Why Grandparents Make Great Storytellers

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Grandparents. They spoil us, teach us, and perhaps most importantly, tell stories to us. In a way, it is the stories our grandparents share that allow us to feel most connected to them and allow for deeper family bonds. Whether these stories are comedic, heartfelt, or even tragic, they have a magical quality that gives us insight to our grandparents’ rich history. Listening and passing these stories down for generations offers an ancestral glimpse into one’s family tree. When we honor those before us, we enrich our connection with our heritage. These stories often contain great lessons for children. The time we spend with our grandparents stays with us long after they have passed. That is why it is so important to stay connected with each other and to cherish the time spent. 

Sadly, in the wake of the pandemic, many of these family gatherings and traditions were cut off due to health and safety precautions. While nothing beats the feeling of seeing our loved ones in person, there are many apps for grandparents to get back in touch with family members and old friends to keep these rich stories alive. 

Video Apps

Even if grandchildren live far away, there are many apps for grandparents that allow for long distance connections. One of the best apps to continue the storytelling traditions are video apps. 

Many video apps allow grandparents to chat face to face with their sons and daughters as well as their grandkids. 

These video chat apps go beyond just having face time. They are an integral tool to help grandparents overcome social isolation. By using this type of app, grandparents can tell stories, read books to their grandkids, play games, and catch up. The perk of this is that you can look each other in the eye. Nothing beats seeing your loved ones’ faces. Video apps can help subsidize the lack of in-person interaction.  

Phone Calling Apps

If video calls take up too much broadband or wifi connection, phone calling is the next best thing. With phone calls, grandparents lose face to face interaction but still gain the opportunity to connect in a live format with their grandchildren. Phone calling apps can be very useful in situations where there is little time to sit down for a video call. They allow for family members to catch up on the phone. 

It is easier than ever to make a quick call on the way to the grocery store or on a walk. Taking time to enjoy the presence and time of loved ones can enrich your life. Especially when you are told the wonderful stories we all want to hear again and again. 

Texting Apps

In order to not miss out of the shorter stories and quick updates, texting apps can provide an even quicker way to chat. The downside of texting apps is that often they can’t go very far beyond a hello or day update. For those longer stories and conversations, phone calls and video chats tend to be the best option. However, the most beneficial thing about texting apps is that they allow for pictures to be sent. These snapshots of precious moments can be saved for later and returned to, providing a way to look back on fond memories for grandparents and children. In many ways, pictures can tell more than stories do. 

Video Sharing Apps

Video sharing apps bridge the gap between texting and video calls. They allow for longer form conversations to be passed back and forth. By sending short videos of daily routines or small stories, it is a way to still see our loved ones’ faces and communicate voice to voice. With video messages, grandparents can read their children stories and tell their own. What’s more is that grandchildren and other family members can do the same. 

Children can share school projects, art work, and other accomplishments through video messages. Another benefit of this is that grandparents can save these videos to their device or to the app they are in. This way, they can go back to them to remember conversations or interact with their loved ones all over again. 

Stay Connected with Stories

With these apps and countless others, families have the ability to stay connected with their grandparents and grandchildren. This is more important than ever. In a fast paced world, we often forget to slow down and make time for genuine connections and conversations with the people we care about the most. In doing so, we are able to keep the rich tradition of storytelling alive within families and pass them down to future generations. When our loved ones have passed, stories are the most potent memory that we have. 

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