What Is Walmart’s Phone Return Policy?

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If you have changed your mind about your Walmart phone, you might be wondering what rules and processes are involved with returning it.

Most phones need to be returned in original condition with receipt and packaging within 14 days of the purchase. But it varies if you bought a pre-paid or contract phone and protection plan or not.

What Is Walmart’s Phone Return Policy?

Walmart’s phone return policy requires that you return your phone within 14 days of your purchase or the delivery of the receipt. The corporation also requires that the phone is in the condition that you bought it in, as in undamaged.

You might be used to having 90-day returns that do not necessarily need a receipt or other requirements, but Walmart is stricter with phones. The customer service representative might find your purchase on the computer, but if that person does not locate it, you are the one out of luck.

Third-party sellers on Walmart’s online marketplace do not share Walmart’s policies. Also, phone cards and SIM cards cannot be returned, refunded, or replaced.

Things To Bring To Return a Phone to Walmart

Pre-paid phones are easy to return as long as they are in their original condition and as you do so within the 14-day requirement. You only need your receipt.

Contract phones have a broader 30-day return policy, but it requires more materials for the return to go through. You will need not only the receipt and perfect condition, but you will need the original packaging and all accessories.

Walmart’s Return Process

If you bought your phone online, you have the choice to return it online or in-store. A pre-paid phone sometimes has a return label, so you can mail it in that way.

In-store, you will want to bring in your phone with its packaging and any accessories you bought with it. When you do, do so during regular business hours at the customer service area in front of the store.

Walmart’s Phone Protection Plan

If you bought your Walmart phone with a protection plan, you have some additional options during the return process.

Walmart’s protection plan covers basic accidents like being dropped or water damage. So if this is the reason or part of the reason you are returning the phone, then, in this case, you can return an item that is less than the original condition. Payment plans also give you full refunds within 30 days from when you bought the phone.

Online protection plan returns can go through the Walmart website’s return menu:

  1. Give your email and order ID or your login with your Walmart account.
  2. Click “Purchase History”.
  3. Click the protection plan phone you want to return.
  4. Click “Start a Return” to receive the return label.
  5. Mail-in your phone.

For the store plan returns, you go to the same store where you bought the plan.


Here are the most commonly asked questions about Walmart’s phone return policy:

  1. Can you return a phone to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart’s general return policy says that customers are required to provide proof of purchase for all returned items. However, it may depend on various factors.

For instance, if you provide a valid government-issued ID, you may be eligible for a refund in case you don’t have the item’s receipt. Even so, it’s up to the discretion of the store manager or supervisor to give or deny a refund for your phone.

In addition, if you don’t have the receipt, there may be another way to provide proof of purchase. For instance, if you bought your phone online or through Walmart’s app, you have a purchase record of your transaction. This may be used to return your phone. Another option is to use the packing slip as a receipt if you received your phone in the mail.

  1. Can you return a phone to Walmart without the box?

Walmart’s return policy says that all items should be returned with their original packaging and all accessories that were included with the item. However, some Walmart locations are stricter than others. If your Walmart is not as strict, you may be able to return the phone as long as you have all the accessories (the charger, earphones, etc.). This may increase your chance of receiving a refund, but realize this may not work.

  1. How Does Walmart Refund Their Returns?

If Walmart agrees to a refund, reimbursement depends on how the phone was paid for. If you paid in cash, your refund will be in cash. If you paid with a credit/debit card, your refund amount will go to back to your bank account.

Conclusion: Walmart’s Phone Return Policy

Walmart keeps a simple return policy for returning phones online or in-store as long as you keep track of your receipts, packaging, and have a mint condition phone. But if you bought a protection plan, you have a little more leeway.

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