Left Hand Itching Means Money? – Itchy Palm Superstition

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We are all too familiar with some pretty powerful superstitions that people have in their lives. Some people believe that breaking a mirror will cause bad luck, and other people believe that carrying a rabbit’s foot will bring good luck.

Superstitions are essentially beliefs that allow people to explain how things happen that would otherwise seem random or inexplicable. They allow people to feel that they have some control over events that would otherwise seem out of their control. Whether we believe or not, superstitions are a universal trait that crosses all cultures and ethnicities. Even people today still believe some kind of superstition, no matter how old or how educated they are.

We looked at some superstitions about money, particularly one that’s related to having an itchy left palm. Read on to see what we found out. Check out what we’ve learned about superstitions that allow you to attract more money into your life by using what these beliefs teach you.

Meaning of Itchy Left Palm

There’s an old belief that if your hands start to itch, money is coming in. Itching your palm on the left hand means that you are about to receive some money; it means that you are getting money from someone else. But is there any truth to this superstition?

Some people believe that it means that money is coming in from your left hand. Some experts say yes, because itching hands indicates that a lot of energy is circulating inside your hands. Left hand is the hand that’s passive or receptive, and the right hand is the one that gives money to others.

You may find a shiny quarter in the street or win a billion dollars from the lottery. You may suddenly find that someone offers you a lot of money or a big promotion at work. The possibilities are endless, if you believe that there is any truth to that old saying. Sometimes an itchy left hand can indicate that money is coming out instead, though, although that could vary depending on the culture.

Itching your left hand when you are about to earn money is not always related to earning money. It could mean that you are about to meet someone new, or that you are about to receive a good gift or that someone has just wished you a happy birthday.

Left Hand Itching Means Money?

What if My Right Palm is Itchy?

When you have a scratchy palm or itchy skin on your right hand, you will lose money, but if you touch a piece of wood you can cause it to stop (or, at least, it should help)! In some cultures, touching wood causes people to be relieved because it moves all the bad energy in your palm away.

It can happen at a time when bills are due or when unexpected expenses are unexpectedly incurred. This means that your car could suddenly stop working or that your refrigerator will soon stop working, and you’ll have to wait until the repairman comes to fix the problem.

If something happens to your hand that causes itchy skin on your right hand, it can mean that you are about to lose money or that someone has given you a bad gift. It’s important to save money for these occasions. It’s easy to start a budget and save money for emergency expenses.

Does Gender Affect Superstition?

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess, is associated with wealth, good fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Itching your palm on your left hand means that Lakshmi is leaving you. As such, left actually means that you’ll lose money, according to Hindu religion.

But the meaning of itching the skin of your left hand is different for women. Itching her right palm on occasion means that money will come her way, but if she itches her left palm it means that she will lose money.

It is completely different based on gender. If a woman’s palm is itching on her right hand, it means that she is in trouble with her finances; but if you feel lucky enough to have money coming your way, you could be very fortunate.

There is a lot of power in believing that you will receive what you deserve! If you are having doubts and remain positive, think of powerful affirmations to get money by using the law of attraction.

Medical Concerns With Itchy Palms

If you have a persistent itch on your palms (on your right or your left), it could be related to any superstition you believe. It may also be that you have a medical condition. Itching palms on a daily basis can be a sign that you have a skin condition that is chronic, like eczema or psoriasis, or that you are allergic to something that you’ve touched.

In the winter months, dry skin and excessive washing are the main culprits of painfully itchy palms. If your palms start itching again after you apply hand cream daily, or if your skin cracks or blisters when you touch something, you should have it checked out by a dermatologist.

Itchy skin can usually be soothed by using mild cleanser and moisturizer on your skin and bathing with lukewarm water, or by using lotions that soothe it and corticosteroid creams. Nevertheless, a medical professional may be necessary if the itching does not disappear after 2 weeks, and if it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as having a high temperature, a loss of appetite, or being sweaty at night.

Final Thoughts

There are some things that you can think about whether you believe in superstitions or not; there are some very valid things that you can say about some of these beliefs. You should think of these superstitions as such and focus on the good vibes and feelings that they bring to others, especially family and friends.

But take these superstitions very seriously, and do not rely solely on them to ensure that you have enough money to live comfortably.

Your financial security can be assured by setting financial goals and staying on top of your budgets – but not whether you are feeling itchy or not.

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