What Is Drop Shipping: Opportunities to Make Money for Canadian Students

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Many college students wonder what Drop Shipping is and why it is called so. It is called “Drop shipping” because the things a retailer offers aren’t kept on hand for order fulfillment. Instead, the seller relies on third-party suppliers—typically wholesalers or manufacturers—to provide the inventory to fulfill orders.

The greatest distinction between Drop shipping and the traditional retail model is that the supplying merchant does not own or stock goods. For many students in Canada looking for opportunities to make money while schooling, Drop shipping is an option to explore. Those who may get overwhelmed with a lesson or the library and need help with research may find more useful sources online for pre written essays for sale in Canada. Such online sources are reliable and stuffed with different helpful information. They are good for those who want to work.

Benefits of drop-shipping for students

Drop-shipping is a wonderful business concept for ambitious students interested in entrepreneurship. This is attributed to its simplicity. It is a $15 billion sector that allows you to easily test new company ideas with little danger, giving you room to learn a great deal about the method of selecting and promoting in-demand items.

Here are some reasons why drop-shipping is such a successful business concept;

  • Less money is needed upfront: The most significant advantage of drop-shipping is, that it gives you room to start up on e-commerce without needing to put in lots of money or thousands of dollars upfront in inventory. Traditionally, purchasing inventory has required retailers to invest large sums of capital.
  • Scaling is easier: You could get times three the number of orders in a regular retail operation. This means you’ll need to triple the effort to complete orders. Drop-shipping services will handle the majority of the labor, so you can manage more orders with fewer growth difficulties and less incremental strain.

Sales volume will always need more work, and customer service is top on the list, but drop-shipping businesses scale far better than regular e-commerce enterprises.

  • Simple to begin: When you don’t have to deal with real things, having an e-commerce business is considerably easier. Drop-shipping concerns such as warehousing and cost, inventory tracking for accounting purposes, Returning and incoming shipments’ management, etc., will be eliminated.
  • Adaptable location: Drop-shipping companies may be run from practically any location with internet connectivity. As long as you engage efficiently with suppliers and customers, you can run and manage your company.
  • A diverse range of things to sell: Since you wouldn’t have to purchase before start selling goods, you may provide a wide range of trendy goods to your potential clients. You can offer an item in your online store for free if your suppliers have it available or in stock.

How to Start Drop shipping Business

To get involved in Drop shipping, you’ll need to do the following.

Make use of a custom domain.

As soon as you create your profile, you’ll have a functioning website. However, it will be on a sub-domain like or You must buy your domain, such as, if you desire it. You may buy a domain directly from Shopify or BigCommerce, transfer an existing one, or have connect your domain to their servers.

Customizing the appearance of your pages important. The “theme” you select establishes a tone; there are a number of themes to pick from and premium themes. Colours, headers, and sidebars may all be customized.

At the absolute least, you should develop your home page and about page. Users are cautious about their spending habits. You may assist in generating trust by choosing a more professional appearance and a story about your shop, which should lead to greater sales. You’ll receive a product page with all of your items, but you’ll want to make pages that similar group things together.

Product selection for your Drop shipping shop

You’ll need drop shipping software to source products for drop shipping. Both Shopify and BigCommerce provide an application store where you can find third-party shop apps. These applications enable you to quickly search for goods and add them to your store.

These applications provide you accessibility to a marketplace that looks and feels like Amazon or eBay. When you find a product, you’ll be able to see who made it.

Collaboration with vendors

It’s critical to work with reliable vendors. You rely on them to provide the proper products to the customer as soon as feasible. You will be held responsible for poor customer service and experience, and you must deal with the consumer. You give yourself a shot at satisfying client expectations by doing your utmost to research your suppliers and ensure they are legit.

Bringing Products into Your Shop

Finding highly beneficial products is a great place to start. You may and should change the descriptions offered for the items as you add them to the Drop shipping app. You may also do it in our main shop admin later. Unique descriptions are essential if you want to stand out. Importing the product description is not recommended. It is your responsibility to sell the goods; suppliers get it. They would sell the things on their own if they could. You must understand your market and how to sell to potential clients.


One of the most difficult aspects of being a drop shipper is dealing with shipping. Because many of the items are manufactured in China, there may be considerable delays in delivering them to your consumer. Customer service concerns might arise from shipping delays.

Furthermore, determining the cost of delivery and what to bill your consumers might be difficult. You want to make sure you’re not losing money on shipping, that you’re not overcharging and scaring away potential customers, and that you’re delivering the goods to your consumer on time. To prevent customer service concerns, you must define delivery expectations with your consumers.


Many students in universities in Canada go into drop shipping because it is a highly profitable business that is easy to manage regardless of your coursework. They can juggle this and their education. You do not need a clot for capital is a plus for the academic.

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