The Weirdest Jobs In The World That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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There are tons of unusual jobs out there that you probably didn’t know existed. Your parents may have wanted you to become a scientist, lawyer, or medical professional, but they are not essentially what you want to do. And not everyone is suited for these jobs.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a water slide tester, golf ball diver, professional sleeper, or chicken generist? Here are some of the weirdest jobs in the world that you probably didn’t know existed.

Avian vomitologist

avian vomitologist

Entomology laboratories hire an avian vomitologist to gather vomit samples from birds that are ill, to study the avian flu pattern. Avian vomitologists move through forests and fields in search of vomit.

Stunt tester

Companies recruit stunt testers to ensure disgusting foods like bugs and worms are appropriate for eating. Stunt testers try these terrible foods to ensure that no one will get hurt. And they are paid handsomely as high risk is involved.

Worm picker

Worm pickers walk in golf courses, parks, gardens, and other grassy areas after dark and collect earthworms.

Water Slide Tester

water slide tester

The job of a water slide tester is to take numerous trips down the water slide to find out how much water it needs, how fast you can get to the bottom, and how fun and safe it is.

Golf Ball Diver

Golf ball diver

You are a good candidate for this weird job if you love being outdoors and scuba diving. Golf ball divers gather all the golf balls from the bottom of ponds on courses. However, unfortunately, several ponds are not properly looked after, and one can find a lot of snakes, algae, and mud down there.

Log grader

log grader

The job of a log grader is to evaluate the quality of wood. They work in the timber and lumber industry.

Hangover Helpers

Hangover Helpers

Hangover Helpers is a Colorado-based company that cleans your house and delivers a revitalizing Gatorade and a breakfast burrito to help alleviate your hangover after a party.

Chicken genderist

Chicken sexer

This job involves workers to determine the gender of a chick. Chicken sexers work at commercial chicken hatcheries and on big farms. They can earn up to $60,000 yearly.

Scuba diving pizza delivery man

In Florida, there is an underwater hotel that is situated 21 feet under sea level. The hotel has a scuba diving pizza delivery man who regularly delivers pizza to them. The delivery person carries pizzas through the sea in a watertight box.

Professional sleeper

professional sleeper

A professional sleeper is a person who gets paid to sleep and help scientists in their studies. Professional sleepers help doctors assess the brain and extra activities of the body while the body is sleeping.

Other than that, these folks help many other organizations, such as hospitals, mattress manufacturers, and hoteliers by sleeping and sharing their feedback about comfort and sleeping.

Professional line-standers

Professional line-standers

These people wait in line. And they are particularly occupied during product launches and Black Friday sales. They can earn up to $1,000 every week.

Dog food taster

dog food taster

Pet food manufacturers recruit human dog food tasters to test the quality of their dog food products. In addition to this, dog food tasters assess the nutritional value and usually spit out the dog food once they taste it.

Ethical hacker

Ethical hacker

Ethical hacking is a great career choice for individuals who are interested in IT security, communication, and problem-solving.

Also called a white-hat hacker, an ethical hacker is a security professional. They know how to find and exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system. As a matter of fact, a black hat hacker (a malicious hacker) and a white-hat hacker use the same skills. But a white hat hacker uses those skills in a legal manner to try to identify vulnerabilities and resolve them before the malicious hackers can try to break in. An ethical hacker breaks into systems ethically and legally. They can earn between $50,000-$125,000 per year.

Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

Video game companies recruit gamers who can play their new video games and see if they can break them. Apart from this, players are required to report on any bugs or errors that they encounter in the video game. Gamers can earn anywhere between $10 to $18 per hour.

Beer taster

beer taster

Brewing companies recruit professional beer tasters who can recognize the unique texture of a beer and tell whether it is good or bad. Plus, there are several online companies that offer courses in craft beer technology.

Bingo Manager

Bingo manager

Bingo managers can earn more than $60K per year. They manage customer problems and complaints, maintain compliance with gaming regulations, and approve payouts and jackpots. Other than that, they maintain budgets and supervise all aspects of their staff. This job is perfect for you if you love the thrill of Bingo.

Professional mermaid

Professional mermaid

Professional mermaids can make a decent amount of money teaching other people how to swim like a mermaid. Apart from this, they also perform at parties. Generally, professional mermaids charge $300 per hour at birthday parties. However, it’s important to know that learning to begin a mermaid business and becoming a licensed mermaid is expensive. Aqua Mermaid, a company in Montreal, provides entrepreneurs a five-day training course for $3800.

Panda nanny

Panda nanny

A panda caretaker cleans, feeds, and looks after pandas all day and night.

The job pays around $32,000 per year. This job might be perfect for you if you like fresh air, big open spaces, and pandas.

Here are some interesting facts about panda nannies.

  • Anyone from anywhere could apply for this job. However, they should have basic knowledge of the pandas.
  • It is difficult for the panda caretakers to make a connection with pandas because they are independent and shy animals.
  • The diet of these animals is bamboo. Because bamboo has very little nutritional value, pandas have to eat 12 to 38 kilograms of bamboo in a day to meet their energy requirements. Panda caretakers spend a considerable amount of time feeding bamboo to these animals.

Professional foreigner

Professional foreigner

Some companies in China will pay guys $1,000 per week to wear a nice suit and shake hands with oblivious Chinese businessmen. And some companies hire foreign people to pose as famous personalities and attend real-estate events.

Ash artist

ash artist

An ash artist can take the ashes of a loved one and change it into a memorializing work of art.

After cremation, some folks recruit ash artists to make a token of commemoration, such as a sculpture, locket, or pendant.

Professional cuddler

Professional cuddler

Professional cuddlers charge up to $80 for one hour to cuddle with people they don’t know. This job is not without its share of emotional burdens, though.

However, cuddling is regarded as a form of therapy. When you cuddle, your body releases a chemical called oxytocin that helps improve your mental state and increase positivity. Also, according to studies, couples who snuggle in their sleep are more likely to feel close to each other.

Face Feeler

face feeler

Also called sensory scientists, face feelers are trained to determine the effectiveness of products such as razors, facial cleansers, and lotions. They feel the faces of other individuals right after they have used a specific skin product. Face feelers can easily earn up to $25 per hour.

Professional mourner

Professional mourner

Professional mourners attend funerals and grieve for the dead. An England-based company Rent A Mourner specializes in the industry. It offers mourners for two hours for approximately $70. Professional mourners can earn a decent living.

Iceberg mover

Iceberg mover

The International Ice Patrol (IIP), a transatlantic organization, locates the icebergs and offers safe routes around them. The US Coast Guard operates the IIP. If needed, the icebergs will be towed out of the path of oil rigs and ships. IIP was established after the unfortunate sinking of the gigantic ship Titanic in 1912.

The British passenger liner sank into the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, when the ship collided with an iceberg during her first voyage. Over 1,500 people lost their lives in the tragedy.

Odor judge

Odor judge

Odor judges conduct odor tests to rate the effectiveness of mouthwashes, deodorants, soaps, and other hygiene products. Depending on what products are being analyzed, these people smell the breath, feet, or armpits of the participants and rate their odors on a 1-10 scale.

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