Where Does Walmart Meat Come From?

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If you’re anything like us, you would probably enjoy eating a Wagyu beef steak every night for dinner.

But if you’re really anything like us, that isn’t going to happen very often, if ever.

That’s where the appeal of Walmart comes, its meat products are affordable. We will tell you all about where the meat comes from that you are feeding yourself and your family.

So, Where Does Walmart Meat Come From?

Walmart recently started its private supply chain for Angus beef specifically, called McClaren Farms. This is relatively new and will only be available in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama to start.

However, before the inception of McClaren Farms, all of Walmart’s meat, including beef, chicken, and pork, came from large corporations such as Cargill Inc. and Tyson Foods Inc. Cargill farms are based in Canada.


Walmart and Tyson both claim that all of their meat is raised and processed in the United States and Canada. That does seem to be mostly true.

However, Tyson International Holding Company, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc., has a branch in China: Shandong Tyson-Da Long Food Company Ltd. They are listed as a U.S. corporation used for foreign operations.

Besides that, Tyson’s very long list of subsidiaries and farm locations are all in the United States, except for one in Canada.

So, to assume that any Walmart meat comes from China would be a pretty big stretch, but we want you to have all the information. The more likely explanation is that Tyson exports its meat products to China from North America.

Bad Ratings

McClaren Farms cattle have no added hormones and are raised in the United States.

Now though, most of Walmart’s meat isn’t coming from these fancy new farms. Over the past three years, Walmart consistently ranked low in terms of the freshness of its meat products.

We’re hoping that McClaren Farms will expand to all 50 states and that Walmart’s meat quality will rise with it.

Of late, Walmart has begun packaging and processing its meat products in-house, which seems to have raised its quality ratings.

A Note to Skeptics

Big businesses like Walmart are a necessity for many of us. But they can also twist the truth sometimes.

If you are reading this article, you likely eat meat. We recommend looking for labels such as Grass-Fed, Naturally Raised, and Pasture Raised. This can help ensure that the animal you are eating had a good life before becoming your nourishment. Unfortunately, these labels are not strictly enforced, and there are a lot of loopholes.

In Conclusion, Can I Trust Walmart Meat?

Based on our research, we trust that Walmart’s meat comes from North America and that they have significantly increased their processing methods. We are excited to see how McClaren Farms brings an even higher level of quality to Walmart’s beef products.

In the end, no matter where you buy your meat, it probably comes from a similar place as Walmart. Unless you’re dining in a 5-star restaurant.

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