How to Make Money By Editing Videos on Fiverr

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Think work-on-demand sites like Fiverr are only for ranking in a little side income? If yes, then you are in for a rude awakening. According to a Forbes report, some people on these platforms earn over six figures in a year.

In fact, in 2020, CEO Micha Kaufman reported a 356% rise in Fiverr shares. That financial year, the company also reported a 54% rise in revenues. One of the reasons for this rise in popularity may be due to the variety of services offered on the platform. Fiverr lets vendors offer their expertise on

  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing and Translation
  • Animation and Sound
  • Programming and Tech
  • Music and Audio
  • Graphics and Design

Video Editing on Fiverr: How to Make Money Doing It

Fiverr is a perfect marketplace for freelancers to find jobs. You can build your account into a steady income source with the right profile and references. Some people have even reported earning up to annually on the site.

Finding Your Niche on Fiverr

Video editing is one of the “Gigs” you can take up on Fiverr to earn money. The platform offers video editing services of various kinds. Vendors can choose from their areas of expertise, which includes

  • Movie Video Editing
  • Sports Video Editing
  • Family/Wedding Videos
  • Instructional Video Editing
  • Music Video Creation
  • Reels/Shorts/YouTube Content Editing
  • Corporate Video Editing
  • Gaming Videos
  • Instructional Video Editing/Creation

This step is crucial as it helps build your area of specialization. Like most jobs, video editor is an umbrella term. Fiverr’s policies help you choose a genre that fits your skills best.

For example, choosing Corporate Videos gives you access to more formal jobs. This option may involve you working on editing workplace videos, presentations, project mockups and more. Over time, this helps build up your profile and portfolio. Soon you may even be able to charge higher rates for your services based on your work experience.

Figuring out your niche is thus crucial to building up your profile. This step helps you highlight your strongest skills and develop an impressive portfolio.

Using Fiverr’s Gigs System: How Does It Work?

The initial jobs are the most difficult when working to earn money via editing on Fiverr. The people who earn well on these platforms have reached there by slowly building up their portfolios. They know you must first hone your skills with the smaller projects to land the big jobs.

However, compared to most freelancer websites, Fiverr has a relatively easier way of bringing in jobs to vendors. For one, you do not have to be continually for projects like on some sites. Instead, the system works based on “Gigs” – this system lets you curate your profile by highlighting your skills. You can use Fiverr’s Gig tool to state the type of jobs you can do.

Using the example of the Corporate Video Editor again, you can add “Can create/edit a thoroughly informative HR video” as one of your “Gigs.” Clients will see this, check your profile, and hire you if they see you be professional. They may contact you to specify some details and customizations. However, most clients are likely to send a broad outline with the necessary instructions for smaller projects.

Adding Past Work Experiences in Video Editing

A smart way to bag more clients is to offer proof of your abilities. To do this, you will need to use the video button on the Gigs section of the platform. You can upload relevant past work for potential clients to review using these tools. For example, as a Corporate Video Editor, you may choose past company presentations or an HR video as proof of your skills. Handing such verifiable data proof of your skills will likely make clients gravitate toward you.

As a seller, you have the option to customize several things on Fiverr. For example, you can moderate the delivery time, budget, and type of service for all your Gigs on the platform. The site also lets you specify your place or language if deemed important. Buyers can use these tags to filter and choose the most appropriate, fitting vendor for their tasks.

Fiverr Seller Ranks: How Does It Work?

As you take on and process projects successfully, you begin through the ranks of the app. Depending on their work experience on Fiverr, the seller levels are marked as

  • New Seller
  • Level One
  • Level Two
  • Top Rated Seller

The benefit of rising through the ranks is that you will be paid more for your video editing. Top-level sellers can customize their work rates to suit their skills and work experience. In addition, all freelancers on Fiverr have the option to turn down jobs on the site. You can turn down the job if you deem any bid to be beyond your skill set or offer unfair compensation.

Fiverr Video Editing Requirements

According to reports, more than 80% of our online content is in video form. Such data points to the fact that video-based content is the future of all internet consumption. However, if you plan to make money off of such projects, there are certain tools you may require.

For example, Fiverr video editing requirements are typically limited to reliable hardware, important accessories, and video editing software. For general work, you will likely need a computer with a powerful processor and editing accessories like pens/stylus, tablets, and hard drives. Video editing software, image-cutting tools, GIF recorder, and more will also be necessary.

However, the client may also demand a relevant degree to prove your credibility for high-level jobs. Resumes from significant past clients and proof of work experience in relevant/similar projects are two other Fiverr video editing requirements that will benefit you.

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