Is Social Rebel Legit?

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You may be looking for a side hustle to earn money on the side. If this sounds like something that you’d like to do, please read on to find out more! Because consumer goods are becoming more expensive, people are looking for ways to supplement their income.

You may have heard of the scam website SocialRebel, and you want to know if it will allow you to make some extra cash. But do you know what this scam really is? It claims that you can earn money just by signing up and earning $50.

You can earn hundreds of dollars online from anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection. But is it really all it seems?

This is a platform that promises to allow you to earn money online. We will help you to learn the pros and cons of using it, and we will reveal some surprising information that will help you make a good decision. You’ll get the information that you need to know to decide whether you should really do something like that or if you should just avoid doing it.

What is Social Rebel?

SocialRebel claims to be a platform that will allow you to make easy money online. SocialRebel promises to pay its members in their PayPal account every time someone tries to give a survey to them. The company promises to pay people who complete the surveys a small amount of money.

You will get $50 as a bonus for signing up to SocialRebel.  After you have signed up, you should tell all your friends and family members about this platform. You will get $20 for every member who joins your site using your referral link. Social Rebel founders hope to make marketers and consumers feel more connected to each other. They earn money by helping businesses with marketing insights based on what customers have told them.

Is Social Rebel Legit?


How Social Rebel Works

Anyone can make an account on the SocialRebel website by entering their full name, email address, and password. You can earn money by answering surveys, installing apps, and referring others. You need to enter your full name, username, email, and password in order to create an account on the SocialRebel website.

It’s possible to earn money by answering surveys, installing applications on your mobile device, and referring people. Go to the Offer Center, which is located in the website’s sidebar. SocialRebel will allow you to choose a survey that you want to take, and then it will take you to a page that explains the information you need to answer the questionnaire. Then, you will be redirected to a page with the specific instructions to help you answer the survey.

You should provide your full name, your mailing address, your mobile number, and your gender. You will be redirected to the actual survey where you will answer the questionnaire. After you answer the questionnaire, you will have to make some money deals in order to get the $500 gift card.

Is Social Rebel a Scam?

Social Rebel claims that you can invite people to their free trial and earn $2 per person who clicks on your link and an additional $20 per person who joins their free trial if they join the free trial. If it were true, everyone would be doing it, including me. Taking $2 for every person who clicks on your link doesn’t make sense. It is absurd and ridiculous because if it were true, the company would be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, SocialRebel does not pay people who join it. It has a dedicated website for people to submit payment statements and other proof, but a lot of people on different sites like Trustpilot and Reddit say otherwise.

People claim that SocialRebel looks legit, but in fact, the company is a scam. Social Rebel has a page that says SocialRebel has been closed on its website, but it still claims to pay people to do things like that. SocialRebel claims that it never pays people, but the truth is that SocialRebel changed its website domain. Maybe it’s another tactic to get people to think about the company differently.

People have asked on Reddit “Is SocialRebel legit?” to see if the platform is legit. The answer? Many people claim that SocialRebel doesn’t pay them, even after they completed numerous tasks.

The Bottom Line

It’s best to avoid Social Rebel, because the application has a lot of big red flags that indicate it’s a scam. It makes money claims that are unrealistic and seem too good to be true. There are some payment proofs that show that SocialRebel paid more than $4,000 to one user. It offers a $50 bonus for new members to join their site. That’s unusual for a GPT site.

Previous users say that they cannot withdraw their money from it. Only the payment websites can show that their customers have actually been paid; it’s only the websites that can prove that people actually got paid. They removed their old website from their domain name without any explanation, which is a sign that there’s a scam going on. shows warning signs from various sites and actual users. You cannot get money from There is only one website where you can find proof that someone has paid you, and it shows clearly that he or she has paid you. It makes unrealistic claims about the potential money that members can earn from their participation. is a scam; it’s best to stay away from it, and avoid giving away personal information.TimeBucks is a legitimate website that pays people to take surveys and do other things like that. People can earn more than $10 per hour by answering surveys and doing other tasks on this site; it’s better than SocialRebel, a scam platform.

SurveyTime focuses on paying people to complete questionnaires, not on paying them to do other tasks. This is a legit site that allows people to earn $4 per hour, depending on the number of surveys that are available.

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