The 20 Most Expensive Lego Sets You Can Buy Today

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most expensive lego sets

Legos are a nostalgic part of almost every living adult's past. Little did we know that the Lego set that we played with as children could be worth thousands of dollars today.

Rare Lego sets have now become luxury collectors items. Some Lego models are insanely pricey because they are difficult to put together, hard to find, or especially impressive in their finished form.

Lego lovers! Check out these 20 most expensive Lego sets below.

1. H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans

Cost: $7,375

This lego set was an extremely unique set and was produced in limited amounts. The set was handed out to individuals who took part in the LEGO Inside Tour in the year 2015. Just 80 sets were produced. This set contains two unique printed pieces, one tile is printed with “1 MIIL” and the other with “LEGO Inside Tour 2015”.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Antonio’s Pizza-Rama

Cost: $4,276

This Lego set is a promotional TMNT set that was introduced at the New York Comic-Con back in 2012. The packaging of this Lego set is designed to look like a triangular pizza box. The pizza box includes a slice of Pepperoni Pizza that is brick-built. Antonio's Pizza-Rama is the Turtles’ beloved pizza place. And a pepperoni pizza from the fictional pizza chain was the Turtles’ first pizza.

3. Piper Airplane

Cost: $4,016

This Lego set was handed out to people who attended the LEGO Inside Tour in 2012. And just 53 copies of this Lego set were produced. The model is based on the first aircraft that the toy production company purchased in 1962.

4. Monorail Airport Shuttle (6399)

Monorail Airport Shuttle (6399)

Cost: $3,989

The Airport Shuttle set is the town airport series that was introduced back in 1990. It features 9 Minifigures, two-way stations, two rail cars, a monorail train, and a monorail track. Each car is powered by a battery and has a compartment for a driver. One car has 3 passenger seats and the other car has 2 passenger seats and a 9V battery box.

The first-way station is constructed on the ground level and has a railway platform with a curved roof and 2 seats. On the other hand, the second waystation is constructed on the upper level and can be accessed via a staircase. There are 3 seats on the platform. There are 2 street lamps, 2 seats, and a phone booth across the street. Two trees occupy the traffic island. The Minifigures include 4 passengers, an airport worker, a cook, a pilot, and a train conductor.

5. Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon (10179)

Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon (10179)

Cost: $3,730

Millennium Falcon set is one of the biggest Lego sets ever created by the toy production company Lego, with an instruction manual of 311 pages and more than 5,000 different pieces. Once constructed, the Lego set measures 22″ wide by 33″ long and 8.3″ high. This Lego set includes figures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

6. Grand Carousel (10196)

Grand Carousel (10196)

Cost: $3,305

This amazing Lego set was introduced in July 2009. Because of Power Functions elements, the carousel can play music and spin and swing boats and horses move up and down. The Lego set contains 3263 pieces, including nine Minifigures. It is meant for individuals 16 and over. This Lego set is constructed with intricate features and ornaments. As a matter of fact, it is a wonderful addition to any carousel collection or LEGO display.

7. Statue of Liberty (3450)

Statue of Liberty (3450)

Cost: $3,086

At the time of its launch, the Statue of Liberty was the biggest Lego model, with 2,800 pieces. The set was made of sand green bricks and stood 33 inches tall without her base. It is an excellent way to introduce children to the history of the United States’ struggle for independence. The Lego set is accompanied by a guidebook that takes you through the thorough steps of construction. What’s more, you can display this Lego set as a showpiece and impress your guests.

8. Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set (852293)

Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set (852293)

Cost: $2,432

This Lego set has 2,292 pieces, weighs 19 pounds, and has about 33 Minifigures. The chessboard includes dragon heads, dwarf mine, armory, and skeleton dungeon. And Minifigures include castle turrets, horses, dwarves, knights, wizards, queen, king, and more. This model is great as a gift for people who enjoy both Lego and chess.

9. Taj Mahal (10189)

Taj Mahal (10189)

Cost: $2,430

This Lego set was based on the renowned Taj Mahal tomb in India. At the time of its launch, it was the biggest Lego model ever launched by the company Lego with 5,900 pieces. The Lego set was intended for professional builders and not meant for play once it was completed. It precisely imitates the arches, finials, domes, and minarets of the original Taj Mahal.

10. Lion Knights King's Castle (6080)

Lion Knights King's Castle (6080)

Cost: $2,412

This Lego kit was a big kit for its time, consisting of more than 660 pieces. It includes a big castle, 4 horses, and 12 small figures, comprising 4 knights, 2 battleaxe warriors, 2 spearmen, and 4 archers. The finished palace has a jail cell, a gatehouse, and 2 towers. The gatehouse had a portcullis and drawbridge.

11. Eiffel Tower (10181)

Eiffel Tower (10181)

Cost: $2,392

Introduced in 2007, this 3428-piece Lego set contains a model of the Eiffel Tower. The base is constructed from many green baseplates with white elements and a few colors. The tower is 42 inches tall and consists of primarily grey parts. It stands on the base. Other than that, the set comes with a tiny French flag and 4 small lifts.

12. Skull's Eye Schooner (6286)

Skull's Eye Schooner (6286)

Cost: $2,219

You can easily build this Lego set. It features 9 pirates, with a remarkable parrot and monkey. The Skull's Eye Schooner includes weapons, such as 9 muskets, 5 pistols, 10 Swords, and 4 cannons on the back. With vivid colors included in all the pieces, this set is fun to play with and looks amazing once you are done. This Lego set contains 892 pieces, which allows you to make a large ship with all its parts.

13. Cafe Corner (10182)

Cafe Corner (10182)

Cost: $2,194

This Lego set is a modular buildings set launched back in 2007. It has three small figures and 2056 pieces to make a huge building with a hotel on the top floors and a cafe on the ground floor. You can combine this Lego set with the Town Hall, Pet Shop, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade, and Green Grocer to make the street layout.

14. Maersk Container Lorry (1651)

Maersk Container Lorry (1651)

Cost: $2,193

This Lego set was launched in 1980 and came with one blue truck, two trailers, and one Minifigure. The major part of this Lego set was a blue Maersk truck cab with two trailers. One trailer is larger than the other. The two trailers contain a gray storage container on top of them. The truck cab features opening blue doors and a transparent windscreen.

15. Market Street (10190)

Market Street (10190)

Cost: $1,943

This model was part of a series of modular buildings, which could be combined to make a street scene. In addition to this, the Lego set comes with interchangeable floors, a staircase, and 3 figures. It is specially made for adults and teenagers.

16. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)

Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)

Cost: $1,800

This Lego set was the first model to be recommended for people over 16 and the first to contain over 3,000 pieces. It was launched in 2002. The initial production of this lego set contained light gray elements. However, following production runs have featured bluish-gray and light gray elements. This model measures 37 inches by 23 inches.

17. Rock Island Refuge (6273)

Rock Island Refuge (6273)

Cost: $1,675

Indulge in absolute fun with this Lego set that is very easy to construct. Launched in 1991, the model contains seven small figures and 381 pieces. Kids and adults can play around with a shark, a parrot, a monkey, the pirates, and soldiers in this game. The model also comes with a crane, broken-down palace, cannon, and a lookout tower. Most of the bricks in this model look rugged and are black in color to give an authentic feel.

18. King's Mountain Fortress (6081)

King's Mountain Fortress (6081)

Cost: $1,290

Launched in 1990, this Lego set includes 429 pieces. The completed palace features a treasure room, a secret trap, a jail cell, a gate, a tower, and battlements. Other than that, the model contains figures of glow-in-the-dark ghosts, a princess, guards, and knights.

19. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle (10212)

Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle (10212)

Cost: $1,190

This Lego set features a labeled display plaque, detachable landing gear, and an opening canopy. The finished set measures 28″ tall and 22″ wide. It weighs about 9 pounds and is composed of 2,482 parts. This Lego model includes five small figures: Luke Skywalker, Imperial Officer, Shuttle Pilot, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper.

20. Ninjago City (70620)

Ninjago City (70620)

Cost: $955

This Lego set contains 16 Minifigures, including Ivy Walker, Jamanakai Villager, Misako, Green Ninja Suit, Sally, and Jay. It is a detailed three-level model that is connected by a sliding lift. The first level has a house with a bedroom and dining room, conventional fish market, sliding lift, sewer outlet, and a bridge. And the second level features a comic book stand, a comic book store, a Cashier desk, a construction site, and a modern fashion store. This action-packed Lego set measures over 16-inch deep, 12-inch wide, and 24-inch high.

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