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10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

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When we talk about shoes, we might think about brands like Nike, Jordan, and others. However, they won’t make this list of 10 most expensive shoe brands in the world. This guide will go over the number of luxury brands of footwear that command higher price tags.

We’re talking prices that might be ten times more expensive than an average pair of Nikes. Whether it’s for casual wear or a day at the gym, there are shoes that will fetch for a crazy price. Let’s take a look at the shoe brands that are the most expensive right now.

1.    Christian Louboutin

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

First up, we take a look at the French luxury shoe brand of Christian Louboutin. Their shoes command a high price tag because of the amount of high-quality materials they use. They have shoes that have unique designs and are made in the finest of craftsmanship.

A pair of shoes from this brand will range from $700 to $800. However, they have a pair of shoes known as ‘Cinderella slippers’. Inspired by the fairy tale itself, these glass shoes (yes, they’re really made of it) commands a price tag of around $4595.

If you are going to be the belle of the ball, you might steal the show with those shoes. Nevertheless, Christian Louboutin is one of the most recognizable names in high end fashion. If you want high end with a price tag that’s way more than a pair of Nikes, this is the brand to keep an eye on.

2.    Louis Vuitton

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

Louis Vuitton is another luxury fashion brand based out of France. It’s known for creating various high-end products. Shoes were no way going to be left out of what they offer.

Their sneakers such as the LV Archlight is known for their unique looking designs. They have price tags ranging from $1230 and up. Let’s not forget the mix of high-quality technical materials that go along with it.

Louis Vuitton is one of the leading brands in high-end fashion when it comes to different types of clothes. They might give other brands like Versace and our next brand on the list a run for their money. If you’ve got the money to burn, there may be no other high-end brand that comes close.

Maybe you already have something that is an authentic Louis Vuitton. Whatever it might be, hang on to it. Even better – take good care of it.

3.    Gucci

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

One of the GOATs of high-end fashion. The Italian brand makes handbags, clothing, and even shoes. They offer shoes with price tags ranging from $600 to $800.

However, they have sneakers like the Rhyton, which goes for $1590. If you’re a fan of Gucci, you might be considering the idea of purchasing one of their many pairs of shoes. With so many choices, it’s hard to choose.

Even at the price they’re going for, that choice might be a challenge for you. As long as it looks good and fits great, why not drop a crazy amount of money on them?

One of their best materials is none other than Italian-made leather. Their loafers are one of the most popular shoes of the entire lineup. If there is a pair of Gucci loafers for sale, you’d be crazy to miss out on an opportunity to snag them even if they were at Nordstroms.

4.    Buscemi

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

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Buscemi is an Italian brand known for creating high-end boots and sneakers. They have shoes priced at $800 to $1000. However, they created a type of shoe known as 100 MM Diamond Sneakers.

These sneakers are perhaps the highest price tag we’ve seen for a type of shoe. How much is it, you ask? An eye-popping $132,000.

That is not a typo. That is the actual price tag of those sneakers. Yes, you will even see plenty of diamonds that are encrusted in the shoes. This also contains 18 carat gold.

So yes, it does indeed contain plenty of materials to warrant a price tag. If you want to drop six figures on a pair of shoes, have at it. You probably don’t want to go to the gym or play basketball wearing these.

Keep them clean, wear them around the house, and they should be in good shape.

5.    Berluti

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

Berluti is our next brand that we’ll look at. They offer the Alessandro Oxford shoes at a price tag of $3430. The rest of their shoes will have price tags ranging from $1500 to $2000.

The name sounds Italian – but it’s actually French. The brand has also been around for over 125 years. Their shoes have been mostly designed for men.

If you are looking for dress shoes that will look extraordinary, a pair of Berluti might be worth buying. It can match well with a suit that goes for the same price as a pair of shoes (especially Berlutis). They do have some casual shoes that are made from high-quality leather.

Whatever shoe fits you best – Berluti is a brand that flies under the radar. You might not have heard of them before reading this. Since you have now, check out what else they offer.

6.    Jimmy Choo

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

Next, we have Jimmy Choo. Christian Louboutin might have some competition for those Cinderella slippers. That’s because this brand has the Cinderella Crystal-Embellished Satin Pumps.

Those shoes have a price tag of right around $4595. However, they also have plenty of shoes for men looking for that perfect pair. They have plenty of retail stores around the world.

These Italian-made shoes are made with handcrafted perfection. Even more exciting is that there are limited pieces that are for sale. Jimmy Choo is more of a minimalistic style of shoes compared to other brands.

Whether it’s shoes for men or jelly sandals, Jimmy Choo is the brand that has almost any kind of footwear that you can get your hands on. With prices that go anywhere from $500 to $600, what’s not to love about them?

7.    Manolo Blahnik

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

If there is one brand known for its heels – it’s Manolo Blahnik. This brand has been in the shoe business for over 50 years. Manolo Blahnik himself has been known as the ‘Holy Man of Heels’.

His first pair of shoes were made public in 1971. Since then, it’s a brand that has been worn by many celebrities in Hollywood. With many colorful designs, it’s no secret why the biggest and brightest stars love them so much.

The price of a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels runs anywhere from $700 to $1000. But the brand has Hangisi Jewel Pumps, which has a price tag of $4600. If you’re a woman that wants to get your hands on a pair of heels made for Hollywood, there’s only one name to remember.

We can talk about Jimmy Choo and Gucci all day. But it’s Manolo Blahnik that is the go-to option for high-end heels that you can wear any time there’s a special occasion.

8.    Stuart Weitzman

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

This American made brand of shoes started in a place called ‘Seymour Shoes’. Stuart Weitzman is the brand that has also gained popularity amongst the biggest and brightest stars. There were shoes made from diamond studs and others from platinum.

In fact, this brand has held the record for the most expensive women’s shoes. The price? A jaw-dropping $3 million. Not to be outdone – there were a pair of ‘Ruby Slippers’ that went for $1.6 million.

Nevertheless, a typical pair of shoes from this brand ranges from $400 to $600. Even if you can’t get your hands on the priciest shoes in history, no worries. There’s more affordable shoes from this high-end brand that you can choose from.

9.    Walter Steiger

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

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This Swiss-brand was founded in 1932. They are known for their off-beat designs, which were way ahead of the times. By the 1970s, the brand took off after its first store was opened in Paris.

This continued with more stores opened in New York, London, and Milan. With high-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship, a pair of Walter Steiger shows might be the must have for someone’s shoe closet.

10.  Alexander McQueen

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

Our last brand comes from the United Kingdom. Alexander McQueen is a luxury brand that has created Armadillo Boots that carry a price tag of $295000. Other shoes made by the brand are priced from $700 to $1000.

Alexander McQueen is another high-end brand that seems to fly under the radar. Especially when it comes to shoes.

Final Thoughts

If you have a vested interest in shoes, these ten expensive shoe brands are the ones to look out for. Some may be out of reach in terms of affordability. That may be due to the high-quality materials and insanely unique designs.

These may be hand-crafted works of art. They may be worth every penny when you try these on. The best shoes money can be might not be design or the materials – it could be how comfortable they feel when you walk around in them.

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