40+ Funniest Stonks Memes For YOLO Investors

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“Hello, I trade stonks for a living.” – YOLO stonk investor.

For anybody who doesn’t know what a “stonk” is… it’s a playful memeful mispelling of the word “stock”. The meme version of the word has been around since 2015, and the first stonk meme is known to have originated in a Tumblr group. Since then, it’s become a household meme amongst YOLO day traders. Its connotation is that whoever is investing in stonks is doing so based on “gut feeling” and “whatever the crowd of stonk investors are doing”.

Stonk memes are my favorite memes. Let’s take a look at the funniest stonk memes below.

Funniest stonks memes

What’s your favorite stonk meme?

My all time favorite is the accident stonk meme text 😀

But… I love all stonk memes! YOLO and HODL to the moon!

Funniest stonks memes

Stonks first appeared in 2017, in a meme that featured the image of meme man, a metallic-looking 3D humanoid character, surrounded by the image of a tote board and stock The site continues with the description of the picture and the picture started to be used online as a reaction image in-jokes about making poor financial decisions, especially by Redditors.

One of the most hilarious uses of the meme happened when someone uploaded a photo of someone begging their ex to come back, and then accidentally sent that stonk image to someone. Elon Musk also did his own version of the stonk meme pic, which helped prove that there was a link between the weird gray head in the suit and the investing jokes.

How did Stonk Meme Come to Be?

This term, which is a deliberate misspelling of the word ‘stock’, means a share of the value of a company that can be bought, sold, or traded as an investment, was coined in a 2017 meme. There are a number of times that this word is used facetiously on the internet to suggest that people don’t understand financial transactions or that poor financial decisions can occur.

In the dictionary, ‘stonk’ is also a verb that means ‘a concentrated artillery bombardment’. However, when it appears in the meme, it is interpreted as an intentional misspelling of the word ‘stocks’, and that is why it is associated with financial memes in general.

The meme stonks were added to the Urban Dictionary on July 8, 2019. Its fuzzy definition is a term that expresses a financial decision that resulted in a financial gain. Most commonly used ironically. gives a clearer definition for ‘A deliberate misspelling of stocks as they are traded on the stock market’.

The internet slang term stonks have existed for a few years, but in 2021, during the long pandemic, it became hype again when day traders on the Robinhood app bought shares in the video retailer GameStop and other companies.

In that short time, the surreal meme stocks have made a significant windfall on social media. It gets trending on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes of the Facebook pages such as Special Meme Fresh.

Let’s Get Back on Track: What Are Stocks?

A stock is an ownership interest in a company. When you buy a stock, you buy the right to buy some of the company’s future earnings and profits. You can sell that right at any time.

If you want to sell your stock, you have to tell the company so they can get rid of it before anyone else can buy it.

Earnings per share are simply how much money the company makes after all expenses have been paid for each year. That’s why you need to find the right company to invest in, such as AMC, Apple, Samsung, GME (GameStop stocks), etc.

Stocks trade for money, but stocks aren’t money. You can only hold stocks in your account; stocks are not physical objects like gold bars or dollar bills. Stocks are just numbers stored in your account, similar to BitCoin and Cryptocurrencies.

There are many different types of stocks, like hedge funds. However, there are only two types of stocks that most people know about: common and preferred.

Common stock is the type of stock that most people know about. The company will issue common stock to investors when they start a business or raise money through an initial public offering (IPO).

When a company issues a lot of its shares as common stock, it is called an IPO or initial public offering.

When a company issues a few of its shares as common stock, it is called an offering or secondary offering.

When a company issues very few shares as common stock, it is called a private placement or underwritten offering.

A private placement is for friends and family members only and has no effect on the price of the stock in any way whatsoever; so there’s no reason to be nervous if you see your friend’s name in front of your name in an offering document. You don’t need to worry about the short squeeze!

What Is a Preferred Stock?

Preferred stock is a type of stock that comes with certain special rights and privileges. It’s different from common stock because it doesn’t have voting rights or the right to receive dividends.

In most cases, preferred stock has an “ex-dividend date” or “voting rights cut-off date” where the preferred stock can no longer be traded until the shares have been purchased and paid for in full by the issuing company. A company can choose to pay dividends out of its profits or just keep them in the company for use in growing it further.

Most companies choose to do both: pay out some of their profits as dividends and use the rest for future growth and expansion.

So what does this all mean? When you buy a preferred stock, you have more rights than with common stock because you get voting rights, but you also get fewer rights because you don’t get to receive dividends.

Why Do People Own Stocks?

The purpose of owning stocks is to make money! That’s it!

You may have heard about dividends before; dividends are a way that companies pay back their investors for their investments over time. A higher stock price usually means bigger dividends, and it can lead you faster to become a billionaire.

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