Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

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costco oil changes

Costco offers a variety of products and services for your automobiles, but do they do oil changes?

The short answer is no, they do not. Read on below for the full details on why Costco doesn't offer oil change services at their stores, and alternative options you can get your oil changed cheaply.

Does Costco do oil changes?

No, Costco does not offer oil changes at any of their locations.

Why doesn't Costco offer oil changes?

Costco's is not interested in getting into the personalized auto services business. Their core business is selling wholesale products. Selling car oil changes means a lot more cars in their already-overcrowded parking lots.

While oil changes at Costco would certainly be popular, it is not a very economically efficient idea and does not align with their core business.

Alternative options to get your oil changed quick and cheap

While Costco does not provide oil change services, there are lots of alternatives to choose from.

  • Local mechanic ($35)
  • Meineke ($45)
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care ($30)
  • Pep Boys ($40)
  • Jiffy Lube ($50)
  • Walmart ($20)
  • Valvoline Instant Oil Change ($45)

Can you buy motor oil at Costco?

Yes, Costco does sell motor oil online or in-store. The price ranges anywhere between $19.99 – $56.

In addition to motor oil, Costco also sells a variety of other automotive products, such as batteries, wheels, truck and auto accessories, and car electronics.

What auto maintenance services does Costco offer?

Only Costco locations with a Tire Center have auto services available. The Tire Center offers many maintenance and installation services including flat repair, nitrogen inflation, balance, and rotation.

The Tire Center is always busy because all of their services are very reasonably priced. For $18.99 per tire, customers get access to Costco Wholesale's road hazard warranty, new rubber valve stem, lifetime air pressure checks, tire installation, lifetime balancing, and mounting. To be eligible for the retailer’s tire services, you must be a member of Costco and have bought your tires either online or from a Costco store.

Where can you access Costco's auto services?

Use Costco's website to find a Costco location nearest to you that also has a Tire Center. 

You can search by state here.

Look for locations that have this “tire” symbol indicating that they do indeed have a Tire Center at their location.

Is an oil change necessary?

Yes, you need to change the oil in your car on a daily basis. Why? Because it keeps everything working smoothly. Letting your vehicle run on dirty oil makes it work harder.

How frequently should you change your car oil?

It used to be standard to change the car oil every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. But nowadays, most modern vehicles can go between 5,000 and 7,500 miles before an oil change.

Wrapping up

The retail store Costco offers a variety of automotive services. However, it does not provide motor oil change services. Yet, you can purchase motor oil online as well as in-store. The engine is a vital component of your car. One of the essential things you can do to protect the health of your engine is to do a timely oil change. For most vehicles, the oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, depending on how frequently you drive your car and your vehicle’s model.

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