What Are The Most Amazing Technical Discoveries In The Last 10 Years

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The world is always evolving, with new ways of doing things being discovered on a daily basis. Old ways of doing things are becoming obsolete, and are being changed with new and efficient methods. This trend is also applicable to technology. Individuals are coming up with new and exciting technologies that are making life much more easy and worthwhile.

Virtually all spheres of life are experiencing this upward trend of technological evolution. What was acceptable twelve years ago is now being considered as archaic, outdated, antiquated, and old. And this can be attributed to the fact that new technologies and more efficient ways of doing things are springing up on a daily basis. Any reason that can be used to justify this trend is that humans are dynamic in nature, which means they are not resistant to change. Like I mentioned earlier, these new technologies have made life easy and exciting. Narrowing it down to the last ten years, we have seen a surge in technological advancements.

Technologies like Siri and Alexa which were introduced in the last decade, can be said to be the most important and significant technological development and advancement. Siri which was released as an application for iOS in 2010 and bought by iPhone. Subsequently, it was integrated into the iPhone series while Alexa was released in 2013 and bought by Amazon. Both Siri and Amazon Alexa can be considered or called a virtual assistant technology.

With their introduction the idea of artificial intelligence(AI) started becoming a feasible reality. Siri and Alexa 10 years ago could be said to be the best technological invention, but currently it is being replaced by Google Assistant which we will also discuss as we go further.

Now this shows you that the world is on an upward trend when it comes to technological advancements. Once a new technology or way of doing things is discovered the former one becomes automatically obsolete. This puts both manufacturers and inventors in a state of dilemma, as they are constantly faced with the threat fizzling out, unless they come up with new and relevant inventions and discoveries.

With that being said let us now discuss some of the most amazing technical discoveries in the last 10 years. They include the following.

  • VPN (virtual private network): Though it is a known fact that VPN Became operational in the year 1995, then it was only used by Microsoft workers. But as more and more people began having access to the Internet VPN started its ascendancy. It became an important viable tool for internet safety from 2010. Many companies started releasing different versions of VPN with specific modifications. In this era of internet fraud and scam, it is very pertinent that you surf and browse the Internet using a VPN. VPN is still arguably the best form of internet security available to internet users. As it protects them from unsolicited access to their data and information while browsing the Internet. I highly recommend Mozilla VPN as the VPN Firefox addon for browsing and surfing the Internet.


  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Google assistant like I mentioned earlier in this article is a virtual assistant application. It has similarities with Siri and Alexa, although it has gained more world acceptance when compared to Siri and Alexa. Google Assistant can be categorized as an AI which has the ability to schedule meetings, play music, answer questions, adjust hardware settings of the user’s device and to a greater extent hold a conversation. It was launched in the year 2016.


  • 3D PRINTING: 3D printing makes it possible to actually print an object on a three-dimensional layout. It is very precise and exact, making more manufacturers and even individuals adopt With a 3D printer it becomes possible to print or make objects into its exact form. It is widely used in the manufacturing industries.


  • CRISPR-CAS9: Crispr-cas9 is gene editing technology that was invented by Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Dr. Doudna. It works by genetically altering the DNA composition of an individual. With this technology and procedure, it becomes possible to remove certain diseases inherent in humans. Crispr-cas9 can also be used to treat and Cure diseases such as cancer and transthyretin amyloidosis, a rare form of protein disorder.


  • NEST THERMOSTAT: Nest thermostat is a digital device that helps control the temperature in your house to your desired preference. It does this by learning and adapting to your desired temperature level. It is categorized as an AI. And it has a setting that allows it to adjust the temperature setting in the house once it senses that you are not in the house.


  • SPACE X: Space X is a space exploration company founded by Elon Musk. With the aim of making space traveling and tourism affordable. It has successfully launched its space shuttle into the solar.


  • AUTONOMOUS CARS: Autonomous cars or self-driving cars can be said to be among the best discoveries and inventions of the last decade. What was seemingly impossible thirty years ago has now become an achievable reality. What this means is that soon we will be having self-driving cars in major cities of the world.

So in conclusion these technologies and discoveries made the last decade exciting and worthwhile. Offering new, effective and efficient ways of doing things.

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