5 Best Math Websites to Learn Mathematics with Kids

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Finding the right math website for kids is no walk in the park. And the reason is not the lack of resources. On the contrary, there are tons of kid-friendly math websites out there. The problem  seems to be in finding the best ones.

Although most websites offer all the basics – worksheets, games, videos, and other tools – they may vary in quality.

But do not worry. To help students and tutors alike, we’ve collated some of the best math learning websites for kids. These resources are perfect as a homeschooling or classroom supplement. Let’s get into it, shall we?


When it comes to technology for math, people want a website that does it all, a website that makes learning fun but still sticks to the standard curriculum. Sounds like a tall order at first glance. However, Brighterly does fit the bill.

Brighterly is a cutting-edge edtech startup designed with a clear vision: to make math fun for young learners.

This aim is achieved by prioritizing game-based education. With this math website, kids get to learn through a combination of fun games and activities, interactive videos, and worksheets.

Although Brighterly’s curriculum is aligned with the US educational standards, it’s also adaptive and flexible. This means that it can be adjusted to meet each student’s specific learning needs and goals.

Brighterly also offers a special perk for parents and students in the form of a demo class. Although it’s a paid learning site, you can get a demo class for free. All you have to do is fill in your child’s basic information, select a suitable time frame, and you’re all set. If you like the demo session, you can then pay for one of Brighterly’s plans.

It’s definitely a win-win!

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is another excellent kids math online learning website. Just like Brighterly, this platform is curriculum-aligned. However, it does put a unique spin on the definition of “curriculum-aligned.”

Unlike most traditional or conventional learning platforms, Prodigy reels out its content in the form of games. It’s a fantasy-based math game where kids compete in math duels against villainous in-game characters.

Targeted at kids in Grades 1-8, Prodigy has a unique perk. As kids engage with this website, it automatically spots their problem areas and offers content that will address said areas. More importantly, kids get to learn at their own pace.

If you’re a teacher or parent who just wants to be on top of your child’s learning journey, Prodigy Math offers a customization feature. This means that you can easily customize the content to align with your child’s learning goals and needs. With Prodigy’s progress report tools to boot, you’re in for a collaborative learning journey.


Everyone loves YouTube. It’s engaging, interactive, and houses so many educational resources. But what if there was a version of YouTube just for teachers? A hub where teachers could find learning resources to supplement their classes with? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Fortunately for teachers around the globe, this platform actually exists and is called TeacherTube. TeacherTube is an educational hub that covers core school subjects. Math, History, English; you name it.

With this platform, you can search for a specific topic and get access to study guides, lessons, and even exam reviews. Thus, you can use these guides or resources in your math classes and make learning fun for all your students.

Khan Academy

If you’re in search of math websites for kids, Khan Academy is another YouTube-style resource hub. It contains a wide range of free math learning resources and is the perfect companion for students who try to boost their math performance. With over 20,000 close-captioned videos and materials covering over 5000 topics, this website is a math treasure island.


Math-Aids is a teacher-focused learning tool designed to help teachers deliver efficient math lessons. If you’re looking for a website that will help you teach math to your kid, this is an excellent choice. It contains up to 1200 unique worksheets that your kid can learn with. It also lets you generate fun word games and problems to deliver an interactive lesson.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned earlier, finding the right math learning website for your students and kids can be a hassle. This handy list contains the best of the lot, especially when it comes to quality. We hope it helps.

Good luck!

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