Where To Buy Kerosene Near Me: 9 Local Stores That Sell Kerosene

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where to buy kerosene
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Are you looking for places near you that sell kerosene?

Also called paraffin oil, kerosene is used for lighting camping lanterns and lamps. In addition to this, it is used as a cleaning solvent and as a fuel source for stoves and heaters. K-1 is the purest form of kerosene and is the most commonly used. It can last 2 to 5 years when stored properly.

You should store kerosene in a blue plastic container built for storing kerosene. Do not store kerosene in plastic jugs, drums, or metal containers as they will contaminate it.

At present, the cost of kerosene ranges between $4 and $5 per gallon.

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Kerosene is classified as a flammable substance, so there are many gas stations that do not sell it at any of their stores.

So, where can you purchase kerosene?

Stores That Sell Kerosene

Here is every local store where you buy kerosene quickly.

1. Meijer

The grocery store chain offers kerosene, propane, diesel, and E-85 at some of its locations. Meijer credit card users also get 5 cents ($0.05) off per gallon of gas.

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2. Lukoil

Lukoil sells kerosene at some of its locations. Call your nearby locations to find out if they offer kerosene for sale.

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3. Family Express

Kerosene is sold at these 7 Family Express locations –

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4. Conoco

Conoco sells kerosene at the pump. You can use the Conoco station finder to find a gas station in your area.

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5. Texaco

Texaco sells kerosene at some of its locations. Visit the Texaco website and enter your location to find a gas station in your area.

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6. Sunoco

At Sunoco, the cost of kerosene is $4 per gallon.

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7. Citgo

Citgo sells kerosene at the pump for $5 a gallon.

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ARCO sells kerosene at some of its locations. The cost of kerosene is $5 per gallon. Remember to call your nearby store before making the trip. Not all locations sell kerosene.

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9. Speedway

Speedway sells kerosene at some of its locations. The cost of kerosene is $4 per gallon.

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You can purchase kerosene from several hardware stores and gas stations. Sunoco, Speedway, Citgo, Texaco, Conoco, Family Express, and ARCO are some of the gas stations that sell kerosene. Make sure to use sealed and new containers for storing kerosene.

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