sterilizing solution to disinfect your ears. Next, put some ointment on your ears to help protect them from further infection.

They then will quickly place the earring in your ear and check to see if it is in the right place. Once they have inserted the earring, they will start piercing the earlobe of your ear with a sterilization needle.

You will also need to carefully cleanse your ears and add ointment to the wound.

How much does ear piercing at Target cost?

Target charges from $55 to $125 for a piercing of the ear. Plating studs with a sterling silver plating are $55, while 14 karat gold plated studs with a diamond in them are $95.

Prices include after-treatment materials, post piercing care, a skin assessment by a nurse, sterilization, hypoallergenic earrings and the cost of the procedure.

You will find many more Rowans earrings at boutiques such as the Sterling hoops, where you can spend $58 and the studs with clear quartz for $29.

Several options are currently on the market for you to buy more expensive earrings. Prices for a piercing in silver or bronze range from about $50 to $55, and for a piercing in gold, costs range from $75 to $125.

Getting Yours Ears Pierced at Target Through Rowan

How to set an appointment for ear piercing at Target?

If your ear piercing is due to take place at Target, simply visit the Rowan website. When you are on, go to the “Book an Appointment” section of the website and then, in the “Places Near Me” area, click on “Ear Pinnings at Target”.

From the window, you can see “Eury piercing with a Licensed Nurse at Target” and you can select the time and date slot which fits you the most.

You may need to make an appointment and tell the staff what day and time works best for you. Then, you will need to provide some personal information. The piercing time and dates for each of those times and places may vary based on the location you choose.

You’ve got to enter your name, phone number, email address and zip code, and tell the piercer what you want to know.

What are the ear piercing aftercare?

After getting your piercings done at Target, it is very helpful to carefully read the instructions that are given to you afterward in order to make sure that the piercings that you received will heal completely.

Some things you will have to do are to clean the areas that have been etched into the skin that are giving you problems such as not touching or playing with the rings that were given to you by Target. You cannot touch or play with any of your ear piercings.

Do that by not putting lotion or some type of make-up on or near the piercings. If you want to prevent placing pressure on your piercings, sleep on your back or use a sleep shirt. Don’t go swimming or taking a bath or hot tub before your piercings are completely healed.

Use a cotton ball to help you exfoliate the skin surrounding your new piercings. Then use a thin layer of petroleum jelly to coat the skin. Just do it 2-3 times a day for the next week.

What are the risks of ear piercing at Target?

Some people may be a little uncomfortable when they get their ears pierced, but most people are very comfortable when they are doing it. Some people may experience the following complications after getting a piercing for the ears:


This happens the least often with ear piercings. It’s essential to keep your ear piercings clean and to not touch them with your hands while you are still young to prevent infection.


People with sensitive skin may react to metal in earrings. This is common with silver plated jewelry. These are not dangerous reactions and usually require no prescription drugs.

Keloid scarring

Keloid scars are a very painful and embarrassing feeling that can develop after a piercing. It is most likely that people with dark skin will develop a keloid, but it can happen to anyone. If this happens to you, talk to your piercer or doctor about it.

If you are planning on a piercing, you should do your research first in order to avoid complications. Make certain you know about the risks involved in piercings and how to take good acupressure for them in order to prevent complications.

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