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20 Uber Eats Driver Tips & Tricks

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What are some tips for getting orders on UberEats?

As with any other gig economy apps, getting orders or batches of orders on UberEats is a skill and a talent. You have to be really good at getting orders on UberEats, and you have to have the know-how on how to get orders on UberEats. Here are some tips:

  • Be in the right areas. You need to be in the right areas for getting orders on UberEats. Not every area will have lots of orders. If you’re in a relatively quiet spot, then there’s higher chances of you getting stuck waiting around for more orders to come in. So, it’s best to stick near the right areas.
  • Anticipate surge periods.There are specific times of the day when Uber Eats is busier than others. Uber Eats will often have a higher rate for drivers who work during peak pricing times. This is to give them incentive to keep working during these busy hours. So, if you want to earn more cash, try to work during the peak times of the day whenever you can.
  • Improve your rating as a driver. You’ll need to work on your rating as a driver in order to get more orders. If you’re stuck with the same ratings, then you’ll have to do something about it. A good rating can increase the likelihood of you getting prioritized for incoming orders.
  • Avoid parking tickets. Parking in a no-parking area is dangerous, so it’s better to be late and find a good place to park before getting a ticket. A ticket can cause you to miss several hours of work, so getting one is not really worth it.
  • Pick your orders carefully. We only get a limited amount of time in the day. Try to pick your orders carefully. Try not to take orders from a long distance, especially from bad restaurants. Furthermore, people who order food from cheap restaurants will usually not tip the delivery driver.

How do you maximize money from Uber Eats?

If you want to maximize your money from Uber Eats, then you have to do the following:

  • Refer your friends to UberEats. Uber relies on new drivers to deliver food to people and complete their orders. Uber is constantly looking for hard-working people to join their team. Uber is so eager to hire new drivers that they’ll pay you to invite friends to join the team! That’s called a referral bonus. We call this a referral bonus.
  • Improve your customer service. Your customer service skills will affect your rating, and it will affect your chances of getting more orders. If you can improve your customer service skills, then you’ll be able to attract more customers and get more orders.
  • Use a bicycle instead of a motorcycle. When you’re using a bicycle, you won’t have to worry about fuel costs and parking tickets. As such, you’ll maximize the amount of money you have at the end of the day! Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.
  • Take on stacked orders. Stacked orders are when you’re given two or more orders to deliver at the same time. This means that you’ll have to complete both orders within a short period of time. If you can complete these stacked orders, then you’ll earn more money than if you were only given one order.
  • Drive for Uber X as well. A good thing about having a job at Uber is that you can switch jobs interchangeably between different ride-hailing services. It’s easy to become a local Uber driver and start driving around the city, and then slip in some UberEats gigs on the side. You would also be proving Uber that you’re a reliable driver and your vehicle meets all the requirements.

20 Uber Eats Driver Tips & Tricks

How do you prepare for an Uber Eats shift?

  • Have insulated bags. If you want to ensure your customer’s orders stay safe, then you’ll need to keep your food and drink in insulated bags. You’ll have to be really careful about keeping them cool, and this allows you to keep them fresh for longer.
  • Take pics of drop-offs. This is one of the most important things to do before you start your shift. You’ll need to take a picture of the place where you’re dropping off your orders. This will assure Uber that you’ve delivered the order per the instructions, especially if no one answered the door.
  • Double-check your orders. It’s really important to double check the order before you head out to deliver it to your customer. It’s really easy to miss something when you’re rushing, so it’s best to double check everything before you head out.
  • Have a flashlight ready. Have a flashlight ready so that you can see clearly. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the night and have issues finding the right way to your customer, so a flashlight is always a great idea.
  • Standby in hot spots. It’s important to be in the right areas for getting orders on UberEats. If you’re not in the right areas, then you’ll have to wait around for more orders to come in. Try to wait near popular restaurants or malls; that way, you’ll have more chances of snagging an order as soon as possible.

What times are best to work for Uber Eats?

Here are some tips on when to work for Uber Eats:

  • Choose the right time of day. If you want to maximize your chances of getting more orders, then you’ll need to choose the right time of day. Don’t work at off-peak times; if you do, then you’ll have to wait around for long periods of time. Instead, try to work during peak times.
  • Pick a place that’s near a lot of people. If you’re going to be delivering food, then you need to be near a lot of people or a place that has lots of people around it. Try picking somewhere near an area with lots of people or where there are lots of deliveries going on at the same time so that you can pick up an order quickly.
  • Auto-accept orders. If you want to maximize your chances of getting more orders, then you’ll need to be on auto-accept. This is a setting on the Uber driver app that will let you know when there are incoming orders. That way, you won’t need to waste time sorting through available orders.
  • Drive during Boost periods. Boost periods are when Uber is offering extra rates for deliveries. You’ll have a higher chance of getting an order during these times, so try to take advantage of them whenever you can.
  • Avoid driving after midnight. It’s best not to drive after midnight because there’s less demand for rides, and it’s not as safe at that time of night as well. Plus, at night time there’s more chances that some roads are blocked off.

How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills & Earn More

One way to make more as an Uber Eats driver is to improve your customer service skills. Customer service can be challenging; however, there are some ways to improve how you work with customers—here are some tips that may help you earn more on Uber Eats:

  1. Improve communication: provide transparent communication with your customers. For instance, if you arrive for an order and it’s not ready yet, be sure to let the customer know. They will appreciate the update.
  2. Use a bag divider: using a bad divider in your insulated bag can help your customer service, too. Fortunately, you won’t have to shell out for a divider—you can use a towel or a smaller, reusable bag. The goal is to keep cold food (such as drinks) away from the hot food. The bag divider can also act as a bag stabilizer to keep the food from spilling or falling over when you hit a bump.
  3. Double-check each order: the restaurant will hand you the order; however, that doesn’t mean it’s the right order or that the order is correct. You may also be given an order for another delivery driver who has the same name! So, always confirm the order number on the package with the order number on your phone. This will avoid mix-ups. Also, ensure (if possible) that the items in the order are correct. This can be challenging when you have to pick up orders at places like MacDonald’s. They put all the items in a large bag and seal the top with a sticker. When possible, make sure the order contains all the items (and the correct items) for that specific order. Showing up with the right order can earn you a larger tip and a thumbs up!
  4. Don’t stay and chat: when you pick up an order, don’t stay around and chat with other drivers or talk on the phone. Another issue to avoid is buying something to eat on the go. All of this is OK if you’re waiting for an order but is not acceptable after you’ve picked up the order.




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