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How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables

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A consumer durable can be defined as any item that has a limited life, but can be repaired or replaced. These include items such as home appliances, automobiles, clothing, furniture, and other durable goods.

A good example of consumer durable is a television set. When it is not functioning properly or is broken down it can be repaired or replaced with another unit from the same manufacturer and the original warranty will still apply. They are more expensive to purchase than less expensive consumer goods such as food and clothing.

The process of purchasing a consumer durable includes a series of steps where the buyer reviews the available products from various suppliers on the internet and selects the one that best meets his/her needs and desires.

They are considered long-term investments for which companies sell warranties to protect against damage and replacement costs. In order to protect its brand name, manufacturers must ensure that all consumers get maximum value for their money by ensuring that the product meets all their expectations. Some of these jobs related to consumer durables are listed below:

Product Manager

A product manager is the head of the product development and marketing functions within an organization, and is a high-level executive responsible for allocating the time and resources of the organization for product development, marketing, research and development, or sales. The position usually reports directly to a company’s CEO. Product managers typically have a degree in engineering or a related field. The term “product manager” may be used interchangeably with other terms such as “marketing director”, “marketing director of operations”, “marketing director of research and development” or “director of market research”.

Senior Executives

Senior executives are the key players in the company’s management hierarchy. Senior executives are responsible for the management of an organization, as well as its operations, finances, human resources and other administrative activities. Senior executives often have specialized training and educational backgrounds. In many cases, senior executives hold positions of great responsibility within their organizations, often with a variety of responsibilities such as overseeing departments or divisions. Senior executives also may have responsibility for strategic decisions and for making day-to-day decisions about specific tasks and activities that support overall business goals.

Product Designers

A product designer’s main responsibilities include conceptualizing a new or modified product idea or prototype, researching other similar products on the market to develop their idea into a viable design concept, refining design concepts through analysis of user requirements or market trends, communicating ideas through sketches or verbal descriptions of their design concept(s), using computer-aided design (CAD) software programs to create the final design, and designing the final product

Senior Manager

Senior managers are often responsible for the management of their organizations. Senior managers are responsible for all aspects of the management function, including employee relations, financial reporting and budgeting, research and development, manufacturing and logistics. Senior managers are often responsible for the strategic direction of their organization.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Durables


Sales Manager

Sales managers direct the sales force, ensuring the effectiveness of the sales effort. They are responsible for ensuring that the sales organization is successful in achieving its goals and objectives, including improving market share and profitability. They may also be responsible for ensuring that the sales organization’s strategies and objectives are aligned with the organization’s business strategies and plans.

Customer Success Manager

Customer success manager is the leader of customer success teams and accountable for defining, executing and measuring customer success across an organization. The customer success manager will work closely with key business stakeholders to develop their strategy to achieve the desired results. Customer success managers are the main advocates for customers, product or service launches and continuously identify new channels for customers.

Risk Executive

A risk executive is responsible for the identification, assessment, and management of risks associated with products or services. Risks are typically categorized as either internal or external. Internal risks are those risks that are inherent to a specific project or function. External risks are those risks that stem from external events such as government regulations, environmental issues, economic downturns, and competitive pressures.

Manufacturing Supervisor

A manufacturing supervisor is the person who has the overall responsibility for managing a particular manufacturing process. The manufacturing supervisor has a broad knowledge of all processes involved in producing products. The Manufacturing Supervisor is responsible for managing production processes to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently, while also minimizing costs and minimizing waste.

Retail Manager

A retail manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a retail operation, including managing the store’s employees, inventory, and physical layout. Retail managers typically oversee the business operations of one or more retail stores. In addition to performing these duties, retail managers are responsible for maintaining the health and safety of their employees and maintaining an effective merchandising environment in their stores. Retail managers also may be involved in strategic planning to ensure that store operations continue to meet business goals.

Finance Manager

A finance manager’s responsibilities include the overall financial management of an organization. The finance manager ensures that all finances are being used effectively and efficiently to meet the goals of the organization. Finance managers are responsible for the budgeting, cash flow management, and accounting activities within an organization. Finance managers often work with corporate controllers to ensure accurate accounting is conducted and recorded in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards.

Quality Control Inspector

Quality control inspectors perform quality inspections of finished products or materials. They inspect products for defects and abnormalities, and conduct tests to determine whether these defects exist. Quality control inspectors are responsible for ensuring that the product is made according to specifications, that it meets customer requirements, and that it is safe to use. Quality control inspectors must follow company procedures for product testing and quality control. They are often responsible for verifying specifications and maintaining records of test results.

Production Line Supervisor

Production line supervisor is the highest level production management job in the manufacturing and assembly process. The main responsibility of the Production Line Supervisor is to ensure all the tasks are done on time, in order and according to procedures, while providing a safe and productive work environment. Production line supervisors should be able to keep all the workers motivated, help them work better together and provide leadership by example.

Media Planner

Media planners have the responsibility of coordinating all media relations activities for a company. They are also responsible for developing, producing and executing public relations programs for clients, as well as designing, planning and implementing direct marketing campaign plans. Media planners often work with advertising and public relations staff to develop campaign strategies and tactics, as well as assist in the planning and implementation of direct marketing programs.

Business Analyst

A business analyst, or BA, is a person who takes a particular interest in an organization’s overall financial and operational activities, and whose responsibility is to ensure that the company’s systems are being used effectively and efficiently. A business analyst usually works with management staff in order to monitor their progress on a daily basis. The work of the business analyst can range from developing procedures and processes to researching specific questions related to the client’s business. The goal of a business analyst is to ensure that a company is operating as efficiently as possible, without wasting any money.

Strategy Consultant

Strategy consultants assist businesses in the strategic decision-making process by using the planning process, budgeting and financial modeling tools, as well as the strategic planning tools. They also provide a range of services to help companies achieve organizational goals and objectives. They often advise companies on issues related to organizational structure, governance, organization effectiveness, operational performance and change management.

There are lots of opportunities available in this industry. But with the competition from other candidates and other job sectors, you should also be ready to make an effort in finding jobs and building your career path. To get good results in Consumer Durables Jobs, you need some proper knowledge of Career Strategy which will help you in better understanding the dynamics of employment opportunities available in your area of interest as well as you can also create your own career goals which will further improve your chances of getting selected as per desired criteria.

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