Cheap Contact Eye Exam – Where To Go?

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The Cost of Cheap Contact Eye Exam

On average, you need to pay an eye test for $83, without any insurance. If you need to get fitted for contact lenses or renew your prescription, you are able to pay a small fee that ranges from $50-$150. You will pay different prices for different eye exams, which depends on the area you live.

Where to Go for a Cheap Eye Exam

If insurance covers you, the only place you should go for a good eye test is an optometrist who takes most of them. If you need to have an eye exam for a few dollars, you’re going to want to know which the nearest doctor will offer the quickest, simplest way to get an eye exam for a reasonable price.

America’s Best

America’s Best gives you an eye test for free whenever you buy 2 pairs of glasses from them. With the deal, it costs just $79.95 to get an eye exam and 2 pairs of glasses. You can choose from a huge selection of glasses that are offered at just $69.95 each. In other words, you can get a pair of glasses and a free $50 eye test!

If your plan is not to get glasses at America’s Best, you can still have a very inexpensive eye exam. It costs about $50 to get a complete eye test without any insurance. If you want to have your eyes checked by America’s Best, just call the office near you to make an appointment.


1-800-Contacts provides an eye test that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It was once completely free, but it’s now $20. With this company, you can only get a prescription for a new set of contact lenses. Once you get your new prescription, you can order contact lenses online by calling 1-800-Contacts.

Getting an eye test at home is easy and cheap, but it won’t give you a complete test of your eyes. Doctors cannot look into your eyes thoroughly or give you a medical diagnosis.

Cheap Contact Eye Exam

Sam’s Club

If you want to go for a traditional complete eye exam without any insurance, Sam’s Club is one of the very cheap places to make an appointment. A thorough eye test at Sam’s Club costs $75.

It is necessary to join Sam’s as a member to receive discount contacts or glasses from the store, but you do not need to be a member of Sam’s to see an optometrist at the store. If you would like to have an appointment at Sam’s Club, simply go to the location that is closest to you and call to set up an appointment.


Costco offers some great options if you’re trying to find a cheap eye test. It costs $90 to get your eyes checked. Similar to Sam’s Club, you are welcome to do an eye test at Costco Optical without a membership. If there are any contacts or glasses that you want to order from Costco, then you will have to become a Costco member.

To make an eye appointment at a Costco store near you, go to the store’s site and look up the store’s location. If you are concerned with an eye problem, you can talk with an optometrist who is part of the optical department.

Target Optical

If there is an optical center at your local Target, you can have an eye test scheduled. An exam at Target Optical Center costs about $81. You are able to book exams online by simply entering your Postcode. But it may be more helpful to call the nearest Target Optical center to know the exact cost for your exam before you make a reservation.

After you get your eye exam at Target, you’re given a copy of your prescription that you can use to order glasses. You then have the option to buy glasses from Target or even from a different retailer.


You can get a full eye exam at Walmart store that has a vision center. A typical eye exam at Walmart costs around $86. You will need to use the Walmart store online locator to find which store that offers the eye examination service near you. Make sure to ask the exact cost to get a complete eye exam without any insurance before making your appointment.

Walmart sells contacts and glasses too, but once you’ve done your eye exam you can use their prescription to get contacts or glasses from other retailers.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way for you to be sure that you’ll get the most out of your eye exam is to phone local optometrists to ask them for prices. If that doesn’t give you an idea, take a look at the costs at your local Sam’s Club, Walmart, Costco, and Target Optical.

If you are planning to shop for glasses at America’s Best, you are able to get a free eye test by going to a local eye doctor. Also, whenever you need contacts, you are able to have an eye test online and get a new prescription by calling 1-800-Contacts for only $20. If you’ve been without a good eye exam for at least three years, you may qualify for a free eye exam with EyeCare America.

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