Survey Junkie Review: How Much Can You Make Taking Surveys Online?

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Just offering your honest opinion online to earn some free cash might sound too good to be true, but websites like Survey Junkie claim to make this entirely possible. Scroll down to learn how you can make some free money on Survey Junkie, and if the website is actually legit.

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online platform that offers reward points for users who are willing to submit their honest opinions and feedback through digital surveys. These points can be later redeemed for cash benefits.

You may be wondering why Survey Junkie pays for your opinions and feedback. The surveys conducted on the website are run by market research companies that help brands perfect their products, services, and advertisements before they hit the market. These companies look for survey takers that fit their demographic to answer questionnaires honestly. Therefore, your opinion to these companies is invaluable.

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Yes, Survey Junkie is most definitely legit and you can actually earn real money on the site. The amount you earn might not be very high, but will definitely be secure, and easily available to you once you cross the minimum threshold of $5.

Signing Up For Survey Junkie

It is free to sign up for Survey Junkie, and users can answer surveys both on their mobile devices, and their computers.

The first step is to simply sign up online. This takes just a few minutes and Survey Junkie asks you basic questions about yourself such as your name, age, nationality, zip code, and gender. Once the basic registration is done, users are asked to complete a number of profiles that help Survey Junkie understand their demographic better.

These profiles include the following topics:

  1. General Profile
  2. Health Profile
  3. Travel Profile
  4. Shopping Profile
  5. Household Profile
  6. Interests Profile
  7. Technology Profile

In order to complete the above profiles, survey takers are asked to answer a variety of straightforward questions about themselves such as what type of smartphone they currently use, and where they like to shop. This information helps Survey Junkie match users with surveys best suited to them. Users also earn a small number of free points for simply completing their profiles.

Taking Surveys

Once users complete their profiles, they will begin to find paid survey opportunities on their Survey Junkie dashboards. The website usually offers only a couple of surveys for users to choose from at one time. Users also don’t qualify for every survey they start. At times, they will be let go from a survey after answering a few questions.

Before picking a survey, users can see how long the survey will take, and how many points it is worth, allowing them to pick the most lucrative options for themselves. Some surveys direct users to third-party websites to finish the questionnaire.

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Survey Junkie pays users in points. These points can later be redeemed for cash benefits. Each point is worth 1 cent. So if a 10-minute survey is worth 50 points, it means it pays you 50 cents. Users can earn anywhere between $0.50 to $3 for each survey depending on the survey’s length. The pay might not be very high, but it’s easy to earn and can be acquired from the comfort of your own home hassle-free.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay You?

Users need to reach a minimum threshold of $5 to cash out on the website. The points earned on Survey Junkie can be redeemed in a number of ways. Users can choose to exchange points for gift cards for retailers such as Starbucks, Target, or Amazon, or simply cash out via PayPal.

Is Survey Junkie Worth Your Time?

Survey Junkie Benefits

1. They Pay Even When You Don’t Complete A Survey: Much like many other survey websites, users don’t always qualify for surveys they start on Survey Junkie, and maybe let go halfway into the questionnaire. However, Survey Junkie pays users a small number of points just for trying even when they aren’t able to complete the survey.

2. Multiple Payment Options: With Survey Junkie, users can choose to cash out in a number of ways. They can easily buy gift vouchers for popular retailers they shop at or even send the money directly to their bank account.

3. Low Barrier For Entry: Sure the pay for online survey takers isn’t very high. However, the barrier for entry into this field is very low, and basically, anyone can qualify. Unlike other online work, you need no set of skills to take surveys online and can make free money just for providing your honest opinions.

4. It’s Easy And Convenient: You can literally make free money while watching Netflix at home on Survey Junkie. The questionnaires ask about your own opinions and therefore are relatively easy to answer, allowing you to multitask and make money at your own convenience.

Disadvantages of Using Survey Junkie

1. The Pay Is Low: Survey Junkie isn’t for people who are looking to make significant income online. Yes, it’s free money and can help you spruce up your savings, but it also won’t make you rich or fulfill all your needs.

2. Low Survey Opportunities: Users only receive a couple of survey opportunities each week, and might not even qualify for them all once they begin to answer questions. Moreover, available surveys fill up fast, and if users don’t regularly check their dashboards, they can miss out on many opportunities.

3. Only Offers Digital Surveys: Unlike Survey Junkie, many other online survey platforms allow users to choose from a range of different activities to earn free money online. Apart from answering surveys, users can play free games, watch videos, or shop on these other platforms to earn cash as well, giving them more opportunities to earn money.

4. Redirection To Third-Party Websites: Many users dislike being redirected to other third-party websites in order to complete their surveys. This can lead to a loop of answering the same basic questions again each time.

The Final Verdict

Survey Junkie is a great platform for anyone who has extra time on their hand and is looking to earn some side income from the comfort of their own home. It is especially great for users who like sharing their opinions, and are comfortable in doing so.

While you will earn some income daily on Survey Junkie, it probably won’t be very high. If you want to maximize your earnings taking surveys online, it would be best to sign up for a couple of different websites as well such as Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Branded Surveys. This will allow you to find more paid opportunities each week, and hence, earn more rewards and cash for your work.

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