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Can You Return An Item To Walmart Without Receipt?

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Does Walmart accept a return without receipt?

Walmart’s return policies state that customers must show that they paid for the items before returning them. It’s not as though customers have to provide receipts with their refunds to prove that they purchased a product from Walmart.

It is not necessary to provide a receipt when you return items to Walmart for a refund or exchange; the store manager has full discretion as to what amount of money you will receive.

Even if you are without a receipt, you will still be qualified for a refund as long as you can present a legitimate, government-issued ID. It’s possible that the item that you purchased last week will not be refunded for a reason, but store managers or store supervisors will have full discretion to approve or deny any request for a refund.

No matter how long ago you bought that item, Walmart has a standard 90-day return policy, and the store will not approve your request even if you don’t present a receipt. Keep your mind in line with Walmart’s return policy: They expect most items to be refunded in full by the time you return them.

How to return an item to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart will take a picture of you to verify that you are the right person to receive the money. They will also require that you show that you own the right thing by scanning an image of yourself, and that you still own the item that you purchased.

If the packaging is damaged, it is not likely that Walmart will be able to refund you exactly what you paid for. It is also not impossible for Walmart to verify the purchase by looking up the card number on the back of the receipt.

Returns that are made to Walmart with a credit or debit card will be credited to the payment method that you used to purchase the item. If your purchase was not made with a debit or credit card, your refund will be processed to your Walmart gift card or Walmart gift card.

You can receive a refund by the same method you used to pay for the purchase – by returning the merchandise or requesting a credit/debit card refund. The funds can be deposited onto another store account or refunded to a card that you own.

What are Walmart return policies?

You can return almost anything that you buy from Walmart. When you shop online at, you will see the last date that you can return or exchange a product, but keep the packaging and the receipt for.

These returns and exchanges store-store policies do not apply to items you purchase at, or Marketplace sellers.

Items that you buy and have received from can easily be mailed back to you, refunded or exchanged.

If you receive an item that is damaged or defective, you can either request a refund or replacement by mail or in-store at any Walmart store.

If something you bought on was faulty or wrong, you may be able to receive a refund or a replacement by returning it to or by visiting one of our stores.

Can You Return An Item To Walmart Without Receipt?

How do I get refunds from Walmart?

Walmart provides a number of ways for customers to get a refund. Walmart accepts returns for eligible products in the form of credit, depending on how you paid for them.

Walmart offers full refunds on merchandise that you purchased within the last 90 days, and also offers you a cash refund if the item was purchased less than $10.

Walmart will reimburse you for the price you paid for the item, but if the return is too big for their return policy, they will give you a store credit or a gift card instead. If the price of the item you were expecting to return was cheaper than $20, you may be eligible for a refund, though you probably will not get a receipt for the purchase.

It’s likely that a refund will be given to you if you actually paid for the item in full. There are times when it really is luck of the draw that it happens to be lucky to happen.

What are Walmart returns exceptions?

Large appliances such as refrigerators and ranges can be returned to you in like new condition, uninstalled, with all of its packaging intact.  If you want to return a big appliance to Walmart, you can do so by downloading the Walmart app or going to the Walmart website. You cannot return large appliances to Walmart in stores.

Unless stated otherwise, software and games that you download cannot be returned after you purchase them. If, when you purchased a product, you do not have the voucher code to return the item, you can contact the seller by going to their website and clicking the “Contact Us” button.

You should know that some items are hazardous and may not be returned to a Walmart store. You may have to take the items back to your local Walmart store, but we will try to help you get that to Walmart. If you are buying a dangerous item, please notify the seller. We can also help you by arranging for you to get in touch with the seller.

Can online-purchased items be returned without receipt to Walmart?

No. All items you purchase on the website or in apps are linked to your Walmart account, and you are able to track them if you log into that account and make purchases in the future.

For any orders that you place on, you must keep a record of the order by going to and searching for the order that you placed. If there is no record of when you purchased the item, you won’t be refunded for that item.

It’s easy to return an unopened item from Walmart to the store in question, but that does not mean that the store will accept it.

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