How to Help Small Kids Develop Good Reading Habits

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Every parent yearns to see their kids succeed in life. Teaching them how to read is one way you can increase their odds of future success. Besides helping them excel academically, good reading comprehension skills from a tender age can enhance a child’s brain development, improve concentration, and boost their language and knowledge retention skills.

Unfortunately, according to one research, children are becoming less interested in reading than before. Only 53% of the kids interviewed said they enjoyed reading quite a lot. The internet and digital devices are the major causes of the diminishing reading culture. Here are five things you can do to help your child develop good reading habits from a young age.

1.   Read in Front of Your Kids

Kids learn better by observing and imitating the things adults do. Make it a habit to read an age-appropriate book for your kids. It could be a magazine, a graphic novel, or any book you enjoy. Show enthusiasm as you read, and in no time, you’ll notice the kids trying to follow by either gazing at the text, pointing at what you’re reading or asking questions.

2.   Fill Your Home with Different Reading Materials

As your kids see you reading constantly, they’ll want to read by themselves. The best way to encourage them is by making reading materials available in your home. Offer them a vast array of books, magazines, and comics. You can also get them reading programs for kindergarteners if they’ve started attending school.

According to one study, children who grow up in homes with at least 80 books develop higher literacy and numeracy skills as they enter adulthood. They grow up knowing that reading happens at home, too, not just at school.

3.   Visit Your Local Library

Let your kids accompany you to the local library. They’ll explore new books and interact with other kids with a similar goal—to learn reading. They can share stories about the books they’ve read and encourage each other.

Get library cards for your kids as they grow older to allow them to pick reading materials that may interest them. Some libraries offer literacy programs and have story time, creating an indispensable resource for any parents determined to instill reading habits in their kids.

4.   Create a Dedicated Reading Area

A dedicated reading spot has a big impact on a child’s comprehension skills and creativity. A reader-friendly home should be inviting and fully equipped with all the necessary reading materials.

You can create a reading nook in the corner of your living room or in your kid’s bedroom. It should be away from distractions like TV. Make it as relaxing and quiet as possible. Add a comfortable chair, some throw pillows, a blanket, and a few items that your kid can use as they read.

5.   Make Reading a Routine

Reading doesn’t have to be a special moment, make it part of your daily routine. Encourage your kids to read any text they come across during the day. It could be something as simple as text on a grocery list or road signs. Also, spare a few minutes to read to your child before bedtime.

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