Purchasing 100 Grams of Gold Bars as an Investment Strategy

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Gold appeals to both collectors and investors alike. Historically, investing in gold has been one of the top ways to protect and grow wealth. Gold is honored in many cultures as a symbol of prosperity. One way to increase the value of your investment portfolio is adding 100 gram gold bars to your portfolio, both in terms of long-term profits and as a hedge against sudden downturns. 

Gold as an Investment

The key to diversification is investing in assets that are not strongly integrated; historically, gold has had an inverse relation with stocks and other investment vehicles.

Since gold’s price tends to increase as the cost of living does, it has historically been an excellent inflation hedge. While other prices fell significantly during the Depression, gold’s relative dollar value increased. It is often honored as a “crisis commodity” since metal performs better during these periods than other investments.

In previous years, rising capital in evolving market economies fuelled gold demand. In addition, gold is an essential aspect of many cultures. As a result, investing in commodities, especially gold, is a wise use of financial resources. In particular, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) has proven to be the most significant and busiest exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States.

Benefits of Buying 100 Gram Gold Bars

Owning gold bullion bars has always been an excellent decision for investors in precious metals. Those who invest in 100 gram gold bars often see two benefits. First, the gold bar usually has a lower premium because of low production costs compared to the same weight in gold and silver coins. Naturally, this leads to lower initial costs for investment. The ease of “stacking” requires less storage space than bullion coins of the same weight.

Amazing 100 Gram Gold Bars

If investors are considering buying 100 gram gold bars, here are some great options.

Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar 100 Gram Bar

This 100 Gram Bar is manufactured by the world-class Swiss refiner and designer of premium precious metals products, Argor-Heraeus. There are 100 grams of 999.9 gold in it. Each bar has a unique serial number, the Argor-Heraeus logo, weight, and purity. Each bar is packaged in a sealed blister pack with an assay card that specifies the bar’s properties and has a conforming serial number to the number engraved on the bar. 

Austrian Mint 100 Gram Gold Kinebar

This 100-gram gold kine bar from the Austrian Mint comes with an assay card and is packaged in sealed, tamper-evident packaging. The bar is marked with the Austrian Mint logo, its weight, and its purity, and it is made of 100 grams of .9999 pure gold. To check the 100 gram gold bar price in the USA, one can visit BOLD Precious Metals online. 

Gold 100 Gram Bar Valcambi Combi – 100 gram

Valcambi introduced this 100 gram (100×1) .999 fine gold Valcambi CombiBarTM as a unique and highly flexible bar style. The larger sheet, which weighs 100 grams, is divided into 100 bars weighing one gram each, which may all be separated. This gives you many options for future gifting, exchanging, and reselling. 

Valcambi 100 gram gold bars are made of .999 pure gold. It comes with a numbered assay card and is wrapped in protective plastic. Valcambi Suisse and “100 G fine gold 999,9” are engraved with the assayer’s mark in the upper right corner of the piece. The Valcambi logo appears in the upper left area, with the unique 8-digit serial number in the lower left corner. Each 1-gram detachable bar has a reverse that shows its purity and the Valcambi logo.

Scottsdale Mint Lion 100 gm Gold Cast Bar

Scottsdale Mint introduces the Scottsdale Mint 100g Gold Cast Bar. Each cast bar contains 100g of .9999 pure gold and a unique serial number. One can buy this 100 gram gold bar from BOLD Precious Metals. 

Gold Bars for Long-Term Investments

Gold bars are an excellent way to invest in and hold gold because they can be purchased at a low premium. Furthermore, gold is a commodity that has a history dating back thousands of years. Since ancient times, it has served as a means of wealth preservation.

In the long-term, when gold’s value increases, an investment in gold offers the best return. It is comparable to the proverb about the tortoise, whose rates increase slowly but surely. When every other type of trade collapses, the demand for gold increases, and its price rises dramatically. In these circumstances, one can sell their gold and make a profit. Otherwise, keeping your newly purchased 100 gram gold bar locked up is recommended until you are ready to sell it and need liquid cash.

Gold is a buffer against high debt, excess money printing, and the unforeseen. For most of recorded history, it has perfectly served that purpose.

At BOLD Precious Metals, investors can buy 100 gram gold bars at the most competitive pricing with quality assurance for each item.

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