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A Netspend card offers many of the same benefits as a traditional bank account, like free cash withdrawals from ATMs and stores. It’s easy to use a Netspend card because you can easily spend money online, buy things, or withdraw money from an ATM. When you use your Netspend card, you can shop and spend money easily. You can even pay your bills online, get all your monthly salaries and benefits, or withdraw money from an ATM.

No matter what type of card you use, you’ll pay ATM fees to withdraw money. It can really drain your account. Even if it costs you just a few dollars each time you withdraw a few dollars, those fees can really add up over time.

It’s easy to withdraw money from your Netspend card if you choose places that offer free cash withdrawals or stores that give customers the option to get cash back when they purchase something.

What is Netspend?

Netspend is a prepaid card that lets you spend money without opening a bank account. Netspend does not require customers to undergo a credit check to become a member, and it takes around a week or two to receive your Netspend card after you sign up.

You will receive a card with a Netspend account on it. You can log into your account via the web or the Netspend app. You will be able to view your recent transactions online, and you will be able to see your account balance in one place. Netspend is not a traditional bank, but it is FDIC-insured, so your money will be safe and secure. You are protected when you transfer money to any of their banks, just like you would with a traditional bank.

Anyone can get a Netspend card, even if they don’t have a bank account or good credit. You can load money onto your card whenever you want, and that will enable you to make purchases on the go. Netspend cards are free to order and use. Sign up for a Netspend card by entering your name and a valid email address.

Sign up with and choose a name, password, and security question. Then, the company will send you a Netspend card in the mail in about seven to ten business days. After you receive your card, you can easily reload it with money just like you would a normal debit card.

Why Should You Get a Netspend Card?

Netspend is not like a traditional bank account, but it can be a great solution in some situations and offers a lot of benefits.

As the card is a prepaid one, there is no possibility of having a negative balance in it. No matter which account you choose, you won’t be charged with overdraft fees. This makes it perfect for people who have difficulty managing their finances or who tend to accumulate debt.

Because the application process is very straightforward, even people with bad credit can get a prepaid card.  Netspend says that customers can get their money two days sooner than customers who have accounts with other banks. Netspend card holders have a large selection of payment plans to choose from, offering a great deal of flexibility to meet individual needs.

Netspend Free ATM Withdrawal

How to Get Free Cash Withdrawals with Netspend

If you need to withdraw money quickly, just go to an ATM. Netspend will reimburse you if they charge you a fee. It should be noted, though, that Netspend charges a fee of $2.95 for every ATM withdrawal. Fortunately, you can use any one of the following networks to withdraw money from your Netspend account for free:

VisaPlus Alliance ATMs

One option is to go to one of the two million ATMs that are part of the Visa Plus Alliance worldwide network to withdraw money from your Netspend account. There is no extra fee for doing that.

If the ATM operator charges a fee, it will be an extra cost to you, but Netspend will not charge you a fee for using any of these ATMs.

MetaBank ATMs

Netspend is owned by Metabank, which means that Netspend cardholders can withdraw money from Metabank ATMs for free. Their cards are also issued by MetaBank, so you may be able to withdraw money using their ATMs if there are no MoneyPass ATMs in your area. Remember that the ATMs in your area must be marked as Private Status if you want to make free cash withdrawals from them. Metabank ATMs are conveniently located in Walmart stores and other large retail stores like CVS and gas stations.

AllPoint ATMs

Netspend is also a part of the Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network. Allpoint ATMs are displayed prominently on the cashiers’ menus in most major retailers. Netspend prepaid cards are good for withdrawing money from any of the tens and thousands of ATMs in the Allpoint network. There is no fee for using the cards at any of these ATMs.

It’s easy to find them because they are surcharge free and many of them have the MasterCard or Visa logo on them. You’ll likely find them in the nearest all-purpose store to you, such as in a Walgreens or a CVS.

MoneyPass ATMs

Netspend is part of the MoneyPass network, which means that you can withdraw money from more than 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs for free. You can also use the MoneyPass ATMs at most banks and credit unions.

MoneyPass ATMs are usually found at popular retail locations like CVS and Walgreens, but they are found in many other locations across the country, including banks and credit unions. MoneyPass ATMs are conveniently located, and you can easily locate them using their convenient online locator.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to be alert for free ATMs and to use them wisely; for instance, use a prepaid debit card to avoid problems with overdrafts and loans.

Some banks will not let you use this method, but a lot of retailers and other businesses will allow you to use it. Check the cash back limits on stores before you spend money, since some stores have restrictions on the amount you can withdraw. If something needs to be paid off, you need to have enough money to cover everything.

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