Making Money By Renting Your Garden Annexe

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Nowadays, with the increased awareness of environmental problems and global warming, it is becoming increasingly important to provide alternative means of earning a living.

The benefits of gardening are well known but many people are reluctant to start or even continue their garden because they are unsure how they will earn money from their efforts.

If you have a small area of land that you can devote to growing vegetables, you can make extra money by renting out your garden annex.

This is one of the most popular ways to make money from your garden if you have an unused area that is easily accessible.

Garden Rental: How It Works

If you have an unused part of your garden, consider renting it out to local gardeners or customers who want to rent out the area.

It does not need to be large but it does need to be accessible. Customers will want easy access for them to work on their projects without disturbing anyone else.

If other areas can be rented out too such as a shed or tool room, this could be a great way of making additional income too.


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Steps on Preparing the Garden for Renting

Choose the area to be rented and prepare it to receive customers. This will involve clearing any weeds or other debris which may obstruct their view.

Also, make sure there are no loose wires or objects which could be dangerous if they were to fall on someone.

Set up some chairs or tables where customers can sit while working on their projects.

Some customers will want to work outside but if you do not have a shed or tool room available, you may want to provide this to accommodate them.

It is also a good idea to provide some extra equipment such as pruning shears and saws, garden spades and hand tools in case they want to do some work outside too.

Have a sign with your company name and contact details written on it in big letters so that people can find you easily.

Make sure that the area is clean before customers arrive as this will help them feel more at ease when they arrive and can make the experience of working in your garden more pleasant for them too.

Benefits of Rental Garden

There are many benefits of renting out your garden as an extra source of income including:

  • A place to grow vegetables without any interference from neighbors or other people who might be walking or driving past your property.
  • An area that is out of the way so it will not be a nuisance for you or for anyone else who uses the street or nearby property.
  • Make it easier to care for the garden.
  • Earn some money from this and at the same time, you will not be wasting your time while they are using their gardens.

The extra income can help pay off any debts you have, as well as provide you with some extra funds to help you with other expenses too.

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